What Next For Denilson?

This time last season we were becoming increasingly worried about the impending decimation of our midfield: Hleb, Flamini and Gilberto had all signalled that they were leaving for one reason or another. Hleb’s fans and critics were appeased with the signing of Nasri who brought with him the promise of more goals which, by and large, has been achieved. The problem as we all know was that the loss of Flamini and Gilberto left a chasm of a whole in our defensive midfield. We were led to believe that Wenger had earmarked Diaby to fill Flamini’s role but few expected that to be a success as Diaby’s defensive skills, did and still do, leave a lot to be desired.

This left Denilson and Song; yet again, it seemed glaringly obvious to most that the pair lacked the experience to carry the heavy burden of expectation, which we rightly demanded, necessary to win the premiership. The impending danger seemed obvious to many of us and we cried out for reinforcements.

These concerns were viewed by some, notably the Lefties, as some kind of slur on Wenger and were met with banal comments like “So you think you know more than the manager” the answer to that childish jibe is obviously “No”. The purpose of a blog, as far as I understand, is to express a view and get to know the views of others. What the Lefties, and the like, failed to understand was that far from criticising anyone we were trying to draw peoples attention to what we saw as the equivalent of a child we loved standing in the road with a lorry hurtling towards it and in the hope of trying to avoid what seemed like an inevitable disaster we were crying out the warning of we need midfield reinforcements.

Song and Denilson were simply not strong enough which, sadly, as far as I am concerned, is reflected in our final league position. But what most people didn’t understand was that most of us who expressed concern, especially about Denilson, were not doing so for concern about his future success at the club just about his ability to play such an important role should Fabregas get a serious injury.

Our critics pointed to the fact that he was only 20. This was exactly the point, too young and too inexperienced but that was never meant to mean that we didn’t think he would eventually come good with experience.

The reality of the situation now is that after playing in most games this season he has gained the experience that we thought was lacking at the beginning of the last; his tactical awareness, his defending, his tackling his passing are all carried out with the authority that we who showed concern were expecting of him.

My guess is that Denilson was under instructions from Wenger “Play the simple pass, always find a team mate” this is the only reason I can find for all those side ways passes that drove us insane during our seemingly never ending run of nil nil draws. Perhaps another reason to say that he must have been under instructions was because the season before when he was playing primarily in the Carling Cup he was so much more adventurous in his passing.

Cesc was similar when he broke into the first team: short passes that always found his man. But that certainly wasn’t the case last season, by Fabregas’s standards, passes were going astray at an alarming rate; I put this down to being more creative, more adventurous, taking risks.

It seems to me that Denilson now has the experience that seemed to be lacking at the beginning of last season. My hope is that Wenger changes his instructions to those of: take more risks, look for the incisive pass.

Written by London


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  1. London says:

    It is like a staring competition: who ever blinks first writes the next post 😉

  2. avenell says:

    Hey hey.. Morning London.. I had better read the post now lol..

  3. avenell says:

    Nicely written and good points.. perhaps he was told to keep it simple, because like you say when we reached the final of the Carling cup he looked a Cesc double, now his development seems to have gone static.
    My major concern he is one of the reasons our play is compressing the opposition into there own penalty area not leaving any space for our clumsy front line to try to play football. Even thierry needed space to breathe and play his game..

  4. chaf says:


    Do you think he has been watching videos of Ray Wilkins?

    I agree he is under instruction to do this. But he is in a team with no leaders, or half the time no class, imagine him coming in to play with Rosicky, Flamini, Gilberto, Vieira, Pires. Freddie, DB10, they’d be plenty of opportunity to pass forward.

    One young player at a time please.

    Although this time last year, as you rightfully remind us every week London, Wenger didn’t know the full extent of his squad, or lack of it. But he does now.

  5. London says:

    Did I mention that Wenger wasn’t to know the extent of the injuries at the beginning of last season 😉

  6. avenell says:

    But.. we went into the season with a untried 21 year old Nasri, a untried 20 year old denilson, A injury prone untried 22 year old Diaby, a untried 20 year old Song, a injured Rosicky, A 19 year old walcott and Fabregas…
    When I say untried I mean for a period of games in the Premiership…

  7. JonJon says:

    thats a great post london…

    and i agree with the keep it simple point of view…

    thing is…when you get so many young players all coming into the squad at the same time you get the scenario of diaby bendtner, denilson, song, theo, gibbs, nasri, vela, jd, all being told to keep it nice and simple…

    thats over half the team at times keeping it simple and we wonder why we finished 4th….

    like chaf says…one young player at a time please….

  8. JonJon says:

    i agree with ave on the injuries…

    we knew the extent of our problems…. hleb and flamini were gone and rosicky was predicted out for the 1st three months…

    fab was playing at the euros and so we knew our midfield was fucked going into the season…

    wenger knew the extent of it….

    my point is….most gunners agree that one of the key reasons we lost the championship last year is because we lost rosicky and dudu for the last 3 months of it and our football crumbled..


    what made wenger beleive that we could challenge this season with the same two players predicted absent for the first three months…

    you take hleb and flamini out too and theres your extent………

  9. Evo in Oz says:

    yep good points, i do concur.

    if you need a guest poster over the off-season, id be happy to do a few if you want?

  10. avenell says:

    Nice one Evo.. I was going to ask.. I would be interested to know what it’s like to be a Gooner in Oz and how you got to be one!!

    Plus any more points you have of course.. 🙂

  11. Evo in Oz says:

    yeah no worries, lock it in, just give me advance warning, etc and ill fire one up from time to time.

  12. Evo in Oz says:

    gotta hit the sack, catch u all later on

  13. rico01 says:

    Afternoon everyone – 😛

    London, you need to get a hangover more often if you can write a piece like that when suffering 😉

    Dont want to sound like a boring old fart, but I agree – Denilson has played the most games I think this year, and if you belive ‘stats’ he is the most consistant player – but stats are poop, his are only as good as they are as he passes sideways…zzzzzzzz

    He lacks the inspiration to try something new, even if that is a precise long ball over the top for Ade to run onto (if he is not offside 😉 )or into the path of Robin, any of the forwards – but he doesnt, that is one of the many qualities that Cesc has – not only does Cesc have that precision pass (no, not always) but he isnt afraid to try.

    Denilson needs to ‘try that’ when it comes off, he will get the hang of trying it again…. and again… 🙂

    As for Diaby – ‘No comment’ ……. YET 😉

  14. London says:

    Talking of incisive passes did you notice the passes that LJW was playing in that youth cup final they were that equivalent of footballing honey. The last time a footballer got me to do impersonations of Meg Ryan in a New York deli was when Fabregas came onto the scene.

  15. rico01 says:

    London – 😛 Naughty 😉

  16. JonJon says:

    LMAO london

  17. chaf says:

    London you started something here.

    Maybe we should have an appraisal of every player in the close season. Ave should dish out the players to everyone and we do a ‘what he did – and what he should do’- even to shut the door behind them.

    There’s already a queue for Ade……

  18. chaf says:

    I’ve gone northern – ‘there’s’

  19. London says:

    Pick a player and go for it Chaf.

  20. avenell says:

    Walcott.. take the money..he’s never in the box.. You have to be an oldie to remember that eh rico..

  21. rico01 says:

    Evening Ave 😉 😉 😉

  22. JonJon says:

    walcott has developed along at an alarming high speed..his progression is coming along just nicley and as planned and the whole team is benefiting from it even though we are yet to prove ourselves on the european OR domestic stage….the highlight of the last 4 years has been ‘that run’ against liverpool and ‘that hatrick’ for england….

    for a player who cost 12 million at 16 and is yet to reach double figures in four years he is well worth his new contract and he is the best young player in the PL… by far… 😉

    and im not blind….or totally biased…im being totally rational and i hate trolls… 😉

  23. rico01 says:

    JJ – I have been naughty 😦

  24. JonJon says:

    RvP is well worth the 90k a week and the minimum fee release clause even though he has a dodgy leg and in theory has only one good season in 4…

    he is the main focal point in the arsenal side because the stats say so and the stats rule the football world…even though half his goals have come form pens and his free kicks are down lack of confidence because he’s spent so long out injured and hes not has chance to really practice….

    our players are not overatted or over paid and they deserve every penny they ask for because they wear the shirt with pride and dont go missing in the semis of cup competitions and have a total of three month barran spells in the league…..and end up finishing 20 points of the winners of the league….

    adebayor is the greatest striker in the PL and he can have all the attitude he wants because he is world class, works hard, and scores lots and lots of fantastic goals with precision and they arent off his shin or tap ins….

    and i hate trolls because the stats say so… 😉

  25. JonJon says:

    what have you done rico???? tell uncle JJ…. 😉

  26. rico01 says:

    I cant Uncle JJ, not in public 😉

    I am very surprised by Aves comment on Theo, I thought he wanted him sold 😉 😉

    I love ave he is the best.. 😳 I concur 😛

  27. avenell says:

    Well thanks rico .. that’s nice of you.. 1-1 .

  28. rico01 says:

    Ave – just wanted you to know I am learning 😉

    Have you checked your email 🙂

  29. rico01 says:

    2-1 🙄

  30. avenell says:

    Yes thanks.. just got in, new laptop.. £400 down.. 😦

  31. rico01 says:

    Ah, so you have now moved into the 21st century 😉

    I have done it, what do I do next – shall I email it to you ready for Sunday??

  32. avenell says:

    Testing..First comment from new puter.

  33. avenell says:

    If you want to .. when your ready.. thanks.

  34. rico01 says:

    woop woop- loud and clear 😛

  35. rico01 says:

    I have just read London’s blog again

    Interesting point is that London talks about both Song and Denilson performing how we all thought they would, and boy did they, they were poor….

    But now, at the end of our season, who has made bigger steps forwards ??

    For me – Song

  36. avenell says:

    Have a look in the widgets rico—->>>> ^^^^

  37. avenell says:

    Denilson has made bigger steps sideways.. 😉

  38. JonJon says:

    here we go again….

  39. rico01 says:

    JJ – where are we going ??

  40. rico01 says:

    JJ – have i said something wrong 😦

  41. rico01 says:

    JJ, I have been playing so I can try to understand how it all works – I promise to behave from now one, honestly 😦

    I am real sorry if I have cheesed you off 😦

  42. JonJon says:

    rico….my dear

    i have no idea what you are on about….you havent cheesed me off i think your a joy to behold and you’ll always be my ray of sunshine…..

    what makes you think such things????? xx

  43. rico01 says:

    your 8.50 JJ, I was really worried 😦

  44. JonJon says:

    let me let you in to what i was refering to my dear…

    step to the left!!!!!!!!!!! 😆

  45. rico01 says:

    Ah, thank heavens for that JJ, I would be really upest if I offended you 😉

  46. JonJon says:


    never…u could never upset me…

    you have been one of those that has helped me through my arsenal induced manic depressive stages that ive had so many of this season…

    you,like many others have been my rock and i apologise for making you think otherwise… 😉

  47. rico01 says:

    Dont be daft JJ, you have done nothing 😛

  48. London says:

    Rico you are the source of all my inspiration. I wasn’t really trying to say that I thought that neither Song nor Denilson underperformed. I think what I was trying to say was that too much was going to be asked of them at the beginning of the season. You know how upset I got about the “Song is Shit Campaign”. I always said that it was too early to write him off and I think I have been vindicated. To a lesser extent the same is true of Denilson; he has come on leaps and bounds to the point where now he is an experienced player. I just want a bit more Brazilian flare from him.

    That said I am very flattered that you read my post twice.

  49. avenell says:

    Have you been drinking again JJ?.. creep..lol

  50. London says:


    Take the money…..that brought a smile to my face. How’s the new puter? What did you buy?

  51. London says:

    I just noticed, we have the two best avatars in the whole of the blogshire.

  52. rico01 says:

    London – trust me, more than twice 🙂

    But I think there was too much asked of them both, and they proved they were not up too it YET, however, out of the two I really think Song has come on, not quite the finished article, but so much better tha at the beginning of the season – Denilson, well I think he will go in 2/3 seasons time, and Ramsey/Merida will be the Cesc understudy – just a girls view 😉

    Merida is far better looking though than Ramsey, so my money is on him 😉

  53. avenell says:

    London i just bought a basic ex demo toshiba.. for my vinyl cutting
    When I paid they said come back in a hour as there was comet stuff on it..
    So I drove home 10 miles, waited an hour, drove back (10 miles) and picked it up.. drove home (10 miles) started it.. They never loaded windows correctly.. so drove back (10 miles) waited while they re loaded it.. then drove home (10 miles)..
    So they gave me £10 quid of a new phone.. that I bought so Rico can hear me now.. 🙂
    Sorry for for the repeat rico 😉

  54. JonJon says:


    yup… lol

  55. avenell says:

    Raifs Avatar s cool too..

  56. London says:

    Another interesting point Rico. This season there has been a natural pecking order which some how found Denilson near the top but with the further introduction of Merida and Ramsey as you suggest this could change very quickly.

  57. JonJon says:

    whats that london???

    the guinea pig and the nutcase from the A team.. 😉

  58. London says:

    Ave, no wonder you haven’t been at your computer as often as usual.

  59. London says:

    I’m looking forward to Beno’s post, it should be interesting. I like the variety of views that this site offers.

  60. London says:

    See y’all tomorrow.

  61. avenell says:

    Who’s Beno? has Evo and Benwell morphed into the same person? lol..

    nite London..

  62. rico01 says:

    JJ – I love that, Mr T and a Piggy 🙂

    Hoorah ave, I look forward to speaking to you, oh, and hearing you 😉

    I have to go now too – I need some sleep 😦
    Night all, good day here today, keep it up guys 😛

  63. JonJon says:

    LOL beno

    night guys…

    as rico would say…be safe.. 😉

  64. peachesgooner says:

    Hello 🙂

  65. avenell says:

    Hi Peaches.. haven’t spoke for a while.. 😉

  66. JonJon says:

    whereve you been peaches????

    how are ya??? missed ya…x

  67. peachesgooner says:

    JonJon – I’ve really missed you 😆

    ave sweetie – I havn’t you much at all 😆

  68. avenell says:

    I thought you was sober Peaches.. lol

  69. JonJon says:

    im not hahaha….

  70. JonJon says:

    ashley coles a cock sucker and i hope everton win the final….

    its cashleys 6th final and hes on corse to win a record equalling 5 winners medal….tosser

    i hope everton do em and that prick scores an own goal…misses a penalty and gets his legs snapped in 10 places…. yes i said legs…plural…his arms would be nice too but am i asking for too much???

  71. Evo in Oz says:

    personally im not sure on RVP and Walcott, i love them both and i have a RVP strip, but we need more next season from both!

  72. JonJon says:

    hey evo….

    what are you doing still up… 😆

    i agree with that…i like them both too but we need more from them next season if we are going to do something special

  73. rico01 says:

    Morning Roadsters, was that peaches I saw – hoorah 😛

    What a beautiful morning, the sun is shining, the breeze is warm and I have my legs out 😦

    Got to pop out this morning but will back in plenty of time to see the toffee’s chew through the Russian defence time after time 😉

    3-1 to Everton…. Cashley red carded in the first 15 minutes – now wouldnt that just make your day 😆

  74. avenell says:

    Morning Roasters??.. Sounds like we are a type of chicken or potato..lol

    Anyway morning Roadsters.. hopefully a few surprises on here today.. 🙂

  75. kelsey says:


  76. peachesgooner says:


    rico – thats a bit of a slip or did you do that ave

  77. peachesgooner says:

    ‘roasters’ that is 😉

  78. avenell says:

    Hi Kelsey. Peaches..
    Not guilty on the edit..

    How was Stansted at dawn’s crack? 😉

  79. Evo in Oz says:

    lets go Cahill and Everton, 2-1

  80. avenell says:

    Hi Evo..

    If Chelsea win Cashley picks up his 5th FA cup winners medal.. some sort of record.

    Go the Toffee’s.. 🙂

  81. JonJon says:


    hellooooooooooooo…. 😉

    hey evo….

    ave…is the puter fixed up all nice now??? are you back???

  82. Evo in Oz says:

    fuck cashley.

    gday all

  83. rico01 says:

    Afternoon all,

    What’s that ‘jink jink’ Song – ‘Two out of three aint bad’ 😉

    Where is Rasp 😦

    Got to pop and check on next door Rabbits, then will be back for a couple of hours 😛

  84. peachesgooner says:

    Hi all

    Gorgeous day again – got very common white strap marks yesterday not happy 😦

    Peggysue did a live session on BBC6 the other day and one of the team took a video…..sorry guys you have to watch it…..

  85. rico01 says:

    Hi peaches – good to see you, glad I am not running around for 90 minutes chasing a bag of wind 😉

    Ade would have been ok though in this heat 😆

  86. peachesgooner says:

    Hi rico – we have done a bit of chasing each other about the last few days – far more energetic than Ade could ever be 😆

  87. peachesgooner says:

    I really wish it was us 😦 😦 😦

  88. rico01 says:

    I am exhausted, a feeling that Ade would never identify with 😉

    As for today, I so wish it was us taking on the Toffs, the weather is perfect for our side – guess we have to wait for next season, which seems a long long way away 😦

    I watched the clip, which one is yours 🙂 Are all three members from London?

  89. rico01 says:

    Sorry peaches, I meant to say they are very good 😛

  90. JonJon says:

    afternoon guys….

    hi peaches.. 😉

  91. rico01 says:

    Ah, company 😛

    Hi JJ, are you going to watch the little cup game this afternoon ??

  92. peachesgooner says:

    hi JonJon – I missed telling you that when I read your ‘Season Ends on a High’ post it made me feel very emotional and when I saw you’d put the ‘Let your love flow’ video up it did make me cry – who’d blog with girls eh 😆

    Luckily for you I’m much too old to have your babies so I don’t need to offer 😉

  93. peachesgooner says:

    My daughter is the dark haired one playing the guitar – they’re all from London – the two girls met at secondary school but really hit it off when they moved to Brighton – the drummer only joined the band this time last year. He’d seen them performing a few times and asked if they needed a drummer………

  94. kelsey says:

    I am a great Tim Cahill fan, so hopefully he will put the chavs to bed.

    it was only a few years ago that nearly everyone said with Abramovich’s money Chelsea would rule everything for years.Well it hasn’t panned out like that and they have the oldest squad of all of the top 4.”Money can’t But you Love”

    AW’s biggest plunder this season was not playing Arshavin in the semi,otherwise I am sure we would be there today.

  95. kelsey says:

    sorry can’t buy you love

  96. avenell says:

    Kelsey.. your sorted now.. you shouldn’t have any more problems.. Sorry about that..

  97. rico01 says:

    What a start, what a good goal 😛

  98. JonJon says:

    peaches im always very emotional at the end of the season… it means no football for a few months so i thought it best to end the season on a good post..rather than my usual gripe 😉

    hi rico…yes im going to watch the mickey mouse cup game that noone cares about and isnt one of the end of season religions 😉

    and agreed kelsey…cahills been one of my all time PL bargain buys…he’s absolute quality….ive never seen a player in my time to be so samll yet so umarkable…its amazing watching him in the box…it reminds me of the days bould and admas would zigzag and cross over and do piroetts (????) in the opposition box at corners….

    but hes so tiny……

  99. JonJon says:

    ahhhhhh…… yessss

    now we see lescott tighten up and everton dont conceed 😉

    and then we buy lescott in the summer…

  100. kelsey says:

    saha scored.

  101. peachesgooner says:

    Who scored – my moany manc isn’t watching it cos they’re not in it 😉

  102. rico01 says:

    Cole suits yellow….. especially around the belly area ! 😉

  103. JonJon says:

    i think moyes is a great manager….

    worked on a shoestring…brought everton back from the dead…got them to fourth and regular 5th spot places…

    created a team with a backbone and a balance of flair and mental toughness….

    imagine what he would do at a top 4 side???? with a bit of money to spend???

  104. rico01 says:

    Saha peaches, great goal and in 28 seconds 😛

  105. rico01 says:

    That decision is shocking – ref been conned by a Chelsea cheat again 😦

  106. peachesgooner says:

    Lescott looks too good in blue 😦 I just can’t imagine him in red 😦 😦

    How much would he cost? They aren’t going to sell him, they want to push for 4th……..

  107. rico01 says:

    JJ, was it you who suggested he may go to Manure when Fergie leaves -?

  108. JonJon says:

    saha scored peaches….

    i hope chelsea lose… i want the camera to focus on cole crying for a good 10-15mins…

  109. rico01 says:

    peaches – he will just have to play in the away games then 😉

  110. JonJon says:

    yes rico….i said that…but if im honest id like him to come to us….

    they way he works is in the wenger mould….if wenger stays then obviously theres no chance but if he does go in 2011 moyes is my man….

  111. JonJon says:

    i reckon 15mil would get lescott….and i think hes the next sol…i rate him that highly….

    if it wasnt for rio and that tosser terry..hed be first choice in the england team…

  112. rico01 says:

    As much as he is a good manager, i cant take to the man JJ… I have a sneaky little feeling he is a bit like Big Sam – did well at Bolton (ish) on a tight budget but then when he moved to a ‘bigger’ club (championship club now 😉 ) he messed up big time..

    But I might think that just because i dont like him 🙂

  113. rico01 says:

    Bollox 😦

  114. JonJon says:

    big sams major tactic was dirty tricks and long ball though rico…

    moyes has got everton playing some good stuff…they play mainly ball to feet…and arent dirty

    talking of dirty….drogbas a dirty whore…

  115. rico01 says:

    what about arteta’s elbow to our little cesc’s jaw…. 😉

    Talking of playing the long ball, see the Russians are trying that ‘tic tac’

  116. rico01 says:

    JJ, do think Lescott would want to leave Everton?

  117. rico01 says:

    Why does this ref get all the big games, he has been conned in to booking a Everton player and then no card for Essien ??

  118. JonJon says:

    maybe rico…

    if he wins today its a taste of silverware…he’ll want more…(so why would he come to us??) 😉

    but CL is what every player wants and lescott owes everton nothing if they win or lose today…

    if we wanted him bad enough i think he’d come…

    and spaniards are dirty too…cesc isnt exactly an angel is he??? 😉

    but i wouldnt have it any other way…

  119. rico01 says:

    Cesc is a saint JJ 😉

  120. JonJon says:

    imagine if this went to pens and everton won with terry missing the last one again????

    i would piss myself for days…

  121. rico01 says:

    Now that would be the perfect ending to the season, it would be a long time before my smile went 🙂

  122. kelsey says:

    sorry to butt in, but my comments aren’t always getting through.

  123. JonJon says:

    everton need to be careful..

    they look like they are sitting back and waiting for half time…

    dangerous tactic…

  124. JonJon says:

    butt away kelsey…

  125. rico01 says:

    Off for a while, catch you all a little later

  126. London says:


    Your daughter has an excellent voice, distinctive as well as memorable. The song Watchmen is well crafted as is Lover gone, who wrote the lyrics? It seems that there is another band called Peggy Sue in the States how does that work?

  127. JonJon says:

    for fuck sake…

  128. peachesgooner says:

    Hi London – I’d love to say she gets her voice from me but sadly its only her beauty 😉

    They write all their own lyrics – generally whoever writes the song is the lead singer with the other taking the harmonies. Watchman is written by Katy and Lover Gone by Rosa but for publishing rights all lyrics are by both.

    Is the Peggy Sue band in the states a Buddy Holly tribute band?

    The chavs just lifted our trophy 😦

  129. JonJon says:

    i hope wenger was watching that….

    that hurt like hell watching them lift that trophy..

  130. London says:


    When you finish watching the clip you posted above, several smaller clips appear at the bottom of the screen and then the third, forth and fifth clips are of a rock band that appears to be going by the name of Peggy Sue.

  131. peachesgooner says:

    Blimey London you’re right – thats a bit of a pain, they used to be called Peggysue and the pirates but theres another band called Pete and the pirates so they dropped the pirates………..at least they have a completely different sound to the rock band but could be confusing.

    Strange, they’ve been signed to an American record company – obviously that bit of info slipped through the net……

  132. chaf says:

    Peaches – its actually nice to know that Britain really does have talent. Shame Everton doesn’t have enough.

    I like Cahill but my son said he is carrying an injury.

  133. London says:


    I saw you post above but for clarity: as your daughter sang Watchmen does that mean that she wrote the lyrics to that particular song?

  134. peachesgooner says:

    Hi chaf – thanks, they work so hard at it all the time but have very strong pricipals about how they and their music should be handled – a nightmare for their manager I reckon 🙂

    Everton were missing Arteta too weren’t they 😦

    We could have wiped the floor with them and it should be us dancing down Wembley way

  135. peachesgooner says:

    Yes London it does – as far as I know, why are they copied from someone else?

  136. rico01 says:

    Evening all

    I hate the chav’s even more now – next season they will win nothing especially if they get that manager called something like Anchovy 😉

  137. London says:


    When I heard the song Watchmen I was impressed and was curious to know if your daughter wrote the lyrics…..she did, I now know exactly how impressed to be…..a lot.

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