Who Said Anything About Panic Buying?

Another post by blogger “D” (thanks whoever you are).
A quote from Sky Sports yesterday read as follows:

“Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger insists that two heavy home defeats in the space of a week will not persuade him to panic buy in the summer”

Sky Sports isn’t the gospel when it comes to accurate reporting, but we can all hear those words coming from our manager.

It may seem premature to talk about this when there are still 2 games left of this season, but realistically, whatever the outcome, they will not change the situation we find ourselves in.

If you look at it logically, we are in a very similar position to the same time last year in as much as we suspect that some players will leave and we want to see new players brought in.

Of course we don’t need to panic buy. We have 15 weeks to do our research, amass the funds, talk to players and agents and secure the deals. The ‘panic’ was created by us last season when we dragged our feet, quibbled over money and simply just left it too late. The purchase of Silvestre could be viewed as a panic buy. The failure to secure Alonso had nothing to do with panic but everything to do with uncertainty over money.

On the plus side…….. we are told that there are funds available….. we now have Ivan Gazidis to execute the deals….. we have plenty of time.

On the minus side……we may choose to persist with the youth experiment for one more season……we don’t know if any of the current squad will be sold……there is instability at Board level and a power struggle is taking place behind the scenes….we still have to make hefty repayments on the loans to build the Emirates.

Opinions as to who should be sold (assuming we can find a buyer for them) and which positions need to be reinforced will vary. The squad lacks players experienced in winning things. We do not have enough players with leadership qualities on the pitch. We need to bring in some height and strength in the defence and power and tackling ability in the midfield. We need to strengthen the spine of the team. You could argue that a club of our size and aspirations should have a world class international goalkeeper. We probably have too many strikers….but not enough clinical strikers……

So there is plenty to do and WE HAVE PLENTY OF TIME……

Arsenal FC…… don’t waste our time with meaningless spin and statements designed to lower our expectations in case the club fails to deliver the much needed personnel. Don’t even bother to try to paper over the cracks. Pull out your fingers, sort yourselves out and start to reinforce the squad and rebuild our damaged reputation so that world class players will once again want to play for the Arsenal.


39 Responses to Who Said Anything About Panic Buying?

  1. avenell says:

    Sums up where we are at the moment.. now the dust and the anger has settled..

    London.. your post tomorrow then.. Can you let this one run for a bit though (not too early) 🙂

  2. chaf says:

    Good moaning, or afternoon,

    Yes that says it all. Its obvious to everyone that is involved in Arsenal. Its so obvious that I think something has been hidden from us, because if thats not the case, we should get different people in to run the club.

    Or give us a real explanation.

  3. London says:

    Good Post

    Someone in the editing room is doing a very good job.

  4. avenell says:

    Hi Chaf, How you doing buddy?

    I think Arsene has taken the financial responsibility for the stadium on his own back and it has affected the team more than he thought.
    Most managers would have had their hand out for a few years now.
    Where is the proof that Arsene gets bonuses for saving the club money that a few keep knocking on about?

  5. chaf says:

    Hi Ave

    Fine thanks.

    I don’t think he’d do that. He wants success, he won’t go down in history as the man that saved money. There’ll be no statistics in that area.

    Maybe one day my great great grandchild will say, “I read in the history books that although Arsenal didn’t win anything those years, their manager Arsene Wenger saved them a lot of money, and everyone was really happy with him.”

  6. rico01 says:

    Get this bit of news then…..

    Real Madrid have struck a £71 million deal to sign Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United, according to a Spanish newspaper

    Afternoon everyone

  7. rico01 says:

    And isn’t it nice seeing Hull City in the bottom three at last 😛

  8. London says:

    I have re-read the post about three times and I find myself agreeing with all of it which is a bit dull as there is nothing to debate…maybe at a push I could comment on the meaningless spin part…it is meaningless spin to us but as the people who issue it are running a business and what comes out of the club affects the price we pay for players and wages we pay them; then perhaps, they do not see it as meaningless. As for myself, this time around I have no intention of taking any notice until I see a photo of a player on the official web site holding a red and white shirt in front of him with his name on.

  9. London says:

    Afternoon Rico

    That is how Real Madrid try and cheer up their fans after losing out on the league.

  10. chaf says:

    We should try it….

    Our way is, “Don’t need anyone, hard luck”….

  11. London says:

    I’m optimistic by nature and I believe that they will put things right during the summer.

  12. avenell says:

    The other thing I have noticed.. is people want Wenger out.. But they also want us to buy players in like Sagna and Eduardo..
    Want cake and eat it..

  13. London says:

    I think we are finding some common ground here; we want Wenger to stay, we are prepared to go with the youth project for another season, we want the squad strengthened, we are not going to lose any sleep if Adebayor goes, we reckon that Gazidis will inject some badly needed impetus (cash) into the club. You could probably add a few more.

  14. avenell says:

    That has always been about my stance on things.. I said last year give him until a least christmas and see how he perfoms in the transfer window..
    If I see action and can see him doing something to correct the problems I am happy for him to continue..
    Another summer like the last one I was a bit pissed but the signing of Arshavin went a long way to put things right..

  15. Big Raddy says:

    Mine too

    Plus much more work on defensive tactics.

    Teach Sagna, Clichy and Theo how to cross a ball.

    Persuade the team that shooting is part of the game.

    Back to all4one, one4all

  16. avenell says:

    Hi Raddy..

    In the good old(ish)days we rarely crossed the ball, it was always quick one two’s at feet.. That’s what I miss the most. Link up play between Thierry and Bobby etc..

  17. avenell says:

    We definatly miss Bobby and Theirry’s curlers in to the far post.. I’m sure we used to score far more from free kicks too.. Ahhh

  18. Wrighty7 says:


    Put me down for Chelsea to win 4-1.

    Be back later.

    Keep it Goonerish…….

  19. avenell says:

    Haha Wrighty is that for next seasons opener?

  20. rico01 says:

    Hello again all,

    Ave – you are muddling Bobby and Henry up with Ena Sharples, whe was the one with curlers…. 🙂 😉

  21. rico01 says:

    😦 no-one around

    catch you later

  22. avenell says:

    I think you are getting mixed up with Hilda Ogden.. 😳

  23. rico01 says:

    Dont challenge a Corrie fan Ave, you wikki her and see whats on her head under the net 🙂 😉 😛

  24. avenell says:

    I only remember it coz I had to watch it before the Sweeney on a monday night.. after Opportunity Knocks lol..

  25. rico01 says:

    Now look at Ena Sharples Ave 😉

    Hughie Green 😛 I mean that most sincerely folks 😆

  26. avenell says:

    Paula Yates real daddy.. he had it in for Jess..

  27. avenell says:

    I cannot compete with your corrie knowledge I haven’t seen it since mid 70’s.. 🙂

  28. London says:

    Is Ena Sharples still in it?

  29. avenell says:

    Who done Hilda’s muriel? I remember that was cutting edge decoration..lol

  30. avenell says:

    What happened to that builder that Rita was married to?

  31. rico01 says:

    You boys 😉 I have been watching Reading do an Arsenal – so much of the ball, can’t score then concede goals -3-0 and I am very sad for that town that is 22 miles away 😦

    Got to go guys, sorry to not talk more on Corrie – London she died 30 odd years ago 😉 And Ave, Len Fairclough has also died, he was a naughty man in real life if all is to believed… children 😦 😦 😦

    Nighty night all 😛

  32. London says:


    I don’t get the chance to watch it that often.

  33. avenell says:

    Rico you have passed your starter for 10.. except the muriel..
    Nite x..

  34. Benwell says:

    I know nothing about Corrie, have to sometimes watch Eastenders, that’s about it, sitting here with the kids rabbit on my shoulder for my sins!

    I noticed AW’s been onto “L’Equipe” saying that he will not be on a spending spree this summer as the average squad age is 22 and we don’t need a revolution! He might get the wrong sort of revolution, if he doesn’t.

    We can all see where the deficiencies are, lets hope it’s a cunning diversionary tactic, so he can go and buy a few players on the QT.

    I hope he read Wrighty in The Scum today and at least thinks about it!

    We must kick on otherwise we will be light years away from the others and there will always be one or two teams trying for a CL place, with our one being the most at risk.

    If Bouldy takes over as No 2 at least he can try and get to grips with the defending and work ethic, we need to work harder when we are not in possesion and earn the right to play Wengerball!

  35. London says:

    That’s a top comment Benwell, you are really getting the hang of this.

  36. London says:

    Oh Morning Rico

  37. rico01 says:

    Morning London, you are bright an early this morning 😛

  38. avenell says:

    Morning Roadsters.. London has put up a NEW POST!!!

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