Redemption….of a kind!…..

Another post by blogger ‘D’ ..

What is left for us to look forward to for the rest of the season?

Well for one, we get to play the two teams we could/should have beaten to progress to a final and actually win something.

On Sunday we meet Chelsea at the Emirates. The sores from our CL exit will still be open and weeping. Chelsea will be like a wounded animal after their CL debacle, so the game will be a test of character for both sides.

Much has been said about our ‘team spirit’. Arsene has a reputation for not seeing things on the pitch but apparently he observes team spirit that is strangely invisible to the rest of us on the evidence of the Man U game. The only sign of a burning passion to win on Tuesday came from Nasri, who, as is often the case, picked up a yellow card for his efforts and will miss the first of our CL qualifiers next season – we are not going to finish above the Chavs or Pool.

The fans did their best to urge the team on at the Emirates. Arsene’s body language after we conceded was terrible. We lacked leaders on the pitch and we lacked a leader on the touchline. RVP tried to console Gibbs after his mistake. If the young left back had looked across at the bench, he would have seen his manager with his head in his hands – and that was pretty much his demeanour for the rest of the game.

Buck up Arsene! It’s you’re job is to lift the players when they are struggling.

There is only one acceptable response to our CL exit. Whether we win or lose against Chelsea, we need to see a performance full of desire, passion and effort. Arshavin can supply brilliance and hopefully, along with Nasri, he will offer Cesc the playing options to rediscover his form. Amongst the right players, Cesc is world class. When working with mediocrity, he becomes anonymous.

A suggestion to Arsene……..Tell the players that they are ALL playing for their place in the squad for next season and it is up to them to prove over the next three games that they have the desire, character and ability to play for the Arsenal. Don’t let our season peter out. Let’s give the fans some value for money for these last few games, and some hope that there will be changes over the summer to make us stronger and more competitive come September.


92 Responses to Redemption….of a kind!…..

  1. London says:

    Top post on a top site. Blogger “D” don’t know who you are but that was a good read.

    I know that if ever I was in difficulty at Arsenal my mates would be there for me I don’t have to ask, it’s a given, it’s the done thing.

    There is one Arsenal supporter on this site who was always there for someone who he regarded as a mate. I cannot believe what I have read this afternoon.

  2. London says:

    I have read that post three times now looking for clues as to who wrote it. The standard is very high, It might be obvious and I am accidently being rude or maybe I am in for pleasant surprise. It’s very good though.

  3. avenell says:

    Good Evening London..

  4. London says:

    Good Evening to you Avenell

    Well I have certainly done it haven’t I? Quite a mess.

  5. avenell says:

    I may of handled it differently, it may be my fault as well London..
    Don’t worry let’s learn from it!

    We need to move on we have a game on tomorrow.. I’m not confident I have gone for a draw..

  6. London says:

    Next season



    Here you go, two excellent players for each position. Some might want to swap between the two.

  7. London says:

    A draw is a good call, I don’t know what yours is but I will go for a 1-1

  8. London says:

    It is not that I don’t want Wenger to strenghen it’s just that I can’t see where he will. Maybe our hope is that he does a Sagna: that is bring in someone who no one was expecting to improve a position that many thought seemed alright.

  9. avenell says:

    I went for 2-2..

    I would like to see..



    Sell for definate.


    Don’t mind if these players get swapped for better…(must be an improvement though)and no more than 1 or 2 in a season.


  10. London says:

    Fair shout, I don’t think I disagree with any really.

  11. London says:

    I have to pick up my son from a party

  12. avenell says:

    I felt quite sad writing that.
    I like you support anyone wearing our shirt. But since about 82′ to 86′ I cannot remember having so few players who I can say I admire.
    When Thomas, Rocky, Mers, Wrighty, Smithy and the back four/six came in I have loved at least 80% of the team. This year it has fallen below 50%.. 😦

  13. Benwell says:

    Clichy, Kolo. Sagna. Gibbs. Song, Cesc, Theo, RVP, AA, Nasri we love em all!!!

  14. rico01 says:

    Morning all – beautiful day, bright blue skies and plenty of sunshine..

    I hope today the sun shines over the players and they put in a mighty fine performance this afternoon. It would be a perfect pick me up after Tuesday.. For all of us.

    Much as many wouldnt be sad to see Theo go for a few million pounds, I honestly don’t think we have seen the best of him yet. I think he is ‘being used’ on the right wing because Arsene didnt replace Hleb, and its just another decision of his the has bitten him hard on the bottom.

    Sadly, I still dont think he knows where to play Nasri, it almost seems like he has bought him without really knowing where to play him and he is another player we have not seen the best of.

    I think Ade will go in the summer, and the rumours are that his agent has already been told to find him another club, maybe that accounts for why he is so lazy on the pitch ? I wondered why if that is true he is played, but knowing our club they have simply been putting him the ‘shop window’ –

    Ade goes, and Theo then gets he right position, CF alongside Robin or Nik, and then we have Vela – and lets not forget that little chap Simpson.

    Use the Ade money and get a proper RW player, one who has shown how good he is, not some kid in a nappy who has potential 😉

    Add to him Yaya Toure and CH, and next year all will be rosy 🙂

    Nice post Mr A N Mouse 🙂

  15. London says:


    I suppose I have felt more attached in the past, so I understand what you mean but I still feel attached now. I have been looking for a way of explaining how I feel, it made me think about my Dad who the last time I spoke to him was getting excited about Jack Wilshire; anyway, in my search I noticed Benwell’s 1:42 comment and thought to myself that sums up my feelings perfectly.

  16. London says:

    Morning Rico

    I am never quite sure when you write an in depth comment if you want a reply from me because…..well…….you know what I am like.

    I thought of my own position and I know that I like it when people reply even if they don’t agree; although, I don’t like insults, I get a bit upset about those.

    Anyway, I think Wenger would say that he replaced Hleb with Nasri, so I am not sure about that point of concern.

    As for Theo, I like your approach to him, there is a bit of concern but there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel. I feel the same way; he is improving albeit at a very slow pace but improving he is. That said I am not convinced that he is ready to take on the responsibility of spearheading the attack next year.

    I think you forgot to mention Eduardo above in the grand scheme of things, next year.

  17. rico01 says:

    Morning London – only reply if you feel like it, you know what I am like to, I just have my little thoughts, write them down and see what happens. None of us will agree at all times, but that’s life, what you think the club should do could very well be different to me, but it doesnt mean that either of us are right 😛

    Blimey, did I really miss of Dudu 😦 He the best striker we have aswell, oops 😳

    Insults – I dont do them and I dont expect them either 😉

  18. rico01 says:

    Nasri v Hleb London, Arsene said he didnt replace Hleb with Nasri last summer, as he never thought Hleb would leave – he said he always wanted to buy Nasri regardless – so I dont think he could now use that as a get out of jail free card when asked why he didnt replace Hleb..

  19. London says:

    fair enough.

  20. rico01 says:

    Ledley King has been arrested for an assault in london 😛

  21. rico01 says:

    Thats in London, not for assaulting London 😉

  22. avenell says:

    Morning all..

    Would you sell Theo and Diaby to get Tevez?

    About the same money and wages, then we would have a player who defends from the front, full of energy and a winner..

    It also proves that the youth policy works if it funds a quality player..

  23. rico01 says:

    Morning Ave….

    NO 🙂

  24. London says:

    Ouch…..Ledley King just assaulted me.


    Good question, I probably would.

    Although most of the aspects of Theo’s game are improving even his defending, I am still concerned as to whether he will ever attain the level of close control that is needed to be a world class player.

    It seems to me that so many Arsenal supporters and others for that matter misunderstand that flaw in his skill set. If the ball is played in front of him to run onto he is in his element.

    The problem is that 80% of teams that come to the Emirates play 4.5.1 and congest the play rendering the one first class skill that Theo does have — pace — useless. As close control is not one of Theo’s strengths, Messi being the best example of someone who does, then he is not going to get past the defenders.

    Theo has this problem now while playing in a position of lesser responsibility — the wing. This flaw would be magnified ten fold if he were playing as an out and out centre forward. My guess would be that it would take about three games before everyone realised that he doesn’t have the close control to play in congested areas and people would be crying out for change.

    I quite like the idea of the rivalry that will inevitably grow between Walcott and Vela for, not only that right wing slot, but also, as a main striker. Good things could come of this.

  25. rico01 says:

    London – I think you are spot on about Theo is in his element when running onto the ball. Thats why for me he should be tried in the ‘Henry’ role – TH was a master at that and if we can get back that style of football, and if the support players can start to provide a better pass to him, we will almost there.

    We just need the right midfield, Nasri, AA and Cesc can all pass through the eye of a needle, Diaby, Denilson and even Song cant.

  26. Big Raddy says:


    Sad about Kelsey, and don’t really understand ….

    Theo/Diaby for Tevez. IMO certainly. Tevez is just the type of player we need. Forget how he plays for the Mancs and recall how he kept WHU up single-handedly.

    Second thoughts, make that RvP/Diaby. I still have faith in Theo.

    I will be satisfied with a draw today, but being in a positive frame of mind today, I go for a 2-1.

  27. London says:

    The best example of Theo running with the ball was, of course, last season against Liverpool. It is not too difficult imagining Thierry Henry doing the same thing which is some complement to Theo but this is where the comparison stops for me.

    If you put Henry in the opposition’s congested half then he has the control to create in tight spaces (ala Messi if you like) where as Walcott has shown no signs of being able to that. In short, Walcott doesn’t have the ability to create from a standing start in a congested opponents half.

    This is one of those situations where I hope I am wrong because I pride myself on dwelling on the positive aspects of players rather than the negatives….I agree that it needs to be tried at least, but I am not optimistic.

  28. London says:

    I don’t think I know anyone who was more proud than Kelsey to have written the main post. Is there another site that would have given him the opportunity? He could have continued if he had wanted. There were people prepared to give him all the help and support he needed. A great shame.

  29. London says:

    I anticipate a very subdued atmosphere today. Well at the start anyway.

  30. JonJon says:

    afternoon guys

    i must be honest i have no confidence about todays performance…. if its true AA isnt playing expect another boring arsenal performance…

  31. JonJon says:

    and the only thing this 3rd/4th debate proves is that finishing 4th can no longer be a measure of success…

    how can it when if you finish 4th it just makes your next season harder….

    the two semis dont make it a success either cos we played nobody of real threat up until the semis and when we did we got found out and thumped…

    its shows signs of weak links not progression and if wenger thinks his main priority this summer is to keep this squad together he his deluded….

  32. rico01 says:

    Hi Raddy, JJ – whats happened with kelsey ??

    dont tell me both he and Rasp have now departed 😦

  33. JonJon says:

    hi rico…

    dunno about kelsey…

  34. London says:

    Yep, Rasputin departed because he had a tiff with me, a shame really, I miss his passion. That said, I don’t think I am responsible for Kelsey leaving or at least I hope not.

  35. London says:

    I’m not sure finishing forth was ever a measure of success. It does put more money in the coffers though which hopfully can be used to improve the squad. Well, that’s the theory anyway.

  36. London says:


    Why did you leave?

  37. London says:

    They better be teasing us with this nonsense about Arshavin not playing today because it is going to be a very dull affair without him.

  38. JonJon says:


    chelsea will be all over us today without AA….

    weve been getting rolled over by the big teams recently and its only a matter of time before somebody puts 5 or 6 past us… ihope its not today…

  39. JonJon says:

    liverpool got four and deserve to win by 10…AA saved our arses and not for the first time this season…

    if that man isnt proof that spending money on quality isnt the way to build a great squad then wengers just proving he is doing what he is doing out of stubborness….

  40. London says:

    I have just been helping my son with his French home work. I am off to the game but I will be back for to answer the latest swipe at me.

  41. avenell says:

    I have got bored with the bickering now.

    I don’t know who is to blame and I don’t care anymore.

    London, no more talk about Kelsey, Peaches, Rasp etc..

    Everyone above are held in moderation, if it’s a football comment I will allow it, if it’s about childish rows it isn’t welcome anymore..

    E mail me if there is a problem..

  42. raif says:

    for me to get any joy from this season is for barca to win the CL Final.

    and thats only for TH14

  43. raif says:

    MAN UTD will pick up the tittle when they beat us

  44. avenell says:

    Hi Raif.. I don’t know what to say after that disaster.
    I just hope Mr Wenger is learning..

  45. JonJon says:

    that was rather dissapointing but i expected a result like that before the game started so im not too hurt….

    has wenger done a post match yet???? good to see theo showing us why he got a new contract isnt it??

  46. rico01 says:

    Hi Guys – lessons to be learned by Arsene is all I can say..

    Raif – How you doing, long time and all that..

    Ave, I have emailed you 😉

  47. rico01 says:

    You wait and see, we will beat Manure when it doesnt count for much 😦

  48. JonJon says:

    i dont think we will beat manure rico.. 😦

    i think we are cannon fodder at old trafford….

    all the pretty tricks and flicks mean naff all if you cant score and you cant defend and weve had the same problem all season…

    wenger needs to realise that 5 a side tactics dont work in an 11 a side 90min game….

  49. London says:

    Well I’m as happy after that performance as a bear whose just been stung on the arse by a bee.

  50. London says:

    I sat there all afternoon trying to work out what went wrong and I think it might be as you say Jonjon the team are playing the same way as if it were a five aside game; they need to realise that things are different in an eleven aside over 90 minutes.

  51. JonJon says:

    same old same old london….

    we arent the side wenger thinks we are and everytime it comes to the business end of the season we fold under the pressure…. everytime…..

    all the pretty moves and passing look great but if you dont have an assassin in the box its pointless….

    weve been spouting on about a player like villa all season but if wenger reckons he dont need new strikers then hes just becoming more and more stubborn and its not doing the team any good….

    its not just new strikers…its new midfielders….new defenders….

    it appears that wengers got to the stage where hes saying…sod you lot, im untouchable and i’ll do it my way and i’ll prove you all wrong…but the only one whos getting proved wrong is wenger himself…… the results tell the story and the results dont lie……4 years of the same results….somethings got to give somewhere…the penny must of dropped by now…..

  52. rico01 says:

    Where is ave ?? 😦

  53. JonJon says:

    dunno rico…i think hes fallen out with me because he hasnt spoke to me for days…he never comes on when im on….. 😦

  54. rico01 says:

    Blimey – Barca now 3-3

  55. rico01 says:

    JJ, surely not, its just fluke i expect, i think he is very busy at the moment

  56. avenell says:

    I am here. thanks for the email rico.
    Jonjon, just ring me..

  57. rico01 says:

    See JJ, just ring the man 😛

    No worries Ave 😉

  58. rico01 says:

    What a great day for the Ladies, they beat Everton away 1-0 and won the PL on goal difference, fith successive title and another treble – what a way for Vik to bow out 😛

    Shame we couldnt do better for old Pat Rice in his last season as No2 😦

  59. JonJon says:

    ive broke my phone ave…got replacement one on the way so we’ll have to switch to the good old e mail… 😉

  60. avenell says:

    Is Vik still going to be the kit man?

  61. JonJon says:

    maybe Vik should be wengers no 2… 🙂

  62. London says:


    What do you mean last season? Has he announced his retirement?

  63. JonJon says:

    i heard abit back that rice was retiring at the end of this season to spend time with his sick wife….

    i totally forgot about it until a few weeks ago when different ppl were saying that rice is off….

  64. London says:

    I don’t like singling players out but Diaby was seriously embarrassing this afternoon.

  65. rico01 says:

    It was another site a little while back to about Pat Rice – My money is on Bouldy stepping up 🙂

    I think so Ave, certainly haven’t heard anything to suggest he isnt, maybe thats why he is giving up the ladies role – sad for him today though, his heart must have been torn in two, and now i bet he wishes he had travelled with the Ladies 😉

  66. JonJon says:


    i feel that diabys always embarrasing….

    hes got good feet on his day but he is stupid…ive said this many times before…he has no football brain…and thats something you cant teach….

    he is never aware of whats around him…he doesnt understand the game….thats why his passes go astray or he holds on to the ball for too long……

    he is one dimensional and he is not good enough for a top 4 PL side…. not even as a squad player….

  67. avenell says:

    Diaby has been a let down..
    Theo on 60k a week.. bring on Tevez..

  68. rico01 says:

    I agree JJ, and he is often in the sick room..

    Ave, I think Vik will have a full time role with the men next season, he will be so busy sewing all the new players names and numbers on their shirts 😉

  69. avenell says:

    And did you see Bendtner running past Lazyade to close the Chelsea defence down?

  70. rico01 says:

    Stop it ave, I know you are only trying to wind me up 😉

  71. rico01 says:

    But he still couldnt pass well though could he ??

  72. avenell says:

    Better than Theo(60k)Walcotts shooting though..

  73. rico01 says:

    mme, dreadful wasnt he 😦

  74. avenell says:

    It was his fault we lost today.. you wanta da money, you need to produce..

  75. rico01 says:

    thats a bit harsh ave 😦

  76. JonJon says:

    ave, i seen that several times…. nikki made ade look stupid….ade was nearest player to the ball on several occasions and nikki got there 1st….

    ades another disgrace…

    and i agree…theo cost us that game….he was poor…again….

    ive always liked theo but he his overhyped because he is english…..

  77. rico01 says:

    I think there is little between them all, said it before that a lot of games we have drawn/lost have soley been down to our lack of ability to finish, and two of our front men are old enough and wise enough to know how to score by now !!

  78. JonJon says:

    personally…ive had enough of robin aswell….

    i dont hate robin…..not like i do ade….i think robin is gifted…but to say hes been here a while and has been a key player since the last time we won anything…he hasnt really done anything has he???

    he doesnt really offer anything on the pitch…the occasional flash of brilliance but it aint enough…give me tevez anyday of the week over him and ade…..

  79. avenell says:

    When RvP get the ball with his right foot, to turn he runs out the stadium past arsenal underground, up St Thomases rd to finsbury park, around the one way system, back down Blackstock Rd and into the ground again before he can get a shot in..
    Never known someone so awkward..

  80. JonJon says:

    i do on the other hand like gibbs…. today again he was one of the only defenders to come out of the game with any credit… he out muscled drogba, tackled drogba and won headers with drogba, out paced anelka on several occasions and can cross a ball like only theo clichy and sagna can only dream of….

    cole made theo look stupid in defence too…. theo made theo look stupid in attack….

  81. JonJon says:

    thats the best way to describe robin ave… awkward….

    he too like theo like diaby like ade etc etc is too one dimensional…..

  82. avenell says:

    Rvp’s left footedness just takes over. We have had great left footed players before at Arsenal, Brady, Rix, Sansom.etc but with Rvp it takes over his life, his balance, it makes him easy to stop he can only turn one way.

  83. rico01 says:

    Guys, I am off for the night, sleep well

  84. avenell says:

    Nite Rico.. Thanks!!!!! 🙂

  85. JonJon says:

    night rico…

  86. chaf says:

    Good morning.

    Just done some catching up, and looks like theres been some serious editing going on.

    The team showed no famous ‘spirit’ yesterday, after 15 minutes it’s as though they thought “sod it” we can’t get through. Wengers tactics have always been pure football, and finally we have a side that are not good enough to win with pure football.

    Unfortunately the ‘route 2’ which was used the other night when Almunia booted the ball upfield to Ade every time just gives the ball back the opposition, doesn’t work either.

    What a palava.

    London asked me a question on friday afternoon, we first got season tickets 88-89, lower Esat and moved upstairs the season after.

    That was in a conversation BR started about falling out of love with the team. That is what has happened with me over the past three seasons.

    At the beginning of the season you can gauge what the overall ambition is with the transfers etc. We have played for fourth spot for the past 4 years.

    As has been said on here before, Wengers hands must be tied, I’m sure he is such a bad loser that he can’t stand it. Lets hope he is unleashed again in the summer, he knows what is best, he’s proved that.

    I would never have contemplated living abroad years ago, because I would miss the atmosphere of live football, the aroma of horse shit and hotdogs, the terrible catering facilities. The queues for the toilets, the waiting at the station, the man who sat behind us who never finished his sentence… Wait a minute, it still sounds good…

    I suppose I’ll have to see what happens in the summer.

  87. rico01 says:

    Morning chaf – I think you are right, Wenger has had very little money imho – but this summer i think we will se a change, a few out and two or three ready made players coming in – the old times will soon be back…..

    I hope 😛

  88. chaf says:

    Morning Rico

    Yes, no point in moaning, we won’t win anything with ‘team spirit’ and ‘mental strength’. Which I don’t think we have had anyway! More like a mental team.

    We have a choice, bring in good players to supplement the squad, or bring in Ken Dodd as manager to take charge of the Diddymen. (Benwells idea)….

  89. London says:

    Morning Rico and Chaf

    Top comments. 88/89 hmmmm are you sure? We won the league 88/89…I think. Didn’t we move up there a bit earlier?

  90. chaf says:

    Morning London

    Looking through my wallets, I have season 1990-1991 East Lower – £156.00, next year we were East Upper – £328.00!
    Not sure how long we were downstairs – not long….

  91. rico01 says:

    chaf – nice one, Ken Dodd and his Diddymen 😛

    Morning London

  92. avenell says:

    Morning Roadsters..

    NEW POST up..

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