Back To The Future and Captain Kremlin..

Last night whilst watching yesterdays game on Football First I thought I was going to feel really proud of our youngsters and our squad, then I realized these wins at the end of the season may be detrimental to next years campaign.

When the transfer window opens and we have the chance to buy players Arsene can always fall back on these games and say we have strength and belief and all that tosh.

In reality we did the same thing last year, we  fielded  weakened sides mainly because of injuries and the Ice Cream man got himself suspended, so we won a few games with no pressure on them and got a respectable third, we would not have won those games if we was fighting for first, these youngsters would have bottled it.. I have a new theory the Premiership before Christmas is a tight competitive league but after Christmas some teams have given up the fight, Middlesborough and Portsmouth being two examples, so when we beat them we fool ourselves and think we are fantastic but when we meet the big boys on the up like Man U and Chelsea that’s when the truth hits home.

We  then go into the transfer window with the attitude of we would like that player but if we cannot buy him for so much it doesn’t matter we have all these great players that won at Portsmouth etc.. So we don’t deal like our lives depend on it.

We all know these players are good,  but will they stick together for 4 years and indeed can we wait four years to see how good they will be??  RvP doesn’t seem to want to and whilst we are producing players one end the conveyor belt is chucking them of at the other..

Yesterday we looked composed and elegant but we were flattered by the scoreline, we are not clinical enough and could have conceded as many as we scored at vital times in the match, that’s football okay it may be,  but it would be better if we could learn from these pieces of luck and try to eliminate the mistakes from our games?

We were very lively and defended well from the striker back, are you watching Ade???? Bendtner, Vela and Captain Fantastic Arshavin all closing down the Pompey defence.

The first goal 9/10 times it would have been saved, but this was no ordinary goalkeeper this was England’s No1 goalkeeper and he gifted a goal to Bendtner when he let a half decent header fumble through his grasp. Bendtners “windmill” goal celebration straight out of the Mick Channon’s goal celebration book.. Was that payback time for all the Pompey fans booing our Theo??

The second goal came from a penalty when Andrey was brought down for the second time, in the big games last year like Hleb’s in the Champions League we never get a sniff of a penalty in Mickey Mouse games like these we always get the “Lucky Arsenal” jibes and they always even up and all that. Righty oh!!!

The third came from Vela  after we could just have easily conceded one, when he latched on to a rebound from a Arshavin shot.

I hope that Gazadis and co realize that we would have lost that game if it wasn’t for our captain for the day, the player we spent real money on!!

Fabianski.. 7.5.. Solid performance with some good reaction saves..

Sagna .. 7.. Faultless had load of time on the ball If he of played LB that would have been too many changes..

Song.. 7.. Looking every inch a Arsenal squad player, I cannot see him being world class but a first class stand in at CB and in the DM position.

Djourou.. 7 .. Nice solid performance he looked good next to Song in last years Carling Cup campaign.

Eboue.. 6.5 .. Caught out of position a lot that saw Arshavin playing left back .. funny in these games..

Ramsey.. 7..Not sure what he will become a bit like Frank Lampard I suppose good but plain..

Denilson.. 6.5 He should have shone like a beacon in this Arsenal side, but just another game.. Okay though.

Walcott.. 5.5.. Got plenty of stick off the away fans, may of hampered his game, poor final ball in as usual..

Arshavin. 8.. Made a surprisingly good captain ..Outrageous at times, picking up the Premiership pace now and class is showing.

Bendtner.. 7.5 .. Two goals  made him look good,  but a hard working performance , seems to fit into the team better than Ade now..

Vela..7.. The cheeky chappie, hard working needs a bit of a run in the team, have we time for all these experiments?

The subs who came on just fitted in but the game was over.. Didn’t see the point of Bishcoff, part of the Arsene charity I guess..

A quick word about our away support, the Sol done the double and the Kanu boo’s were loud and clear.. well done lads, class….


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  1. peachesgooner says:

    Morning again

    Who wrote todays post?

  2. avenell says:

    Why, was it no good? 😦

  3. rico01 says:

    Just afternoon all, busy day and just popping in to read the post, nice one ave – i mentioned to JJ yesterday, as much as I want us to win the CL, if we do Arsene will just come out with the same old stuff, belief, character, mentally strong, i believe in this squad etc etc, but what he should be saying is…

    We are a little bit short at the back, and technically we have often got it very wrong when defending long balls and set pieces – we sre a little be lightweight in the centre of the midfield, and we lack a real winner to play alongside Cesc, and we are not sharp enough up front because our main forwards have been rubbish this season….

    Then he should say, I had belief in this squad at the beginning of the season, however they have proved to me that i was wrong to do so. Because of this we will in the summer be buying three players with the experience level of Arshavin, and with the same desire to win and succeed, and the positions i will strenghten in will be at the back, in the middle and up front !!


  4. avenell says:

    Hi Rico.. thank god someone came on, I thought wordpress had broken lol..

  5. rico01 says:

    Hi peaches, can i pick your brains please ??

    Our passion flower which did run nicely up and over the top of our pergola has been murdered by a chap called Jack Frost !

    We want to replace it and cant decide between

    Abutilon ‘Jermyns’ or the Clematis ‘Ice Blue’

    Its a big bare hole that needs filling and wondered if you know which one would be better, and grows the quickest??

    Please pop your bill in the post 😉

  6. rico01 says:

    Hi ave – where were you early afternoon yesterday 😦

    I hope you will all be cheering for Reading and Crystal Palace later 😛

  7. rico01 says:

    So did anyone think i am going mad re my Kevin Doyle suggestion ??

  8. rico01 says:

    peaches – what a stupid thing for me to ask you, of course you know the answer, as you are a super duper ‘Monty peaches’ – what I mean is please can you tell me which one is best 😳

    I am sorry 😦

  9. avenell says:

    I never wandered far away, I done a bit of logging nothing really..

    Go with the Clemitis.. 😉

    Isn’t Abutilon poisonous to some animals and causes rashes in some people?

  10. rico01 says:

    ave – i saw the nik celebration and didnt give it a thought why he did it, other than it was different for him – Great spot old chap 😉

  11. rico01 says:

    Thanks ave – I didnt know that about Abutilon, bloody glad we asked we could have killed all our birds off in one foul swoop – 😦

    Is that the same plant that Rasp had big problems with ??

  12. avenell says:

    I don’t know really Rico.. Nita is our plant expert.

    Thought I would try to look like I knew what I was talking about .. lol

  13. rico01 says:

    Right – you old tinkers are obviously out enjoying the sunshine so I am off, catch you all later

  14. Rasputin says:

    Excellent post ave – I see you are looking beyond tuesday’s game already 🙂

    Rico and I were saying a few vweeks ago that Theo should win us more penalties by running into the box and taking players on. Although the AA penalty wasn’t, there were two others that were – but not given. The fact that he is small and highly mobile is what makes him a problem to big lumbering defenders – precisley why he had to play against the chavs.

    Yesterdays team selection tells me that AW is going to play exactly the same team against Manu as the 1st leg…I just hope he swaps Cesc for Diaby in terms of positioning (Cesc in the middle obviously)

  15. avenell says:

    Cheers rasp.. we need to rotate Nasri, cesc and if we play Diaby around.. I think he will play RvP tuesday though..

  16. Rasputin says:

    I forgot about RVP ave! I think we are going to need Cesc to be at his best, the defence not to panic and an inspirational performance from someone – perhaps unexpected….an unlikely hero…maybe EE, Nik or Denilson?

  17. rico01 says:

    Hi Rasp – did you see that earlier about the plant?

    I say play Theo and Robin up front against Manure, Vidic and Fugly wont like his pace, where as Evra snuffed him out the game – mind you i am hoping Evra’s knock yesterday is worse than it looked 😉


    Bac Kolo JD Gibbs

    Eboue Song Cesc Nasri

    Theo Robin

    Yes Eboue, we need to make sure we can defend well, and Eboue can tackle when he puts his mind to it 😉
    Also, he can fall over in the penalty area and earn us a dodgy penalty 😉 only kidding 😦

    Dont know why i bother really as we know Arsene will play Diaby 😦

  18. rico01 says:

    Bloody Brummies 😉

    Play off’s it is then….

  19. Rasputin says:

    Is Reading your second team rico? I heard that Copeli is retiring at the end of the season. I thought it was funny when he said they’d spelt his name wrong when they announced the new England manager 🙂

  20. rico01 says:

    It is Rasp, I used to go and watch them at Elm Park when I was a young one, until I saw Charlie George in 1971 😉

    Yes, I heard he is to retire too, although he denies it. I think reading are a bit like us, need a little bit of a different injection – and Madjeski hopes they get promoted as he wants to sell up – at least he has always been open and honest with his plans with the fans – he has done them proud and made them into a PL team, with the right set up etc

  21. Rasputin says:

    I read elsewhere that Denilson picked up an injury on saturday – does anyone know if this is true?

  22. avenell says:

    Overmars has broke his leg.. Any help?

  23. Rasputin says:

    Not really 😦 I’m not saying I’m desperate to see Denilson play, but I would like to see Vela start instead of Diaby as long as we take him off sooner rather than later if its not working…..

  24. kelsey says:

    broken legs heal,
    groin injuries are terminal 🙂

    I am in a foul mood.i was 16-7 up and lost 21-19.Gutted.

  25. peachesgooner says:


    Am I too late for gardeners question time?

    rico – Abutilon are’nt really hardy so you might regret spending your money on one of those. The Clematis ‘Ice Blue’ looks gorgeous and will romp away – are you sure your Passiflora has had it though?
    You didn’t say what variety it was – they are usually pretty hardy. Have you cut it back? Check to see if it has any new shoots before deciding its dead.

    ave – I wanted to know who to compliment on the post and I’m now reliably informed its you 🙂

    Sorry I only answer questions on plants – you need someone with medical knowledge to help overmars 😆

  26. peachesgooner says:

    Oh kelsey – bad luck – I bet you are in a bad mood 🙂

    rasp – I don’t think Denilson will play anyway……

  27. kelsey says:

    just thought i would keep everyone happy.

    yes i am in a bad mood peaches

  28. peachesgooner says:

    Anyway hes had months to play Vela and he hasn’t so why would he play him now?

    ave – I’d forgotten that Hleb was suspended for the last games of the season – what a creep!!!! And didn’t Flamini have an ankle injury too so he didn’t play. Hard luck to them they didn’t get my cheers on the last game at the Ems 😦

    ……i expect they were gutted 🙂

  29. kelsey says:

    I am sure on our day,and especially at home we can beat united.But,it’s not quite the case is it,as only a win by 2 clear goals will do.

    i think theo will be on the bench and ramos will be looking for another job tomorrow.

  30. peachesgooner says:

    kelsey – just cos you’re in a bad mood……

    Will he really not even buy a defender!!!!!!

  31. rico01 says:

    Woop woop –

    peaches – a woman of your knowledge and stature is never too late for gardeners question time…. 😛

    I am not sure if our passiflora is really finished, it just looks as if it needs an ambulance, or more so, a place in the morgue 😉

    Seriously, we have cut it right back and cant see any new shoots so we are in the process of writing an epitagh (spelling rasp)
    I think it was a caerulea, but not 100% sure – normally this time of year it looks healthy and shows signs of new growth.

    Thanks peaches we will go for the Ice Blue, you are a star and AR is lucky to have its own online Monty 🙂 or should I say Swift 😛

  32. avenell says:

    Peaches .. thanks..
    Kelsey.. oh dear.. 😦

    I hope Mr Wenger obe is bluffing..

    Hleb, Flamini and cesc all done a lap of honour together at the last home game, just before they Hleb announced he were leaving.. it’s all coming back to me now..

  33. rico01 says:

    peaches – is the other one a dangerous plant as ave said? – its naughty if it is because none of the internet sites say so, many birds including the ‘at risk’ house sparrow loves to amuse themselves all day around such plants/flowers – and i for one will be trying to do something to change how the plant is written up…. 😦

  34. kelsey says:

    Of course I could have said I won,but i didn’t and had all the fecking armchair fans telling me what i should and should not have one. Urh

  35. rico01 says:

    kelsey – sorry things didnt go so well… 😦

    as for the AW wont buy, well I dont buy that story one bit 😉

  36. peachesgooner says:

    rico – it seems that the leaves of the abutilon can cause skin irritaion – not harmful to birds. I don’t what kind of fruit is produced or if its harmful to birds.

  37. peachesgooner says:

    ave – I just found that one – isn’t jeeves a clever man 😆

  38. rico01 says:

    Thanks peaches – i promise not to take advantage of your talents again 😉

  39. avenell says:

    Anyone see alan shearer getting stick off the dippers today.. funny.. “you should have stayed on the telly” lol..
    might be on MOTD2 later..

  40. rico01 says:

    Going back to the article that kelsey posted, last summer arsene told us he would buy – he didnt..

    now he has alledgedley said he wont buy, so maybe he already has thoughts on who he will buy and doesn’t want his targets made public…

    Who knows – but I have a tiny tiny feeling he will buy at least two older wiser big hearted players with experience 😉

    I have to go now guys, Inspector George Gently is on television – aka Doyle, Judge John Deed – Martin Shaw ….. 😛 😛 😛 😛

    Catch you all tomorrow, be safe, nighty night 😉

  41. London says:

    Am I the only one who has ever gone shopping with the intention of buying something but unable to find what I wanted, I returned home empty handed?

  42. rico01 says:

    Evening London – how are you doing ?

    You know there are two ladies on this site and me being one of them, you must surely know my answer is

    YES 😉 I am sure peaches will answer the same 😛

  43. London says:

    The Vela playing on the left wing over Diaby theory makes a great deal of sense but if Gibbs is playing we are looking very, very short of big match experience down the left.

  44. London says:

    Evening Rico

    I reckon Arsene Wenger would join you both in having experienced the very same situation.

  45. rico01 says:

    London – your last comment is so true and very very funny.. 😛

  46. peachesgooner says:

    Evening London

    For a girl, I’m a rubbish shopper, I almost always come home empty handed – unless its plants of course :p

  47. peachesgooner says:

    oh no its a capital P 😛

  48. peachesgooner says:

    ……actually I’m quite good at buying food too 😆

  49. London says:

    Exactly Rico

    We have had to read so many ridiculous comments about Wenger saying that he was going to the Euros with his cheque book and because he didn’t buy anyone he is then branded a liar, well I’m sure he did go with the intention of finding good players but sometimes it is not always possible to find what we want.

  50. peachesgooner says:

    The thing is London, if Arsene really wanted to buy a defender I think he’d be able to find one IMO

  51. rico01 says:

    Martin Shaw is now recording… 😦

    peaches, I cant believe that 😉

  52. peachesgooner says:

    Which bit rico – the food or the plants 😆

  53. peachesgooner says:

    I go shopping for plants like most girls go shopping 😉

  54. rico01 says:

    all of it peaches 😉 i go shopping for clothes and come back with a television!, i must learn to go on my own 😉

    now plants….. i would even come back with a television 😉

  55. rico01 says:

    cant believe i am here on my own and its 9.45pm…. guess its time for me to say nighty night again 😦

  56. peachesgooner says:

    rico – I reckon you just love buying televisions 😆

    sorry to have left you all on your own, we can discuss shopping or football tomorrow……. 😉

    Night, night all, sleep tight xx

  57. Evo in Oz says:

    gday all, looking forward to the scum game!

  58. Evo in Oz says:

    if pompey hopefully go down, i reckon we should look at buying Distin off them, what does everyone else think?

  59. Rasputin says:

    Hi Evo,

    Distin is a good powerful player in the Sol mode. He’s a lot better than Sylvestre – so I’d be happy to swap those two and maybe buy another potentially better CB.

  60. peachesgooner says:


    Blimey, where is everyone? Just popped in to say hi, I’m not really inside. Catch up later xx

  61. avenell says:

    Morning Roadsters..
    Is everyone trying to have a day without thinking Arsenal?

  62. peachesgooner says:

    I’m consumed with thoughts about Arsenal – who will play tomorrow – whether le boss will think about changeing something if its not going to plan – whether the players that can change a game will be up for it – whether we can come out the traps and go for it………

    How are you ave?

  63. avenell says:

    Not bad Peaches.. may have to do some gardening, sitting around thinking about tomorrow is not making me feel confident..
    Need to up the feel good factor.. 🙂

  64. peachesgooner says:

    ……and how are they going to play without me in the stadium cos I still don’t have a ticket at the moment 😦 …….

  65. peachesgooner says:

    This’ll cheer you up, its raining in north london…….is it nice where you are?

  66. avenell says:

    Just a bit grey and overcast.. no rain though.. Grass is still too wet to cut again..

  67. peachesgooner says:

    Of all the players that can’t play……Arshavin of course would be essential…….but Gallas is my biggest miss, I would feel a bit more confident if he was playing.

    Do you remember Nasri’s second goal when we played them at the Emirates – just after half-time and they didn’t touch the ball for about 90 seconds – I still have it on my sky+ its a great Arsenal goal 😆

  68. avenell says:

    That was nasri’s finest moment.
    Do you think he will go with silvestre if fit? 😦

  69. peachesgooner says:

    I hope not cos I just think that silvestre is too slow but djourou is inexperienced – its a worry isn’t it?

  70. peachesgooner says:

    …..if only we had one away goal under our belts……

  71. peachesgooner says:

    I hope he plays song and denilson in front of the back four or even song and cesc, this cesc behind the striker is not what cesc wants to do. Did you watch Fans Forum on friday? They decided that tactically it was better to play cesc behind the striker cos it lead to more goals………

    What d’you think about that?

  72. avenell says:

    Nasri plays at least as good as fabregas behind the sriker, cesc is too slow and lacks a decent shot.
    Cesc needs to play next to Song.
    Rvp in the hole or Diaby..

  73. avenell says:

    Nasri on the left, not his best position but he is the best arsenal have to play there.. perhaps Theo could give him a break and let Samir wander..

  74. Rasputin says:

    You are mean to ave peaches – he doesn’t want to think about football……how’s about Pamela Anderson having a soapy shower ave….will that take your mind off of it? 🙂

  75. peachesgooner says:

    Ha ha ha ha silly me, I thought he wanted to talk about Arsenal – blokes eh? 😆

  76. peachesgooner says:

    …..and what about you rasp – what’re you thinking of to take your mind off of Arsenal?……

  77. Rasputin says:

    A succulent patch of Formiums of course peaches 😛

  78. avenell says:

    Robin trained today.. I hope he is picked with Bendtner tomorrow.. Please no Ade!!

  79. Rasputin says:

    Hi Ave….I’ll bet my house that Ade starts 😦 The whole of the internet is pleading that he doesn’t so its 100% AW will prefer him to a footballer…

  80. peachesgooner says:

    ave – have you been out visiting? I was gonna give you the same news…. 🙂

  81. peachesgooner says:

    I’m afraid I think you’re right rasp……but how good would it be if you’re wrong……not if you lose your house though 😉

  82. avenell says:

    Hi Rasp.. 5 years ago we knew our best XI and was 100% behind all of them, now it is a test of our support. I haven’t felt like this since the midfield of the mid 90’s..

  83. avenell says:

    Too much soapy talk in the showers Peaches.. 😉

  84. peachesgooner says:

    Chance would be a fine thing 😦

  85. Rasputin says:

    Some of us have to work 😦 😦

  86. Rasputin says:

    Ave – I take it you think it would be too risky to try Vela on the left and bring Nasri into the centre with Song and Cesc, Theo wide right?

  87. avenell says:

    You need a holiday Rasp!

  88. London says:


    Re your 9:33…Distin for Silvestre, makes sense but you then say that you would like to see the purchase of a potentially better centre back. Is this meant in a fantasy wish list kind of way; as in, I would like to see Messi play at Arsenal or is that meant in a practical way, if so who would you expect to be demoted in the pecking order and therefore have to seriously consider sitting on the bench for the best part of next season? Toure maybe, if that happened then he would leave or Gallas; once again, if that happened he would also want to leave or perhaps I have misunderstood and you are suggesting that one of those is replaced?

  89. London says:

    Perhaps replaced by a soapy Pamela Anderson

  90. avenell says:

    I’m not confident Theo or Vela would show up in a big game.. playing both seems risky..

  91. London says:

    Clichy at left back and Gibbs further up on the wing

  92. avenell says:

    Hi London.. Clichy isn’t an option is he?

  93. London says:

    I’m not sure Ave, it was just a thought that crossed my mind.

  94. Rasputin says:

    Sorry London, I don’t have the time to address your question fully. I think Distins a really good player, but I think Arsenal could/should do even better. If Distin were available tomorrow, obviously I’d partner him with Kolo. I think Gallas is going in the summer, and Kolo needs the right sort of player alongside him…

  95. avenell says:

    You could do it with Silvestre..

    I would rather play Silvestre as a striker instead of Ade at the moment.. I have no confidence that Ade will be the remotest bit interested tomorrow.. 😦

  96. Rasputin says:

    Maybe RVP and Ade have already been ‘sold’ in pre-contract terms. I certainly think Ade wouldn’t give a hoot (not that he does any way) if he knew he was leaving…..

  97. avenell says:

    If ade starts tomorrow and is lazy Mr wenger needs to straight swap him off not make excuses for him and put Bendtner alongside him.
    And not wait until 15 mins from the end to do it..

  98. Rasputin says:

    Could you believe how slowly he ‘loped off’ when he was subbed last week ave? I was screaming at the telly for him to run and let someone on who wanted to play football aaaarrrrgggghhhhh….

  99. London says:

    I can think of two reasons why Adebayor will put his back into it tomorrow: AC Milan and Barcelona, if he really is looking to leave in the summer what better stage could he have to impress his potential future employers?

  100. avenell says:

    I’d like to know his opta stats for km’s at the beginning of last season compared to this..

    Is Ade starting to get on your tits now London as well, I know you are the most patient of supporters?

  101. Rasputin says:

    I’d love it if he went to either of those London – he’d get found out and be another ex-arsenal bench warmer. The trouble is that even if he puts the effort in, he still doesn’t have the talent IMO

  102. Evo in Oz says:

    hey all, cant sleep so i got back up for a while.

  103. avenell says:

    Hi Evo .. Is that an Arsenal related insomnia problem?

  104. Evo in Oz says:

    yeah kind of….probably worse tomorrow night as the game will be in the morning and sleeping will be nearly impossible!

  105. London says:

    Adebayor has never got on my nerves. People had a choice in the summer as to whether they wanted to believe the anti-Arsenal rhetoric put out by disruptive news papers or they could, like me, believe that he was perfectly justified in asking for a wage rise and went about it in the accepted manner which was lest we forget from exactly the same manual that Arshavin got his transfer. Adebayor offers the tall target man kind of striker, if Eduardo had not got injured I think he would have played far more in place of Adebayor as there have been games that would have been far better suited to the Crozilian than the Togolese. But this is not Adebayor’s fault.

  106. Rasputin says:

    London, people not only had a choice in the summer….they have had a choice all season to assess Ade according to his performances. On that basis, a lot of people don’t think he’s good enough. Its not all about the summer transfer nonsense.

  107. avenell says:

    Last year before the pay rise I accepted Adebayor, (I just didn’t like our style of play with him in the team) but since I saw that interview on Sky when he said two different things and his performances since the rise I have gone off him completely..
    Even Arsene said what he done disturbed our season that is unacceptable imo..

  108. London says:

    I thought the person that got it spot on was Jonjon in one of his long “Adebayor is lazy” rants and that is that no matter how tolerant you are of him you cannot be 100% convinced, which, by the way I am not. But I am no where near you guys side of things.


    You made a good point about him recently: he can’t play Wengerball which I agree with but I now realise that had Eduardo have been fit he would have been there when Wengerball was the order of the day and Adebayor would have been available if and when the high ball into the box was needed.

    I certainly can’t see him going to Barça; they will buy David Villa; although, Milan might be dum enough.

  109. avenell says:

    “dum enough” your coming round lol..

  110. London says:

    Ave, the style of play is a valid criticism IMHO, but as I said Adebayor would not have played the amount of games he has if Eduardo had been fit and you have not choice but to play Wengerball with him in it.

  111. Rasputin says:

    London, I don’t think we’re disagreeing at all. The next time you get to observe Ade up front alone and Nik up front alone, take a mental count of how many times each of them gets a head on a long ball forward, and, more importantly, how many of those head-ons find an Arsenal player. I have done this and found Nik to be far more productive. I’m not saying Nik is the finished article at all, but I think he’s a better option than Ade and will continue to improve whereas I can’t see Ade changing – he’s not as intelligent as Nik and he’s already on big money…

  112. London says:

    I had this radical idea when watching the manu game last week, which might make some of you howl with laughter; I was following Adebayor carefully; he found himself offside yet again and at first I thought, has still nobody at the club taught you the offside rule and the answer in my head was, obviously yes, when I suddenly realised that he just did that on purpose; what better way to take that pressure of the defence than to force the play back for an off side kick. So there you have it Adebayor is really a genius after all 😉

  113. Rasputin says:

    Interesting point about Eduardo too London is that for a small guy he gets a lot of headers. He headeed his first goal back from injury. Its because he attacks the ball in the box and takes a risk that the ball will arrive when we have it out wide. I’ve seen Ade hugging the corner flag recently when its being crossed into the centre.

  114. avenell says:

    Instead of being offside he could drop a bit deeper and flick a header into Theo’s path to run on to.. I have never seen him do that.
    Also I remember the story of how he was so proud when he came out of training one day and said he was the fastest Arsenal player.. he could try testing that theory once in a while and stand onside..

  115. Rasputin says:

    If he does get his head to a long ball, he seems to think that its enough just to make contact, and is never constructive in his play. The idea fo a target man, as ave says, is to bring the advancing midfield into play. I take it your post at 2:48 was purely tongue in cheek London 😉

  116. London says:

    Ahh, now this is something some people have misunderstood. Ade on the wing was first raised by Peaches after the Wigan game when he scored two goals on his return from injury; and yes, there were times when things were getting crowded out there, but to constantly criticise it is surely wrong as we can now see that it was practice for the Villareal game in which he was the loan striker and in order to get the ball from Almunia he would have to go out to the wing as he would have no chance of getting it if he was waiting on the centre spot with two defenders standing next to him. So here is one example where surely you agree that his drifting out to the wing is the right thing to do. The other time when this happens is when there is a break on; Adebayor drifts out to the wing, picks the ball up which draws defenders towards him allowing Walcott to get into the middle. I think you said before that if Adebayor is out on the wing who is going to get the cross when it comes in? The answer should be anyone who can get there; if you want Wengerball to be played then the ball should not be crossed high into the box it should be played along the floor which makes not difference if Adebayor or Walcott is in the box.

  117. avenell says:

    He always mistimes his leaps as well and is always on the way down when he heads the ball..

  118. London says:


    I’m obviously not putting too much conviction into my 2:48 comment, although, it did cross my mind, as I noticed how much momentum the mancs lost by having to go all the way back….I don’t know, just a thought.

  119. Rasputin says:

    London…your 3:10…we haven’t misunderstood anything….it is your way of knitting togther the facts to produce a conclusion that appeals to you. To even suggest that Ade plays offside deliberately is ludicrous and doesn’t ease our defence as they have the perfect opportunity to launch the ball into the herat of our box from the free kick.

  120. London says:

    I think I made clear from the outset that my suggestion of Adebayor purposely being off side was a bit far fetched…although you are forgetting, off course, that a free kick gives breathing space, time to reorganise and it is not always possible to launch it straight back, as it does depend where he is flagged off side.

    In my 3:10 comment I gave reasons as to why Adebayor drifts wide which you chose to ignore. I am starting to realise that whenever my logic is compelling and you are unable to answer you run away and hide behind that very rude accusation that I knit facts together to come to a conclusion that appeals.

  121. Rasputin says:

    I don’t ignore your logic – I just disagree with it. My ‘accusation’ isn’t in any way rude. Your implication (and my inference) is that by saying and I quote “Ahh, now this is something some people have misunderstood” – you are suggesting that we are somehow not clever enough to understand the genius of your conclusion. Its just an opinion!!!!! If you and AW are so brilliant at these ‘off the wall’ tactics – why didn’t we beat manu or even Stoke for that matter?

  122. avenell says:

    When Thierry used to drift out wide he would pull defenders out with him and Freddie or Patrick would charge into the box.. This is a wasted tactic now as Theo never becomes the player in the box and we never seem to have the energy from anyone to make a surging run.. Cesc sometimes perhaps.
    So when Ade does go out wide as a lone striker he looks out of position.. And a empty penalty area for him to aim at..

  123. rico01 says:

    Afternoon all, I am now the proud owner of an ‘Ice Blue’ 😛

  124. rico01 says:

    Oh, and I always go for 3-1, and I am never right, but tomorrow I am going for that same score, and tomorrow I will be right 🙂

    Robin is fit, play him and Theo through the middle I say 😛

  125. Rasputin says:

    OK – I’ll fall for it (like Allan Davis on QI) – what’s an ‘Ice Blue’ rico?

  126. rico01 says:

    Hey Rasp, I think its a Clemitis 😉

  127. Rasputin says:

    That’s nice rico, hope it blossoms every year to remind you of our famous CL victory 🙂

  128. London says:

    I think the reason why Adebayor drifts out to the wing is something that people misunderstand. I do not understand why you take offence to that? I then go on to give reasons which really aren’t that complex. If you do not agree with them why don’t you explain why rather than resorting to insults? As for the manu and Stoke games I do not understand what they have to do with Adebayor drifting out on the wing? Perhaps you could explain.

  129. London says:

    Ave I am not suggesting that it works, I am trying to say why I think that Wenger tells him to go out on the wing, and we should remember that Wenger must tell him other wise he wouldn’t do it.

  130. London says:


    The other question I have for you is who are the WE you refer to below, surely you just mean yourself who came to this outlandish assumption?

    I quote “Ahh, now this is something some people have misunderstood” – you are suggesting that we are somehow not clever enough to understand the genius of your conclusion.

  131. rico01 says:

    London – I can understand why you try and see good in our players, but Ade ?? Not only did he lie lie lie last summer, he has been dreadful, Eboue took so much stick in ‘that game’ and it wasnt really his fault, but to his defence, he obviously loves our club and took it in his stride, and been ‘ok’ since

    Ade is all about money – so much so he could have had a sing along with Abba 😉

    This time last year, I loved him, so much so I have two pictures in our home of him. Now, I cannot forgive or forget what he did then, and his performances have been shocking and his attitude stinks…

    Time after time le boss gives him a chance to prove, what does he do….. Dissapoint 😦

  132. rico01 says:

    ‘Ade on the wing’

    I have said many many times, that I think both Nik and Ade truly believe that they have the talent and speed of TH, he used to always hang around anywhere, but he had skill, pace and a bloody good finish..

    Nik and Ade think they are capable of doing the same – get real you two, you cant, the only player other than AA that has the potential to be somewhere near TH is Theo, and right now he is playing in the wrong position IMHO 😉

    Nik and Ade, and RvP to be fair play as strikers, they all need to realise that they need to be there for the cross, not wander off and find the ball to then try and cross it – no wonder Theo never knows what to do when he does get it on the wing – he must look up and think, FM where the chuffin henry, where are our forwards……….. 😦

  133. avenell says:

    London I was sort of suggesting when Ade drifts wide it looks bad and he is not the sole person to blame..

    I often wonder what Wenger does say to the players.. He never says much during the game, that could mean he would be wasting his time if he did or the players are carrying out orders perfect..

  134. London says:


    You have come in half way through read my 2:25

  135. Rasputin says:

    London….get a grip. I’ve just worked my nuts off for 9 hours and can’t be bothered to joust with you over this one. I’m off down the pub for a well earned drink.

    I haven’t been rude to you (or you’re very thin skinned) If you read the views of others on here I think you will see that I am not on my own in the views I expressed. I don’t claim to speak for anyone else and unlike you I don’t claim to have some special knowledge the makes my view any more relevant than anyone elses.

  136. rico01 says:

    London, I did read your 2.25, honest 🙂

    I honestly dont believe he deserved a pay rise after one season, and as for Arshavin and his agent, well yes maybe they were doing something similar… However, I didnt ever see Arshavin give an interview on television saying he would see which clubs would want to buy him before he made a decision, just after he had said he wants to say at Zenit.. That is what I cannot forgive 😦

  137. rico01 says:

    Oh no, not again 😦

  138. London says:


    I gave two reasons above as to why Adebayor drifts out to the wing, first, when we play a 4-5-1 with Adebayor as the main striker, there are situations when Almunia needs to get it up field quick. It is better that he is on the wing where he can receive it easier rather than standing on the centre spot marked easily by two opposing central defenders. Yep, makes sense to me, there are other times when Ashavin and Walcott join him and then they team formation is 4-3-3 the same as Barcelona’s: all three attackers swap positions. The goal is the same with Adebayor, Walcott and Arshavin. I can only assume that because Adebayor is tall people expect him to be in the box to use his height but this contradicts those who call for Wengerball which is all about speed of passing on the floor which makes Adebayor’s height redundant. You touched on it above when you gave the example of Henry, Freddie and Pires; Wenger would obviously like to emulate that.

  139. London says:

    Yet again you have insulted me Rasputin, I have never claimed to have special knowledge that makes my views more pertinent than others.

    The fact of the matter is that because you were unable to counter my suggestions as to why Adebayor goes out on the wing you resort to rudeness.

  140. Big Raddy says:


    Just back from a super trip to Berlin – highly recommended.

    Watched the demolition of Pompey, and despite winning pretty,we lacked punch. I think Adebayor would have scored a hatful.

    There remains a place for him in the team, and should he put in a “proper shift “, he has the ability to benefit the team. Trouble is , he is so effing unreliable. His performance last Weds was lamentable – the inability to trap a single pass throughout the game was disgraceful. He has got talent, he has pace, he can head a ball, why didn’t he?

    Come on Ade, tomorrow night is a perfect opportunity for you to become a real hero (and not just in the Adebayor household)

  141. avenell says:

    When Ade drifts wide and takes Almunia pass it takes him 5 touches before he has any control on it and when he does he is normally back on the half way line.. I have never seen Walcott race into the box to take a Ade pass and I cannot remember Arsh doing it in the few games he has played with Ade..

  142. avenell says:

    Oh and Hi Raddy.. I thought you had been out of blog action..

  143. London says:


    Exactly, Walcott is as much to blame for not getting in to the box.

  144. rico01 says:

    Hi Raddy, sounds like you had a good time, good on you 😛

    Ade needs a good game and fast, and I really hope its tomorrow, and not only for our sake – all I ask from him is to show some more passion for our club, do what say you can do, do what you say deserved a pay rise.. Do that Ade, and then if you need to talk Arsenal, be positive, just dont dont anything like you did last summer…. Maybe just maybe then some of us will start the long journey towards forgiving you…

    London, at least we can say Theo is still young and can learn from the mighty Arshavin 😉 😉 😉

  145. avenell says:

    That’s what I said at 4.57 lol.. Theo and the midfield runner should be taking up position in the box.

    The main problem now though we have changed style Man U play more like we did 5 years ago..
    Our build up is slow and enables teams to camp on the edge of their penelty area..
    This is why I would like to see Theo tried as a striker.
    When Cesc picks the ball up deep he can play the ball to Theo who can run onto it or drift wide..

  146. rico01 says:

    ave – agree, and Cesc passing is pin point, he could put in on a plate for Theo – and it wont take him long to find gap between those white posts 😉

  147. avenell says:

    Or he needs the ball in for Arshavin or Nasri running into the box.. Dudu should already be in there.. 😉

  148. rico01 says:

    ave – thats because he hogs the ball, he needs to control and pass with 2/3 touches… if he started to do that maybe not only Theo would learn to get in the box – like i said Ade needs a really good game, and he hasnt got many games left to do it… Tomorrow is the day…

    3-1 please Ave 😉

    Ade gets the winner in injury time 😉 (woops another pig has flown by 😉 )

  149. rico01 says:

    ave – we were better than that 😉

  150. rico01 says:

    ave – we were better than that 😉

  151. rico01 says:


  152. avenell says:

    Rico my 7.08.. I mean’t Theo, it was a follow on to your 7.06 :)..

    I will change that later and stick you in .. 3-1..

  153. rico01 says:

    ave – my 7.09 was re Ade

    my double at 7.11, was saying we were better five years ago than manure are now 😉

    hope thats cleared that up, and you wont hold it against me 😉 …. 😛

  154. rico01 says:

    Where is JonJon, looks like he could be coming to stay 😛

  155. rico01 says:

    Right guys, all gone quiet, so good time for me to go and have my supper – stay safe and catch you all on ‘The Match Day’

    TTFN, Nighty Night 🙂

  156. avenell says:

    Yea where is he I will text him.. lol

  157. avenell says:

    Nite Rico.. 😎

  158. kelsey says:

    night rico and good morning for today and tomorrow 😉

  159. London says:

    The thing I realised when watching the Portsmouth game was that Arshavin is the best player at the club. This might be like saying that grass is green to some but I just thought I would pluck up the courage to say it. I feel slightly guilty for admitting it as there is a part of me that feels slightly disloyal to Cesc, but there you have it my head has been turned by Russian talent. Actually, on the subject of jokes, I am sure you have heard of that despicable rumour that Nigerians lie about their age, they make out that they are younger than they are, I have got this theory that Russians do the opposite: Arshavin is surely only 14, I mean the boy hasn’t even started shaving, that’s his face not as his name….you know what I mean.

  160. London says:

    That is a good call, can I have 3-1 as well?

  161. Rasputin says:


    You’re getting on my bloody nerves now. I haven’t insulted you, and I haven’t been rude to you. (up until now maybe) I simply disagree with the whole premise of the points you make i.e. that Ade going out wide on the wing is part of some of rehearsed plan and that the other players in the team are making it fail because they are not playing their part. I hope this is clear and you are happy to leave me with my opinion however deluded you believe it to be.

  162. Rasputin says:

    By the way….I have also reached the opinion that AA is our best player…. 🙂

  163. peachesgooner says:


    I’d like to have my two-penneth with regards to this afternoons ade debate……

    Long balls up to ade are a waste of time as his use of them is rubbish – he neither finds another arsenal player with his head nor does he manage to control the ball in most instances.

    His play against Wigan was diabolical – he cluttered up the wing while cesc and theo were already there and if either of them had released the ball he was unable to allow play to continue. Being on the wing to collect a throw from Almunia is completely different from cluttering up the play on the wing IMO.

    If we are playing a 4-5-1 formation surely the 1 should be closer to the box than Ade is on most occasions.

    London – to attest that its some kind of tactical play that he should be off-side is ridiculous IMO. We are an attacking team not a defending team – each time we lose possesion through him being off-side its a chance lost. You said it was a radical idea and then went on to defend it so surely you must believe it. You need to make your mind up – you can’t be offended if your radical comments are taken seriously.

    His wage demands were ridiculous and many bloggers voiced an opinion in the summer that he wasn’t worth what he was asking for after one season and that Arsene should take the money.

    Look, if he scores tomorrow and plays with all his heart I’ll be delighted for the team and for all of us but I don’t think it’ll make me change my mind about him.

  164. peachesgooner says:

    That looks like an ethan comment 🙂

  165. avenell says:

    Rasp/ London behave you two lol.. I can’t leave you alone..

    I have just thought about that theory, it would work better if almunia kicks the ball into touch as near to the corner flag as possible, then the defending team would only have a throw in like in rugby.. (I think)

  166. Rasputin says:

    Wow peaches – that was a much more technically incisive post than my crude rant….if I’d been clever enough, that’s exactly what I would have said 😉

  167. Rasputin says:

    Oh – so you agree with me then ave 😛

  168. peachesgooner says:

    Hi ave – I think the sooner that Ade goes the better 😉

  169. peachesgooner says:

    rasp – you doing that sweet-talking thing again, hope you weren’t being condescending 😳

  170. Rasputin says:

    Can everyone just take my words at face value please…… I wasn’t being condescending but humbly apologise if that’s the way it appeared. 😉

  171. avenell says:

    I never disagree with you rasp.. 😉

    If Arshavin is our best player, I would say Cesc is but totally different. Cesc will compliment Andrei and vice versa.
    If these players can be bought for £20 million why do we put so much into our youth system when we can buy quality?
    We are the 2nd 3rd whatever richest club in the world let/make Mr Wenger spend some of it..
    I would like a mixture but we have gone too far down the youth road and players like Diaby, Denilson are stale..

  172. peachesgooner says:

    rasp 😆 😆 😆

  173. peachesgooner says:

    ave – I would agree with you there that we have gone too far down the road with inexperienced players but had we not lost Hleb and Flamini we would have had more experience to balance with the inexperience

  174. Rasputin says:

    Ave, I was trying to sum up how to describe AA in ‘gooner terms’ to someone this evening and the best I could come up with was a cross between DB, Freddie and Ian Wright – with only the best parts of each 🙂

    I remember when Spain played Russia in the Euros, Cesc overshadowed AA in that game. I guess we al love goalscorers the best and I couldn’t see Cesc scoring 4 against Liverpool (even though Baptiste did). I think like a lot of our players, when AW creates an environment for them to shine they can be phenomenal, whereas a player like AA can make things happen more on his own.

  175. avenell says:

    We have to allow for a few players leaving every year.. Instead of just buying replacements which Nasri clearly was for Hleb. Arsene gambled on Denilson, Diaby, Theo and I think they have let him down as they have not lived up to his faith in them, or he has overestimated how good they are..
    If Vela is any good for instance, let’s see him try to get Arshavin or Dudu’s place, that’s how it should be not handed on a plate to them.. Survival of the fittest..

  176. peachesgooner says:

    rasp – I agree, its like we know that with cesc and aa in the team we are going to create lots of chances for any one who can manage to stay on-side 😳

  177. peachesgooner says:

    Villa have become so ordinary – why are they only beating Hull by one goal?

  178. avenell says:

    The way I see Cesc is when he plays well he gives the rest of the team an extra 20% on there game..
    He will never do it alone..

    Hard to sum up Arsh.. Freddie plus a bit of DB10 is about right I guess.. Don’t see much of Wrighty in him, clinical perhaps..

  179. Rasputin says:

    I know what you mean ave – yes, I did say the best of those players and Wrighty was included because of his finishing, Freddie because of his battling spirit for a small guy and his well timed runs into the box and DB because of the briliance of his passing and vision.

  180. Rasputin says:

    Thinking about it, you’re right. Cesc will always make the game tick more than AA becuse he conducts play and is generally positioned centrally. The combinaion of the two with hopefully a fully fit clinical finisher like Dudu is a mouthwatering prospect for next season.

  181. peachesgooner says:

    Surely Cesc needs to go back to his role of conducting from deep – I’d hate to think that Arsene has decided he’s the man to play behind the striker, especially when Nasri can do a better job there.

  182. Rasputin says:

    Song appears to be metamorphosing into more of a Flamster type. Keeping it simple, break up their play, winning the ball and passing it to Cesc. I personally don’t want to see Cesc sitting too deep, but recieving the ball around the centre circle with the likes of AA, Nasri and Theo all making runs intelligent to completely pull the oppositions defence apart before he’s even delivered the killer pass……

  183. Rasputin says:

    runs intelliegnt = intelligent runs 😳

  184. peachesgooner says:

    In an ideal world thats exactly what we want – Song and Cesc in total control of the mid-field…..bring it on…….

  185. Rasputin says:

    I’m gonna give up this typing lark, I can’t spell anythnig tonight 😦

  186. peachesgooner says:

    rasp – you asked a question the other day about whether the treasures in previous teams had glossed over Arsenes lack of technical nouse – it occured to me that things started going wrong when Thierry got his back injury and we didn’t have a plan B. We started to look ordinary and there didn’t seem to be anything Arsene could do about it…….

  187. avenell says:

    Some of the problems I think for Arsene is Song and Denilson are not good enough so he plays both, he then has to find another position for Cesc and he also takes another player out of the system normally the second striker so Cesc tries to fill that role which I don’t like.

  188. peachesgooner says:

    Is that brain working faster than fingers or fingers working faster than brain 😉

  189. Rasputin says:

    Let’s replace the two of them with Veloso then ave 😉

  190. peachesgooner says:

    He should have faith in Song by now – blimey even most of us have faith in Song…….

  191. Rasputin says:

    Brian’s been working far too hard 🙂

  192. Rasputin says:

    Yea – he had so much faith he dropped him for the FA cup semi – a bloody masterstroke!!

  193. avenell says:

    That’s Arsene’s problem now.. Has Song improved enough to trust him next year I guess..
    Buy Veloso or Alonso and Song goes back on the bench..
    I would buy.. Football is a buisness and winning trophies are the profits ..

  194. Rasputin says:

    The Villa fans are convinced that Barry is going to pool next season so maybe we’ll get Alonso. It may stop him kicking Cesc, but he’s been one of Liverpool’s best players so I don’t understand why they’d let him go. I suspect that sometimes when a player wants to leave a high profile club, he gives them one more season with the understanding that he will go next summer and the manager can save face (Ronaldo/SAF)

  195. peachesgooner says:

    No ave – playing beautiful football is more important than winning trophies….

    Shall I save that debate for another day…… 😉

  196. avenell says:

    If I was Alonso I would be pissed of with the way Rafa treated him last summer, and now Rafa has a new contract I would be even more pissed off as that means the board trusts the managers decisions.
    The price may be too high now he is a year older and certainly no cheaper.. 😦

  197. Rasputin says:

    Ave – don’t you think that Song has produced consistantly good performances in recent games. I don’t remember him having a howler since we started the unbeaten run (there were plenty before christmas).

  198. peachesgooner says:

    Why do Liverpool need Barry when Alonso has been so fantastic for them – thats a rubbish decision if you ask me……Alonso didn’t want to go, Benitez wanted Barry!!!!! Makes no sense to me……

  199. avenell says:

    Peaches are you saying Song plays football more beautifully than Alonso? 🙂

  200. Rasputin says:

    Peaches @ 10.22

    To the music……peachesgooner….peachesgooner…are you London in disguise…are you lon..don.. in disguise 😆

  201. avenell says:

    Rasp I have never knocked Song I stood by him.. Is he world class and good enough for Arsenal as no1 choice mmm.

  202. peachesgooner says:

    No ave, thats not what I’m saying. You said football is a business and winning trophies is the profits – I was just offering an alternative thought on that subject 🙂

    Actually I do think that Song plays his football in a very considered way – controlled I think is the word I’m looking for – he seems very tidy now…..

  203. JonJon says:

    evening guys…

    what a mad wkend i had… i stayed up all night to watch hatton get his head kicked in and then i went out and played two matches of 11 a side to help out a mate…with no sleep…i was on the red bulls at half time… 😉

    ive been asleep ever since..

    RE ade… hes shit… i prefer bendtner and we all know i think hes crap too…but at least bendtner links up play better.. the wide players and the attackers are more involved in the game when bendtner plays….

    Watching arsenal with ade in the side is like watching a game of tennis….

    RE song…

    song stays….denilson and diaby should be sold and we buy both alonso and veloso…

    cesc song alonso and veloso with rambo as backup and we have a the best CM in the league next year… prob europe…

    but that wont happen cos i still dnt think wenger will buy… 😦

  204. peachesgooner says:

    rasp – I was just checking you were really awake 😆

    I think that Song will be the first choice – Arsene didn’t want the FA Cup end of…….

  205. Rasputin says:

    Ave…as you know, I talk a load of crap most of the time 😉 and I often trot out this line about balance being the most important factor in a successful side. A strong ball winner in midfield will always free up the creative players. Song is nowhere near the finished article. I agree with a lot of folks on here that ideally we will buy 3 world class players.. a striker to replace Ade (possibly Nik too), a hench midfielder, and a CB of the quality of Ferdinand/Vidic. Well they can’t shoot you for dreaming 😛

  206. avenell says:

    If we have Alonso, Cesc, Arshavin, Nasri and Eduardo in the same team we needn’t worry about the quality of the football..
    Spain proved you don’t have to win ugly..

  207. JonJon says:

    AA needs to play upfront as well…. in the DB role….

    i dont mind if we lose Rvp either because AA offers more than any of our strikers… we need to find a fox in the box for him to play off… maybe dudu…or vela…but not ade

  208. peachesgooner says:

    Hi JonJon – thank goodness – Ade is shit 🙂

  209. Rasputin says:

    Hi JonJon….I always admire your definitve assessments….and seldom disagree 🙂

  210. London says:


    I have never claimed to have special knowledge that makes my views more relevant and to claim that I do is rude. This is not a difference of opinion it is a false claim, it is a fabrication which is an insult.

    I haven’t been rude to you (or you’re very thin skinned) If you read the views of others on here I think you will see that I am not on my own in the views I expressed. I don’t claim to speak for anyone else and unlike you I don’t claim to have some special knowledge the makes my view any more relevant than anyone elses.

  211. Rasputin says:


    I think you’ll find we’ve moved on London……

  212. avenell says:

    Any more arguments on that subject are going in the bin!!!

    Just discuss Arsenal not personal attacks PLEASE!!!

  213. London says:

    I have never claimed to have special knowledge that makes my views more relevant. This is deeply insulting. If I made such a false claim to Peaches for example I would be expected to apologise.

  214. Rasputin says:

    I’m delighted to see Hull lose again…we now need ‘boro or toon to win the odd game and the premiership will be purged of the unworthy Phil Brown and his cohort Horton!

  215. JonJon says:

    im off back to bed… speak tomorrow…

  216. London says:


    I have not made one insulting comment to Rasputin

  217. Rasputin says:

    I’m not responding London out of repect to Ave’s wishes

  218. avenell says:

    Sorry London, I have watched the problem build all day. every comment Rasp and you make takes it one step further..
    You don’t get on, you are going to have to accept it we cannot do this every week..

  219. London says:


    Good perhaps you will think twice before making false insulting claims in the future.

  220. avenell says:

    Just shake hands (again) and move on..

    You are both more than capable of writing better than me so I am sure you both can write without insulting each other (if you did) ..

  221. avenell says:

    Who do you want to win tomorrow night?? Now there should be a common bond.. 🙂

  222. Rasputin says:

    You don’t want me to respond ave. Its a shame that the friendly debate we were having has been scuppered. People have been scared off because its not pleasant and I quite understand…..

  223. London says:


    Perhaps I have misunderstood. Where was I rude or insulting to Rasputin above?

  224. avenell says:

    I am not saying anyone was rude or insulting. Your writing styles seem to get each others backs up for some reason, then it gets worse..

  225. Rasputin says:

    That’s it, I’ve had it……

    Ave… I think you’re a really nice guy and I’m sorry you’ve had to suffer this nonsense.

    London… don’t you realise that this is precisely the sort of thing that is going to make ave say “bugger it, I can do without this hassle” – and then you’ll have to find another site to inhabit.

    Thanks very much ave for the great fun I’ve had with the nice guys and gals on here, but I don’t want to be the catalyst for spoiling your enjoyment so I’m going to respectfully bow out. Hopefully we’ll keep in touch by other means. Best wishes to you and the family.

  226. avenell says:

    Rasp.. Don’t just piss off that is the easy way out.. Let me sort it out in the morning..

  227. London says:

    Having a writing style that gets someone’s back up is not done on purpose, it is an accidental trait. Claiming that someone has special knowledge that makes my views more relevant is a conscious attempt to be insulting. There is a huge difference.

    Rasputin, just stop the insults and there would not be a problem.

  228. avenell says:

    London let me go through it in the morning with a clear head.. leave it for tonight eh…

  229. Evo in Oz says:

    whats happened lads?

  230. peachesgooner says:

    I think I’m going to tip-toe up to bed

    Night night ave, talk to you tmoro xx

  231. Evo in Oz says:

    Wenger has promised it will be a big attacking game tomorrow, so i cant see that we will play 4-5-1, surely there must be 2 up top?

  232. London says:

    Here it is the big day has arrived. Our season hangs on 90 minutes tonight, I am excited and nervous as hell at the same time.

    Morning Evo


    This team should be able to beat anyone.

  233. rico01 says:

    Morning All..

    Rasp, if you are reading, get your butt back on here and talk more from it 😉 😉


    Re your team, I think thats who AW will start with, but I hope he doesnt, I would prefer to see


    Bac Kolo JD Gibbs

    Eboue Cesc Song Nasri

    Theo Robin…

    Yep, I know, never in a month of Sundays eh 😦

    Its strange, this is the most important night of the season for the boys, and i feel nothing, no nerves, no real excitement…. Yet 😉

  234. London says:

    Morning Rico

    That is an interesting team, quite deceptive, in fact, defensively very strong with speed and experience up front, very interesting.

  235. rico01 says:

    London – thanks – i think we need to get a good balance, but still make sure we have enough to defend and well. Eboue for all his previous faults can get forward and send in a good cross – I wouldnt even mind Theo and Nik up front, and if we are 2-0 up with 2/3 minutes to ge we have enough to defend strongly as a unit..

  236. London says:

    Very logical Rico

    Eboue is maturing, he has stopped many of his bad antics. I see him as a bit like a naughty child, you can only be upset for so long until you forgive him because he has stopped doing what was annoying.

  237. rico01 says:

    London – i would still sell him though

  238. London says:


    Eboue would be my top tip to leave in the summer, whether through a sale or a Senderos type of loan.

  239. rico01 says:

    hope you are right london, hope a few others join him too 🙂

  240. Big Raddy says:

    Rico. I like the team.

    Personally, I would replace Theo with Ade, bringing Theo on later in the game. He got very little change out of Evra last time out, and Ade owes us a performance.

    We are really going to miss Gallas. He would have scored tonight

  241. rico01 says:

    Morning Raddy, thanks – Evra took a bit of a kick against ‘boro, lets hope its slows him down a bit.. Theo in the middle tho might give Rio and Vidic something different to think about, they wont expect it 😉

    Gallas – i knocked him for his behaviour and would have been happy if he went in the summer – however since he had the armband removed he has been awesome, and i dont want him going anywhere – he is one on those ‘big’ players that would love to be playing tonight ..

  242. Evo in Oz says:

    gday all,

    everyone pumped? ive got a few beers and some champagne in the fridge to crack at 7am when the game finishes, cant wait!

  243. London says:

    Hi Evo

    Does anyone know if Ferdinand is in or out?

  244. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    Evening all

    my prediction 2 early goals & a late one for 3-0 to The Arsenal.

  245. London says:

    I like your fighting spirit gnarley

  246. London says:

    Four and a half hours to go!

  247. rico01 says:

    Its too long 😦

  248. rico01 says:

    Its a quiet day, no ave, JonJon, peaches, kelsey, Rasp, John, Benwell or chaf 😦

  249. rico01 says:

    Hi george and Evo – just starting to get nervous now, my heart and head are fighting over the result 😦

  250. London says:

    Three and a half hours to go….Rico I think I have pissed them all off.

  251. rico01 says:

    Well, I guess thats it then, I really am all alone now here today – may as well head off to the Emirates.. well I would if i had a ticket 😦

  252. rico01 says:

    Ah, there is life, what you been doing then London ??

  253. rico01 says:

    Right then, I am off for a while, stuff to get done before a little game of football takes place

  254. London says:

    I think I have got wine flu! Can’t stop myself drinking.
    Only joking, when is an acceptable time to start? 6 o’clock seems reasonable….we always take a bottle of rum into the ground, well, what are we supposed to do, now that they have stopped selling alcohol inside, and if that isn’t infuriating enough it is only in England that you can’t get a drink…go to Spain….beers while your watching the game…no problem

  255. London says:

    Ha ha 6’oclock it is then Benwell is in the Eaglet. talk to you later Rico.

  256. Wrighty7 says:


    Put me down for 10-0 to Arsenal please

  257. Big Raddy says:


    I have laid out my lucky garb. Lucky socks, shirt and scarf. Bought the lucky cake and am drinking lucky wine.

    Come on you Gunners

  258. avenell says:

    Evening Roadsters.. I think I have done all the predictions..
    It’s getting near now.. 😦

  259. JonJon says:

    oh dear oh dear… now we need a miracle and now we will see how much mental toughness we really do have….


  260. JonJon says:

    come on though guys…did we really have any confidence in this team at the start of the season?????

    we all knew what would happen….it was good to get to the semis though….

  261. rico01 says:

    I am off to stick my head in the oven, i am so sad its electric …

    Poor old Gibbs, and a ref again has been conned by that greasy cheating little……..

    Hi JJ and ave – this is horrid..

  262. JonJon says:

    wenger has to sort this team out…i aint putting up with this youth policy bullshit anymore….

    i said after the FA cup semi debarcle i’d reserve judgement on wenger until the end of the season…

    well thats the end of the season for me…. wenger sorts it out or he goes….

    this is heart breaking and its gone on for too long… 4 years is too long..

  263. JonJon says:

    yes the grease monger conned the ref but almunia should of saved it and the damage was done at old trafford anyway….

    i dont blame gibbs…any one can slip…clichy slipped and spuds scored remember…

    but what concerns me is how boring we are without AA…

  264. rico01 says:

    Night all 😦

  265. JonJon says:

    nite rico..

  266. JonJon says:

    we are a one man team…and the one man aint playing….

  267. JonJon says:

    this is were we lack real leaders….nobody looks bothered….even cesc head has dropped….

  268. JonJon says:

    this is so upsetting… we arent even trying anymore…

    mental strength my arse….. wengers full of shite…

  269. JonJon says:

    whos bunged the ref??? 😉

  270. JonJon says:

    whos bunged wenger?? 😉

  271. JonJon says:

    why does almunia always get beat in the big games…

    gimme jens anyday…come bac jens…

  272. JonJon says:

    we need four second half goals and i dont thin we had a shot in the first half….

    so wenger needs to change it at half time….three subs….id rather go out 10 nil and trying than sticking with the same boring shit and letting manuts walk over us…

  273. JonJon says:

    what has wenger taken gibbs of for….that will fuck him up now….its practically blaming him….

    sagna ade rvp cesc and theo were all shite and he takes off gibbs????

  274. JonJon says:

    cesc can fuck off to barca if he wants hes been shit this season and he hasnt turned up today and he’s supposed to be the captain…

  275. JonJon says:


    so many overatted average players…its no coincidence that everytime we play the big teams we get stuffed….

    we build this team around AA next season…the rest can fuck off and that goes for the manager too….

  276. JonJon says:

    have we even had a shot yet?????

  277. JonJon says:


  278. JonJon says:


  279. JonJon says:

    has ade even touched the ball in the second half yet…

    we dont have any maychwinners do we…no gamebreakers….well we do but he’s cup tied…

  280. JonJon says:

    cesc is too slow….nasris a better player…

  281. JonJon says:

    this is a sad day for the arsenal…. i hope it makes every fucker at arsenal wake up and realise that this ‘vision’ of arsenes isnt going to happen…its a pipe dream….its bullshit….

    i bet we lose theo cesc ade and rvp in the summer….so what i say….theyve never done anything anyway….

  282. JonJon says:

    hahahahahahahaha fletcher aint going…hahahahahaha

  283. JonJon says:

    we only need 4 now… against 10 men….

    easy…. we have arsene and his vision…. and ade up front… watch out manutd….

  284. JonJon says:

    song and eboue are back to their best…. hahahaha

  285. JonJon says:

    dirty ade..

  286. JonJon says:

    i cant wait for the excuses….

    we lacked maturity
    we were tired
    the injuries
    the ref

    blah blah blah….. yadda yadda yadda…same old same old…

  287. London says:


    I can’t talk

  288. London says:

    I thought Song was the one player to be proud of.

  289. chaf says:

    Good evening everyone.

    Look where we got this year with a real young team. If we add to this with some experience, and really realise the potential..

    We were punching above our weight. Its easy to criticise individuals, but they do their best. Its down to the manager to pick a team that will win something, and he has to do that now.

    We are the third best team in this league – the best league in the world. We need a bit more experience and to get it right.

    We are Arsenal. We are quite unique aren’t we. We have all got it right, supporting them. And we aren’t going to stop now….

  290. chaf says:

    To follow that up – I’m obviously disappointed but not surprised. If we had beaten them we would have had a false economy on the field. Wenger has to build a team around his best players, a few were playing tonight. Lets hope he sees that and acts on it. I think thats obvious, lets hope it doesn’t get lost in translation..

  291. Big Raddy says:

    Well said Chaf.

  292. Evo in Oz says:


  293. London says:

    Evo…hope you find a good oportunity soon to drink that chilled champagne in the fridge.

    Morning Rico, Kelsey

    I hope you are not feeling too bad today?

  294. London says:

    Morning Chaf

    A couple of excellent comments….we almost started another fight last night….well not me but there were some very unhappy people…which turned to anger when they scored their third…at that point the bloke who used to sit behind us at Highbury got up, marched passed us, Benwell was so annoyed that Arsenal supporters were leaving early he says to him and don’t bother coming back next season, the guy was incensed, at this point Bob stands up looking very menacing and for a split second it was going all going to kick off…fortunately sanity returned and we went back to trying to drown in the bottle of Rum we had smuggled in.

  295. chaf says:

    Morning London

    Oh dear! We are getting shirty in our old age aren’t we. But it’s enough to drive you mad when collectively, most people think whats going on can be rectified reasonably easily…

  296. Big Raddy says:


    MU were excellent last night. We were not playing Pompey, we played the World Club Champions at the peak of their game.

    It seemed to me, sat on the sofa, that all our players gave their all. I can forgive lack of talent, but not lack of desire, and even Ade worked hard.

    My personal belief is that AW would have gone home last night and questioned whether he is the right man to take The Arsenal forward. He is not shallow nor stupid, he is clearly a man who self-reflects. I have a sneaky feeling that we will see a change in coaching staff in the summer. I think he will bring in a coach with a different tactical approach to give him an alternative viewpoint.

    Would any other manager continue with the youth policy? Well, it is good enough to get us into the CL semis, and Real Madrid would be happy with that.

    Which brings me to this….. AC, Inter, Juve, Bayern, L’pool, RM, Man City, have all gone with a buying policy and, Inter apart, none have won their domestic leagues, nor reached the CLSF. Would a change of policy bring the expected rewards ?

  297. JonJon says:

    wenger has to go….

    this season has been a disaster really….

    from transfers to tactics to players…its all gone wrong…and it has nothing to do with refs or luck or injuries… its to do with wenger….and this stupid policy of his….stupid lineups…stupid formations…hes lost the plot and he thins weve all lost the plot too….

    he was a joke in the summer saying we had a squad that was ready and i for one knew we didnt….i never expected us to win naff all……

    we are lying in 4th…which means we arent as good as the best…but we are a little better than the rest….but with a wage bill higher than many in europe and ticket prices highest in the world it aint good enough….

    weve gone backwards not forwards and wenger threw the fac cup this season and its come back to haunt him….

    we have a sqaud top heavy with mediocre inexperienced players and we have no leadership no spine and no passion….

    the experienced players are overated and the kids arent good enough…

    wenger has run the club as he has wanted….who else is at fault…

    times up….

  298. London says:


    I have not got a post and the site obvoiusly needs one. If either one of you are in the mood to write something then fair enough but if not may I suggest putting Big Raddy’s comment up there?

  299. JonJon says:

    something has to change raddy because it cannot stay the same…

    AA has proved that the only way to improve a team is to buy the talent….

    hes been here two months and he is our best player….

    wenger changes the lot next season and builds the team aound him..

    not cesc, ade, or his own personel favorites…time to put the club first and not his pride….

  300. Big Raddy says:

    I think you exaggerate JJ.

    Perhaps you are right about AW going, but I don’t agree. I like the idea of Arsenal being a club who believe in continuity and tradition.

    Once again, our season has been disrupted by injury. Had Gallas and Clichy played…..

    Furthermore, AW clearly believed the medical staff who told him that Mozart would be ready by Xmas. In light of this, AW didn’t buy a left sided creative player until January. We have all seen the impact AA has had. Would we have beaten MU with AA, Clichy and Gallas? Perhaps.

    Where I do agree with you is that some of the tactical decisions have been bewildering. As have some of the substitutions.

  301. Big Raddy says:

    JJ. You are right. We build the club around AA.

    Cesc has (by his standards) had a poor season, the man needs a break.

    We are never going to buy Benzema or Villa. Others have paid huge money for so-called World Class players, very few make the difference.

  302. JonJon says:

    4 years of the same thing isnt exaggerating….

    its tedius….

    same excuses…injuries, bad luck, refs….

    anyone would of thought we were the only ones…

    everytime we play the big games our players crumble…wenger crumbles…the tactics are always wrong…always….we didnt even deserve to be in the CL semis…. roma and villareal should of put us out but we scrapped through and wenger told us we had mental strength….

    bullshit….we were lucky….this team isnt good enough….the squad isnt strong enough…. we have one world class player and about 5 good ones and the rest are average… too many babies….

    i dont have no confidence in what wengers doing anymore…i said that after the FA cup semi….

    i said id wait until the end of the season before i said what i wanted but the seasons over…..

    we need a radical change in the summer….a change of coaching staff and at least 5 new players….

    i that doesnt happen then we get a new mangager…

  303. JonJon says:

    cesc isnt all that for me…if barca want to part with 40mil to get him they can have him and we put nasri in the middle

    nasri was our best player last night….he drives the midfield forward when hes in the middle….

    cesc lost his bottle last night and it was worse than watching denilson….

  304. Big Raddy says:

    It wasn’t bottle JJ. Once MU scored they man marked Cesc out of the game. MU were able to sit back and compress the play, thereby stopping us playing our close passing game.

    I don’t think we had a best player.

    London. Re post. I am not a post writer – I don’t have the application or time (too much homework), but if anything I write is of use (ever) please feel free …

  305. London says:

    Thanks BR

    Jonjon is hurting this morning which I understand so I am keeping clear. He knows I agree with you and doesn’t need me to make things worse.

    I think we might need Ave’s middle ground

  306. avenell says:

    New Post.. from a friend of mine..

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