Kelsey’s Post

April – Aphrodite’s Month.

Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love and beauty, so as we enter April, after a seemingly never ending wait to watch some real football, we finally entertain Manchester City today. The two week international break has inevitably left us with a few walking wounded or should I say limping wounded.

Love and beauty: an apt phrase when watching our lads at their best. As I write, it is difficult to tell who will actually play with RVP, Eduardo and Diaby definitely out but we will see the return of Adebayor, Fabregas and Walcott or at least hopefully at some stage during the match. Mr Wenger has a difficult selection choice to make with two games in four days, both being important.

A win today and we open up a 6 point lead over Aston Villa before they play on Sunday, yet it is vital that we are prepared for the equally tricky game on Tuesday in the tiny, compact stadium of Villareal. I expect our strongest defence of Almunia, Sagna, Toure, Gallas and Clichy to play in both games and, of course, Arshavin will almost certainly be involved today but there are so many possibilities for the midfield and the attack that at this time I will avoid hazarding guess.

A word about City, ever since I was a small lad I have had an affinity for them. I remember watching the 1956 Cup Final with Bert Trautmann an ex German POW who had decided to stay in England after the end of the war. Trautmann had joined City in 1949 and took part in the 56 final as City’s keeper…City beat Birmingham 3-1. Trautmann suffered a serious injury with 15 minutes of the match remaining: it was confirmed three days later that he had actually broken his neck. A bit of nostalgia never to be repeated.

Back to the game in hand.

Earlier this season City gave us a tonking at their place, we were embarrassing. However, things have changed since then; we have developed into a stronger, more compact unit, so I expect a far better performance and to give them a beating they thoroughly deserve.

The injection of money into that club is obscene and in the long run it can’t be good for the game in general. Bellamy is out and they share the equally worst away record in the EPL, having mustered only one win. The onus is on us to continue our long domestic unbeaten run so let’s hope by 5:00 pm we will be celebrating another win (woodwork permitting)


79 Responses to Kelsey’s Post

  1. London says:

    Congratulations Kelsey.

  2. Big Raddy says:

    Fine work Kelsey.

    For many years MC were my ‘second’ team. That side with Bell, Lee, Summerbee etc was great. And who could forget the black and white footage of Trautmann staggering around after his injury. He was a real man.

    As you rightly say, City deserve a beating. If only for the dreadful week I had after our capitulation at the Manchester Stadium.Rarely am I embarrassed by a team sent out by Mr. Wenger, but to get beaten in such a manner was a disgrace.

    I am looking forward to the return of Adebayor. I am not fond of him as a man or a player, but on his day, he is a potent weapon, and the right man to take on a physical CB like Dunne. Should Theo play, his battle with Bridge could be the key to the game.

    Once again Kelsey, Congratulations of a fine first post, and I very much enjoyed the Classical introduction

  3. Big Raddy says:

    Today’s Joke….

    David Bentley cost Spurs £15m 😀

  4. kelsey says:

    Morning again,
    to be absolutely honest,this post was not premeditated,i just wrote as i felt.

    Grammatically I did tweak the bit

    “was confirmed three days later that he had a broken his neck.” to “he had actually broken his neck.”

  5. rico01 says:

    Morning all – and well done kelsey

    The ‘old liking’ of City is strange, I recall Lee, Bell and Sumnerbee too, I always thought Lee was a tiddler, but good – is it possible that people back then disliked Man Utd so much that many always cheered for City, that was a little bit the case for me, both my brother and sister like Utd, obviously I didnt, but even at the young age it was better to like City than Utd – I was already following the Gunners by then…

    Fine joke Raddy 😛

  6. London says:

    Message taken Kelsey 😉

  7. London says:

    Morning Big Raddy

    I like the joke, I also like your explanation of Adebayor, I agree with exactly what you said but struggled to explain as well as you did above. It’s true he is a potent weapon on his day and we have yet to see the Arshavin affect on him. AA seems to have improved everyones game. I can’t wait until this afternoon.

  8. rico01 says:

    Stephen Ireland is likely to miss the game today – thats good news

  9. rico01 says:

    Bellamy is likely to be fit though 😦

  10. Big Raddy says:

    Morning. The sun is shining here in CPH. A good day to head to the Library ! I love Libraries ….

    AA . Can you imagine how good he will be once he is bedded into the team. He has shown he has the physical ability to go with his skill. My fears were that such a small man would struggle in the EPL

    Back to Ade. He is still a young man by striker standards. He can improve as TH and Wrighty did, as he grows up

  11. London says:

    I went out to dinner last night with a group of friends one of them being Robert Elms the DJ on BBC London Radio: QPR supporter, I just can’t get away from them, anyway the conversation came around to football journalism and then onto Russell Brand. Now I don’t really get this man (at all) but Bob, who I do respect, was speaking highly of Russell Brand’s football column on Saturday in the Guardian. I am not trying to recommend it to you I’m just bringing it to your attention. I read it this morning and thought bits were very funny especially the part on Roy Keane’s dogs. Anyway, here is the link and Russell Brand is a West Ham supporter for what it is worth.

  12. London says:


    Arshavin has got that Maradona, size doesn’t matter, type confidence.

  13. John says:

    Yay at last Saturday is here and the wait is almost over!
    I think it could be a tricky game today, Man City are a bit like us; inconsistent.
    I feel like we will either thrash them if we start strong or it will be a cagey one and they might score first.

  14. avenell says:

    Morning John..

    I hope it isn’t going to be one of those days of high expectation, only to end up frustrated and dissapointed..

    Would you like a guess at the score? We are doing a table from today in the widgets.. >>>>>

  15. peachesgooner says:

    Morning all

    Lovely post kelsey, today feels like the beginning all over again. We’ve had lots of beginnings this season – each time we’ve lost for a start – but after the International break and with the return of Cesc I am more excited than even I usual am to head off to THOF.

  16. kelsey says:

    I heard Given may be injured,he always plays well against us,in fact i wish we would have bought him.

  17. peachesgooner says:

    On the subject of Russel Brand – by all accounts his book about being a footballer supporter is rather good. I heard him being interviewed on the radio before the Jonathan Ross debacle and found myself wanting to read about the anguish and joy suffered by the supporter of another team. Does it matter that hes a West Ham supporter? Do only gooners enjoy watching Fever Pitch?

  18. avenell says:

    Morning Kelsey.. I was waiting for you to come on. Great post and I hope it hasn’t put you off doing another in the future.
    Did you watch the Clough documentry last night? There was a glimspe back to the old grounds and pitches of the old days..
    I read about Ben.. if Rosicky plays today I will send you a chicken over if that is of help.. 😉

  19. rico01 says:

    did anyone read about the two Scottish players, fergy and i cant remeber the other, think it was the keeper – but they got caught boozing last weekend and giving ‘v’ signs from the bench – the sfa have banned them both from playing for scotland for life.. Good job the English FA didnt operate in such a strict manner, we would have no team… Mind you, i think they have done the right thing..

    Hi peaches, John and Ave

  20. avenell says:

    Hi Rico .. It was more than boozing, I don’t know what Brazil was on about this morning. he could mean other antics or substances not sure.. also they are Rangers players and there is a divide in the Scottish team and a lot of Rangers players have refused to play for Scotland.

  21. kelsey says:

    Morning Ave,

    yes i could get into this with a little more time.I didn’t watch the clough documentary last night,but he should have been england manager,but he went against the grain.

    i once went up to see us play Derby and as it so happens the hotel we stayed in,as we went up the night before for a bit of business,was where the Derby Team had their pre match meal.Clough ordered the most expensive thing on the menu,a chateaubriand steak and said to the squad “you f…ers can each have an egg salad”.

    rico,you are right about saying we wouldn’t have an english team with that behaviour but I had what nearly turned into an arguement with someone else,that players like Rooney especially can repeatedly tell the ref to f… off,and that is not a bookable offence.

  22. avenell says:

    Kelsey.. The Clough thing was on ITV4 and will probably be repeated again. i don’t know what stations you can receive.. It had a lot on there about the England job and how there was a shortlist of 3 and he was on it, but even before the interview they had chosen Greenwood who wasn’t even on the list.

    It also said the new film and book are completely incorrect and Johnny Giles sued and won.. But the other people involved died and they could not pursue the case.

  23. rico01 says:

    ave – that explains more then, i did think it was a bit harsh for just a hlaf of lager 😉

  24. kelsey says:

    Have to get my prioirites right now,and be a good Dad,speak after the win laters. 🙂

  25. Big Raddy says:

    Rico. Is Mozart in the squad?

  26. John says:

    Hi Avenell, Sorry mate I went off for a bike ride after I made my comment, just tuning in and I’ll go with a 4-1 prediction, based on optimism and not much else 😉

  27. John says:

    Woo Ade scores with his silly hair

  28. avenell says:

    Should put his price up a couple of mill lol..

  29. avenell says:

    Pushbike or motorbike John?

  30. John says:

    Pushbike ave, I don’t have anything with a motor!
    Been out 3 times this week, trying to get back up to speed after what seemed like an endless winter…

  31. avenell says:

    France is a big old place with nothing motorised John.. You must be fit.

    Not sure about the performance, we have started trying to hit Ade long again..

  32. JonJon says:

    good post kelsey….

    ive been attending my local bookmakers most of the day and applying myself to the gee gees….

    so a cesc freekick and an ade header has given us the lead….

    i dont have a link so hows the game going in general are we dictating the play????

    whats the lineup????

  33. avenell says:

    Hi jonjon..


  34. avenell says:

    We have created a few chances.. Ade’s goal was a easy unmarked header, Walcott’s knee has been getting stick. They hit the post, but we are hitting the usual parked bus.. in short.. 😉

  35. JonJon says:

    4 5 1/4 3 3 then????

    longball to ade????

    surprise surprise….

  36. avenell says:

    Try this.. no guarentees though.. I have peaches stream..

  37. avenell says:

    Oh no jonjon.. another by Ade.. 😉 lol..

  38. JonJon says:

    another assist for cesc….

    2-0…do i win a prise????

  39. JonJon says:

    by the way i had the winner in the national….

    i backed it each way as a long odd outsider, i like to find one every year….i didnt think it would win though….


  40. avenell says:

    Yea…. The first to copy London’s prediction.. 😉

    Did you see any of it?

  41. avenell says:

    nice one JJ. how much did you win?

    and who won?

  42. JonJon says:

    yeah caught the second half….

    we looked good…..not great but good enough and song is getting better and better……at this rate hes going to be a beast….

  43. kelsey says:

    Jon Jon, 100-1 winner payed 158-1 on the Tote,well done.

    Well done (cough) Adebayor,Christ,Raddy might still have his bet on.

    Good all round team performance, the stream wasn’t great,only hope Theo is OK he had an icepack on his knee.Cesc didn’t look like he had missed 4 months.Almunia made some good saves,and I am well pleased.

  44. JonJon says:

    mon mone won it


    i had a £2.50 on it 😉

    arsenal won and spurs lost and now im just waiting for the lotto….. 😉

  45. kelsey says:

    Only one point away from St.Totteringham day 🙂

  46. avenell says:

    And Tony Adams can take the piss out of Shearer.. We have had worse days.. 🙂

  47. JonJon says:

    if ade gets his shooting boots on like this until the end of the season i wont complain…

  48. JonJon says:

    yes the messiah was bitchslapped……

    im mr all time great professional and worldclass pundit is going to get his team relegated and i will piss myself…

  49. avenell says:

    Today was the big one .. If newcastle had of won today they would have gained confidence and stayed up.. but they didn’t. 🙂 🙂

  50. avenell says:

    And I hope soccerworld goes broke.. 😎

  51. JonJon says:

    west brom and middlesboro are down…..who to join them…. newcastle or hull???? decisions decisions……..

  52. avenell says:

    I’d rather Middlesbro stay up.. If not Newcastle to go down.. teach them to keep changing managers, they are also the beat fans in the world, we will see them trying to fill a 50,000 seater in the championship..

  53. London says:

    Ok just back from the game, turned the oven on ready to put in the biggest humble pie that you have ever seen, now which one of you Adebayor doubters is going to be first 😉

  54. avenell says:

    I’d still rather he was gone.. The style of play started to get lazy and long ball.. Watch him he never jumps, he was just standing there making a back for Dunne all game. and he doesn’t defend he just strolls around like he owns the place.. and on top of that smiles when he is offside.. he smiles a lot…

  55. Big Raddy says:

    What a pass from Cesc to Ade for the second. Must be pass of the season.

    What a difference a Cesc makes.

    And my first correct prediction. Happy days

  56. Big Raddy says:

    Ave. He had a good game until he ran out of steam.

    Give the lump his due.

  57. Big Raddy says:

    & I am top of the League…… alphabetically 🙂

  58. avenell says:

    I went by your name beginning with “R”..

    Ade played okay.. but there was no pressure on and they lost 2 defenders.
    Wait until we get a tight one chance game..

  59. Big Raddy says:

    Ave. He did what he had to do today. Should he continue to score two goals a game ….. I am going to Spain !

  60. kelsey says:

    sorry to tell you that Adebayor complained of head pains after the match and was rushed to hospital for a brain scan.No further news at the moment.

  61. peachesgooner says:

    Hellooooooo I’m back……..

    What a lovely afternoon – we have Cesc Fabregas and Theo Walcott and Andrey Arshavin and Denilson and Song and William Gallas and Kolo Toure and Gael Clichy and Bacary Sagna and Manuel Alminia and they all play for the ARSENAL…..

    …..apart from scoring 2 goals which as I am a lady I applauded and I applauded him when he left the pitch, Adebayor was out of position so much it was embarrasing – surely in a 4-5-1 the 1 should be in or around the box not hugging the flanks!!!!!!

    Is that true kelsey?

  62. London says:

    That is a very good point if you don’t mind me saying Peaches.

  63. peachesgooner says:

    ……..poor Theo was getting bashed about all over the place, teams are going to be terrified of him he is seriously turbo-charged and he draws players to him thereby creating space……

    …..also he does that fabulous piroette thing that Thierry used to do – hes going to be a legend 😆

  64. peachesgooner says:

    Which one London – the one about our fabulous team or the one about Ade not being in the box enough?

  65. peachesgooner says:

    ave – how was your viewing this afternoon?

  66. peachesgooner says:

    You see what happens when you leave me alone….

    😆 😆 😆

  67. avenell says:

    It was lovely Peaches thank you very much.. How did you get on double “O” P? 😉

  68. London says:

    The one about Adebayor not being in the box.

  69. avenell says:

    jonjon and me have been banging on about that for a while too London.. What’s the point of having wingers or overlapping full backs if the striker is AWOL.. bendtner does it too..
    Dudu, at least he stays where he should when he is the striker..
    Remember when everyone was moaning about the quality of crossing from sagna and clichy..

  70. London says:


    Can you expand on the Sagna and Clichy part I’m not sure exactly what you mean.

    And I dont want to pick up the wrong end of the stick.

  71. London says:


    I find it a bit sad that you seem to almost begrudge having to applaud an Arsenal goal scorer.

  72. avenell says:

    London.. when we was going through our barren spell before Christmas a few people were saying Sagna and Clichy cannot cross.
    Our point was who too? Ade and Bendtner were rarely in the box, so if there was only one or two Arsenal players in the box if we was lucky and 5 or 6 defenders there crossing will always look bad.

  73. London says:

    Ok if we are talking about Christmas then fair enough. But my point this week was that Adebayor still has time to come good and make a huge impact on the rest of the season, which apart from Big Raddy everyone else seemed to get into a huddle and act as though they almost didn’t want that to happen. The idea that an Arsenal supporter does not want an Arsenal player to do well makes my blood boil. It’s like LG’s witch hunt against Song…it stinks.

    The formation was very unusual today I have never seen it before. Ade was playing loan striker whose job it was to chase the ball down, so when he went out to the left Theo came in acted as a target in the centre and when Ade was on the right AA came into the middle offering himself as a target. To think that Adebayor’s job is to stay in the middle in some kind of John Hartson role is to completely miss the instructions that he was under. He scored two goals today and some people are still unhappy….I despair.

  74. avenell says:

    London.. Do you want us to change our opinions of Adebayor? Let’s be fair you did come on and ask.
    The only thing I have against ade really, he does not fit into the style that I like to see Arsenal play.
    When we don’t score early and Ade is playing we start going route one. with Toure the most guilty culprit. Not since like you say Hartson have we played with a big striker and I believe Arsene has won all his trophies with smaller more agile players who fit into the Wenger system., Wright, Anelka, Henry, Wiltord etc.
    I was quite happy saying oh no Ade has scored, but it was tongue in cheek. I always want an Arsenal player to do well and will never resort to saying Ade is s**t.
    You have picked a day today to defend Ade which is fair enough but we played against a team with the worst away record in the premiership and they lost two of their defenders.

  75. London says:

    Do I want you to change your mind? Good question, no I don’t.
    The point of my post in the week about Adebayor was that I thought that there was still time for him to turn things around this season. It was a positive, optimistic point of view. I was shocked by the negativity: the comments are still there for all to see. I didn’t understand how and why people would not want to agree with the idea that he could still improve and contribute a great deal to this season. He scored two goals today and there are still those who were not happy about it.

    But you are right, I have come onto your site, the idea of not giving credit for a performance where credit is due is alien to me.

  76. chaf1 says:

    Good morning, where’s the report?

    I had a soft spot for Man City as well, but a few years ago I had a meeting with a supporter and when the conversation turned to football, I told him and he just said,” Oh, we hate Arsenal”….

  77. kelsey says:

    Morning Chaf,
    being the early bird that I am, are my eyes playing tricks on me.I am sure there were some posts on here late last night which have disappeared.

  78. raif says:

    hey hey people and morning..

    good result yesterday hey.

  79. London says:

    New post

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