Good Triumphs Over Evil.

If this game were set in the age of chivalry then the Arsenal team coach would have arrived covered with beautiful banners and flowing pennants, all streaming in the wind. On board would be our heroic knights returning from doing battle in foreign lands. As they make their way down Ye Auld Holloway Road, it would be lined with fair maidens waving red and white handkerchiefs, as well as smiling children and grown men encouraging our noble knights to go forth and play the beautiful game in the honourable, entertaining way that it should be played.

By contrast, the Bolton team coach clad with shields and crests representing all that is dark, destructive and ruinous about football arrived; parked their bus in front of the goal, out got Fat Sam, Djouf et al and immediately set up their well rehearsed 4.5.1 formation in the hope of frustrating us, while poised to deploy their equally negative tactic of kicking lumps out of us.

This strategy lasted for 3 minutes before our most noble of Knights Sir Theo was played through; he raced to the by line before squaring to Sir Arshavin to score his first goal for the club. Celebration commenced. The forces of darkness had to abandon their defensive time wasting strategy but they didn’t stop their tactic of trying to kick lumps out of us.

Ok, I’m going to stop this now before it becomes irritating. Wenger fielded a team that was closer to what we wanted rather than what we expected. Such was the collective talent of Arshavin, Nasri and Walcott that we were treated to flashes of interplay that were reminiscent of the days when Henry, Pires and Bergkamp played together. And I don’t just mean the control; I mean fast counter attacks with the emphasis on fast, we haven’t seen those for a very long time.

Song was outstanding; he performed his duty of protecting the defence with the kind of composure that he has displayed for his country for some time: his passing was first class and his positioning equally as good. This man will not be needed to play every week but when the Bolton bullies turn up it is very useful to have someone as powerful as Song in our armoury.

Ok, jokes over, Blackburn had their chances towards the end of the first half, as well did we, most notably from Nasri who hit the bar from a brilliantly taken free kick but while it stayed at one nil we continued to be vulnerable to the sucker punch.

Wenger made some half time adjustments, moving Arshavin out to the left and Nasri into the middle. These changes had an immediate effect. The team started creating more chances each opportunity getting easier and easier and all falling to Bendtner who squandered every single one of them, the last being a howler.

In recent times Bendtner would have been booed but something very unusual happened in the ground: instead of getting on his back, the crowd started heartily singing his name as a way of lifting his spirits and encouraging him.

With the score still precarious at one nil Arshavin realised that something had to be done; picking up the ball on the left wing he weaved his way the goal line before turning towards the goal with Bendtner free on the penalty spot screaming for the ball Arshavin made the decision of the match: rather than pass to Bendtner to potentially squander he fired the ball from a ridiculous angle over the keeper to score. It was a great goal. But there is even more than great goals to this man, if there is such a thing: he has the speed of thought that is light years ahead of anyone else; there is only one perhaps two others at the club that come anywhere close: Fabregas and Rosicky; and, when those three finally take to the field we could see a quality of play to match the vintage years of 2003/4.

Bendtner and Walcott were replaced by Eboue and Diaby. It didn’t take long before the Russian dynamo was weaving his magic again this time in an attempt to get his hat trick he hit a thunderous shot, which Robinson could not hold, allowing Eboue, the goal machine as he is now known, to tap in the rebound.

Not long after, Arshavin had another chance to get his hat trick when we were awarded a penalty after Vela had been brought down. As Arshavin walked to pick up the ball it was snatched by Eboue who hastily put it on the spot. Arshavin turned to Wenger with his hands out as if to say what’s going on. Wenger was shouting at Eboue trying to ensure that Arshavin took the kick but Eboue refused to make eye contact and slotted it home to make it 4-0.

As Bendtner walked slowly off, the crowd got to their feet and applauded with conviction. Why? Because, we know the difference between someone who has tried and failed and someone who has shirked from their responsibilities. Bendtner missed five gilt edged chances but he never stopped trying and for that we salute our couragious knight, Sir Nikki.

Written by London

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  1. Big Raddy says:

    Excellent London. A most enjoyable read.

    I though the second half performance from our Knights was top drawer. As has been said, there is no consistency with this team, from Roma’s stuttering dullness to yesterday’s swagger.

    For me the difference was Theo. Inside one minute he showed why Ebway will be a perennial sub. His pace and close control frightened the atrocious B’burn.

    More after breakfast !!

  2. London says:

    Thanks Big Raddy

    I agree Theo’s pace changed everything.

  3. kelsey says:

    Morning all,
    interesting post London and perhaps I can give my own ratings and observations.Djouf should have had a straight red for the needless,reckless,near ankle breaking challenge on Almunia,and Pederson must win the award for the most blatant dive of the year,which went unpunished.Why oh why didn’t we buy AA in the summer,an experienced quality player,to lead by example,which has been sorely missed.his goal reminded me of a bergkamp goal against leicester.As you say we now have pace back with Theo,but I am going to hold my breadth every time he goes down,as he obviously doesn’t want to land on either shoulder,which is hard to do.Apparently AA had stitches in his leg at half time,but decided to play on,so hopefully he will be alright for the hull game.
    Almunia 7.5(much more assured than of late)
    Sagna 7.0(still good but not performing as well as he has done)
    Toure 8.00 (nearly back to his best)
    Djorou 6.5(made a few errors and to me wouldn’t be first choice if everyone was fit)
    Clichy 7.0 (still prone to defensive lapses and gibbs will press him hard soon)
    Denilson 7.5(looked competent)
    Song 8( what an improvement)
    Nasri 8.5 ( definitely a home player,will get better and better
    Walcott 8.00 (ran the full backs a merry dance,could make a huge difference to our season)
    Bedntner 5( not for me,he is no21 not 19, 5 league goals from 22 appearences,of which half were as subs,good all round play,but finishing is atrosious.
    Arshavin; 9( a class act, ajoy to watch)
    Eboue : 8 for scoring 2 from 3 efforts,his attacking positional play is good,but his finishing is something else.Most loved player in the squad,but his dancing is something else
    Vela and diaby,not fair to assess,though vela won us the penalty.

  4. avenell says:

    Morning London..
    Nice one buddy, didn’t expect to see this!

  5. avenell says:

    Morning Kelsey..

    Are you about London?..

  6. Big Raddy says:

    Exactly London.

    AA, Nasri and Theo’s pace , plus the hardworking Bendy, put B’burn on the backfoot. Forcing their midfield to support their defence, and thus giving space for Song and Denilson to have time. Neither are midfielders who can create their own space like Cesc.

    So the extra pace gives time for the whole team. That said, Blackburn were pants, a disgrace to football. No imagination, just muscle. Their main attacking thrust seemed to come from long throws. They are the new Stoke !

  7. Rasputin says:

    Morning Roadsters,

    Bloody good post London… I particularly liked the bit about us ‘knowing the difference between someone who has tried and failed etc.etc.’ That is exactly how I feel. Nik had a nightmare in front of goal, but his face showed his anguish everty time he missed and the rest of his game was very good. I hope in time he will gain composure – but mind you it is easy to be forgiving when you’re winning 😉 I’m still reeling from the quality of Song’s performance – his passing was quick, incisive and FORWARD!.

    AA can adopt the same status as DB in the fans hearts because he is a very rare footballer indeed – and also looks like a jolly good chap too. Did he run across to celebrate his goal with the other Lewin (is it Colin?)

  8. chaf says:

    Post was nearly enjoyable as the game. Nice one London. Or are you Lord London of London.

  9. chaf says:

    Apparantely, for the second goal, the Blackburn defender had to but a ticket to get back into the ground.

  10. Rasputin says:

    Maybe we should just address London as ‘The Lord Mayor’ in future 🙂

  11. Big Raddy says:

    Or “Boris” ?

  12. peachesgooner says:

    Smashing post London – especially now we actually played Blackburn 😆 xxxxx

  13. peachesgooner says:

    Raddy – nice to find another Theo admirer, I think we’ll see how much we’ve missed him in the next couple of weeks. He plays like an invincible, all twists and turns and swagger 🙂

  14. Rasputin says:

    Morning Peaches / Raddy,

    We’re all Theo admirers on here – you can’t claim him for yourselves 😆

  15. peachesgooner says:

    Gorgeous day so I can’t hang about here blogging. More Phormiums to cut back………yawn boring, catch up later 😆

  16. peachesgooner says:

    Rasp – I want him for myself…….oh and the Yummy one……is that being greedy 😆

    How are you, busy I expect……..what you doin’ blogging then……

  17. peachesgooner says:

    The Yummy One is Carlos Vela in case you didn’t know 😆

  18. Rasputin says:

    Yea, bloody customers are stopping me getting on with mi blogging….catch up later…don’t talk about me whilst I’m away 😉

  19. avenell says:

    Got to stop a quad.. 😉

  20. Big Raddy says:

    Sure was Peaches. I loved a bit in the second half…. Theo was just outside our box, had two thugs around him, did a little bit of magic, added some muscle and then sprinted away, leaving them looking like the ignorant, fouling Neanderthals they are. I can’t remember if there was any end-product to this, but… who cares !

    See you went with Franchise. Was it for protection? He has a fervent dislike of Nik, and yesterday must have seen him spitting feathers !!

  21. peachesgooner says:

    Yeeeeeeeeees Arshavins hat-trick came to me, no Eboue to get in the way 🙂

    Come on you spurs – I think is the rallying cry for today – gets kinda stuck in the throat though yuuuuk

  22. avenell says:

    What’s that rasp geezer like peaches? 😉

  23. avenell says:

    I wonder if jonjon’s a vicar.. he is never here on a sunday morning..

  24. peachesgooner says:

    Raddy – he was absolutely hilarious. You met him didn’t you when we went for a drink. He talks the whole time – more than me 🙂 – and shouts at the top of his voice. He engaged everyone around us – 5 rows in front and behind – with his rallying cry ‘Give the ball to Arshavin’

  25. peachesgooner says:

    He did give a bit of jovial abuse to Nik but he was just so excited about Arshavin that nothing else seemed to matter.

  26. Rasputin says:

    I’m still watching ave 😉

    Song for the day….Stand up if you love totnum…Stand up etc etc

  27. Big Raddy says:

    That is just plain wrong Rasputin

  28. Big Raddy says:

    Peaches. No I don’t think I met Franchise. Like to though – we have many a battle !

  29. London says:

    Read the beginning of the 6th paragraph peeps.

  30. London says:

    The big clue was: Big Sam and Djouf, come on get with the programme.

  31. London says:

    I cannot believe some people actually thought that I didn’t realise which team we played! Lol

    Made you think though. Heh

  32. avenell says:

    You old devil london.. I wasn’t sure I was just amazed it was on. 😉

  33. avenell says:

    have you checked my e mail? lol.

  34. Rasputin says:

    Blimey the ‘bard’ is referring back to his soliloquy…

    My cyber tongue is in my cyber cheek BigR as I’m sure you know 😉

  35. peachesgooner says:

    Sorry London 😳

  36. London says:

    Morning Ave

    I thought I would let you have a lie in.

  37. peachesgooner says:

    I didn’t want us all to look like cyber fools but I fear the joke is on the fair maiden 😦

  38. Big Raddy says:

    Could it be time to come out the closet Rasp ?

    I bet you have a picture of that gorgeous David Bentley on your office desk 😉

  39. Big Raddy says:

    Peaches. How do you do that embarrassed face? I use Firefox and the curser thing doesn’t work

  40. avenell says:

    Stop digging now garden designer.. 🙂

  41. peachesgooner says:

    its : oops : but closer together

  42. Rasputin says:

    Cripes – how did you know about the David Bentley effigy on my desk BigR? – I stick my drawing pins in it……..

  43. peachesgooner says:

    ……wasn’t me……..

  44. Big Raddy says:

    It was her Rasputin…. Peaches told me

  45. Big Raddy says:

    😳 OK I’m exaggerating, but Peaches did tell me that you had Spurs underpants….

  46. peachesgooner says:

    ……go on dig a deeper hole……..

  47. Rasputin says:

    Actually Raddy, I’ve had a very bad upset stomach for a week now so you could say that my pants have been full of ‘david bentley’ – sorry, too much detail!

  48. Big Raddy says:

    OK. I will say it …. just the once … promise…..

    Come on you Lillywhites.

    Couldn’t go the whole way ( a perennial problem 🙂 )

  49. Rasputin says:

    I seem to have put everyone off 😦

    I’m not going to go for a cheap hat-trick like Peaches……

  50. avenell says:

    Come on the 0-0 draw!! we can always catch Villa next week.. 😉

  51. Big Raddy says:

    I expect City to get a tonking today, but I thought that last week!!

  52. JonJon says:

    Hello all,

    great post london, really enjoyed it, cant remember the last time we played with such a high tempo, it was great to watch and it was great to read mate.

    i think the signing of arshavin is going to save our season, i know alot of fans were saying its going to take time for him to adapt but when you have the skill technique and brain you can change any team, but thats what splashing the cash signing proven quality gets you, key words-proven quality.

    hes already added that extra dimension to our squad that we have missed this season, pace close control and the ability to take players on and change the game by himself. hleb almost had it last year but his end product let him down, arshavin has all the ingrediants and when rosicky and cesc come back we’ll have one of the deadliest attacking lineups in europe.

    that finish yesterday just proved we have a confident player who isnt afraid to shoot instead of pass. greed is what we need. 😉

    makes you smile dont it.

  53. Big Raddy says:


  54. avenell says:

    How was church this morning jonjon, busy?

  55. JonJon says:

    mate i was up all night playing poker with a few pals, and watching football first over and over again. just woke up 😉

  56. JonJon says:

    spurs are winning….

  57. London says:

    Afternoon Jonjon

    Yep, high tempo, not a discription that we have been able to use in some time. And what’s more as you say with the return of others it is going to get quicker.

    The chavs seemed like a bunch of lumbering old men…there for the taking.

  58. JonJon says:

    you got that right london, chelsea dont concern me anymore one bit, they are fading and fading fast, they have no youngsters and roman may not spend again, chelseas time has been and gone.

  59. Rasputin says:

    Cheer up ave….if villa lose we will finish fourth (or higher), if they win today, it will be touch and go for us…..

  60. JonJon says:

    i want spuds to win if im honest, villa have games against manu liverpool and everton coming up i think and if we win our next three and they lose theirs we are out of sight i feel. that also has the added bonus that it lets us start to concentrate on the FA cup and CL without worrying about villa anymore. if we are still in them, which i fully believe we will be. 😉

  61. London says:

    It really is a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea. Would you prefer to finish fifth and spuds go down or would you prefer to finish forth and spuds stay up?

  62. peachesgooner says:

    rasp – you do know that villas next 2 fixtures are away to pool and then man u………

  63. JonJon says:

    thats a tough one london, when we were 7 points behind villa or whatever it was i was resigned to finishing 5th and spurs going down would of made it a successful season

    but now we are back in it i want us to stay there, so i dont mind a one off spurs win, besides, they have the rest of the season to muck it up, still plenty of time yet… i’ll allow them three points today. 😉

  64. peachesgooner says:

    London – I know you aren’t really talking to me but I’d like us to finish in the top 4 and spuds to go down 🙂

  65. JonJon says:

    that would be perfect peaches, add to that we win both the cups, stop the mancs from doing the quad and leave the bindippers and the chavs with sweet FA. 😉

  66. peachesgooner says:

    Thats the spirit JJ – someone told me villa were a goal up by mistake and I was driving along thnking ‘its much better if spuds lose any day’ 🙂

  67. Rasputin says:

    I know peaches…and you know that 3 of our last 4 games are tricky so we need a cushion of 6 points to avoid the jitters!

  68. peachesgooner says:

    You’re all heart JJ 😆

    Sounds like you had a good night, how many times did you watch our game?

  69. Rasputin says:

    ….and don’t forget, we will want to be resting players for the FA cup final and the CL final 😉

  70. peachesgooner says:

    Repeat after me

    Come on you sp**s
    Come on you sp**s

  71. JonJon says:

    thats my view on things rasp, we need villa to drop as many points as possible now so we can get out of sight ourselves before our tricky fixtures come up. dont forget we are still in two other comps and villa just have the PL to focus on, i think all things being well after the next 3 games we should be 9 points clear, that will suit me fine.

  72. Rasputin says:

    through the park lane
    with your plimsoles
    and yoour plastic flicknife
    through the park lane
    with me………

    Hands up anyone who remembers that circa 1970

  73. JonJon says:

    peaches, i watched it three times in a row and ive recorded it too, im watching it later. 😉 im cherishing this moment 😉

  74. JonJon says:

    abit before my time rasp. 😉

  75. peachesgooner says:

    A man after my own heart – we’ve been sadly lacking in saturday nights where we can indulge ourselves.

    I’ve still got the manu game – nasris goals and the ac milan game – cescs goal on sky+

  76. Rasputin says:

    Damn you JonJon 😳

  77. peachesgooner says:

    Rasp – have you ever been to the lane to watch us play?

  78. JonJon says:

    it makes the weekends sweeter doesnt it peaches??? so much sweeter.

    villa have

    luckypool a
    manure a
    everton h

    we have

    newcastle a
    manshitty h
    wigan a

    i telling ya we’ll be 9 points clear if villa lose today too.

    come on.

  79. JonJon says:

    sorry rasp, im a baby really, well not really a baby but anything before 79 is straight over my head. 😉

  80. London says:


    You are always welcome to join in any chat that I am involved in.

    I’m sure you can see the funny side of this morning, Ave sent me an email saying that you had phoned while he was still half asleep to say that I had made a mistake and he had to change the post, right away.It made me chuckle. I thought I would tease a few people, all good fun.

  81. JonJon says:

    i must admit i though it was a blooper london, until i read the paragraph where you said jokes over then the penny dropped and i had a giggle.

  82. peachesgooner says:

    Be still my beating heart 😆

  83. JonJon says:

    really good post again though mate, ive read it a couple of times now, it matches the game, i couldnt stop watching that either, 😉

  84. peachesgooner says:

    London – I am filled with remorse at spoiling your fun 😳

    Great post by the way, conjured up thoughts of an open-top victory parade 😆

  85. London says:

    OOhh Peaches. spuds away, that is my favourite game of the whole season. Tickets are like gold dust. I don’t always get one but when I do it’s always great. Last time I was there we lost 5-1 we sang at the top of our voices it only took you nine years. Although I prefer the statistic that they haven’t beaten us in the league this century or even better sounding, in a decade.

  86. London says:

    Peaches, you made my fun. Lol

  87. peachesgooner says:

    I’m so sorry – some bossy women just don’t know when to shut up. I’ll just get back to the washing-up then – you won’t hear a peep out of me. Bye 🙂

  88. Rasputin says:

    Don’t be ridiculous Peaches – that’s like asking the pope to attend a bar mitzvah ….. 😆

  89. JonJon says:

    2 nil spuds,

  90. peachesgooner says:


    I hate it when they do us a favour – they crow about it forever 🙂 Now I’d like it to be a draw, come on Villa – break their hearts

    See how fickle I am 😆

  91. Rasputin says:

    Even Darren Bent couldn’t miss from 6 inches…….

  92. JonJon says:

    darren bentdner has 15goals this season…………..

  93. peachesgooner says:

    Was it Dazza? The meditation must be working.

    Maybe Nikki should go too……..

  94. Rasputin says:

    Which would you prefer played for us JonJon? – I know the answers going to be neither 😉

  95. peachesgooner says:

    Thats cos hes very happy where he lives cos I planted the gardens 🙂

  96. Rasputin says:

    Poison Ivy and nettles I hope……..

  97. JonJon says:

    rasp how did you know?? 😉

  98. peachesgooner says:

    I don’t stoop that low!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. avenell says:

    Has there been a wordpress power cut?

  100. JonJon says:


  101. London says:

    I can’t watch spuds winning anymore. Any lingering doubt I may have had as to whether we are going to get at least forth has well and truly gone. Villa look like a spent force.

    Good old internationals: Heskey and Agbonlahor have never been the same since they played for England.

  102. JonJon says:

    if i could sum villas season up as a game, id say villa are the hard working side that give 150% for 70 mins then tire and the team with quality win the game in the remaining time.

    villa have lost their way and fourth is ours but i want security on it. i dont want villa anywhere near us when we play our last 5 games and it starts today.

  103. JonJon says:

    good news, rosicky will play against chelsea reserves on the 23rd march

  104. London says:

    Wow that is good news. I am a huge Rosicky fan.

  105. JonJon says:

    me too london, me too.

    hopefully, he’ll stay injury free and he’ll be back in the first team mid april.

    lets hope hes still the same player.

  106. avenell says:

    Thank god for that I thought jonjon gave everyone a heart attack.. 😉

    I remember some tossers wanted him sacked and we shouldn’t pay him.. Another row.. lol

  107. peachesgooner says:

    I can’t wait to see him play again – I think they should play him until he gets his next injury. I’m sure they could have played him between his various assorted injuries anyway.

  108. London says:

    Jonjon, where did you hear the Rosicky news?

  109. avenell says:

    I thought he only had one and they had to weld his tendon back onto his knee or something…. ouch. 😦

  110. avenell says:

    It’s on young guns.. london .. in case your not about jonjon..

  111. London says:

    I’m looking forward to reading the truth about what happened to him. I mean, I would like to know exactly what his injury was?

  112. peachesgooner says:

    ave – I thought you liked a bit of welding 🙂

  113. London says:

    Ave 6:20 bang on. It made my blood boil.

  114. rico01 says:

    I would rather Darren Bent than Nik 😉

    What a way to say Evening all 😉

  115. rico01 says:

    The only time i would give Thomas the sack is Christmas – i am sure we would all love him down our chimney;s 😉

    No way sack him, he is and will be again – awesome 🙂

  116. rico01 says:

    Oh dear – here I am and you all go 😦

  117. rico01 says:

    I love potatoes 😛

  118. avenell says:

    I’m here rico.. i’ve just finished work. I have got to pop out for half hour soon to run a transit back

  119. rico01 says:

    I must say, I thought that post was top draw, great read and no chance of Sir Nik ever becoming St Nik for a while me thinks – I must stop slating him, I will upset too many 😉

  120. rico01 says:

    Hi ave – hope you are well, great result today for us, ‘Arry is a Gooner after all then 😛

  121. avenell says:

    Funny you should say that rico.. stay tuned to this channel tomorrow morning.. lol

  122. avenell says:

    funny about sir nik.. not the post you interupted me with.. 😉

  123. rico01 says:

    Ah, I am a spooky old white witch ave – i will be here first thing then have a couple of hours out but definately back mid afternoon – busy day today and I think i have over done it! 😦

  124. avenell says:

    You haven’t been around the outlaws again I hope.. 🙂

    When we doing the “little red rooster” blog?..

  125. rico01 says:

    The big change for me is Song – he played really well yesterday, really well and Theo, well, I am a bit like Raddy, I think he is the brightest player in England for a while, and still a kid really. His pace and vision is superb. Yes sometimes his final ball lets him down, but bearing in mind he has been out for a long while, I think he has come back so much stronger – If Ade learns from Theo, we may see a very different Ade – Cesc must be gagging to play again, and Thomas… Well his return really excites me 😉

  126. rico01 says:

    No ave, that is tomorrow, it is their Anniversary ! 😦

    The rooster blog – please can i get some advice from you this week ?

    I will be back shortly, need to soak my old bones 😉

  127. avenell says:

    I’ll be back about 8.15.. just popping down the coop..

  128. avenell says:

    Don’t forget to take a cadbury’s flake..

    mmmm pervert… lol

  129. Big Raddy says:

    I would kill for a Cadbury’s Flake. ……

    Been a Spud for 93 minutes, and it felt like an eternity. No wonder they are all so retarded !

  130. rico01 says:

    Hi Raddy, have to admit, I was a spud fan this afternoon, good old ‘arry eh 😉

  131. rico01 says:

    ave – you are so so naughty 😉

  132. avenell says:

    I’m back .. thanks rico.. 😉

    So where are the spuds now? .. no chance of a europa super dooper cup place I hope..

  133. avenell says:

    only 4 points off 7th place.. 😦

  134. London says:

    That is very, very funny BR…93 minutes well done mate.

  135. London says:

    I don’t often laugh out loud when reading something but Big Raddy. Thank you.

  136. Big Raddy says:

    Ave. And only 6 points off relegation 😀

  137. London says:

    Do you think we would be pissed off with one of our players if he stole someone else’s goal 6 inches from the goal line. The dirty, dirty…. have you ever seen the Catherine Tate show when she is talking about food..Goat curry…goat….curry the dirty, dirty…..

    Garlic bread….garlic…garlic…bread.The dirty, dirty..

    I think that is enough red wine for tonight Lee

  138. avenell says:

    London have a quick e mail lol..

  139. avenell says:

    Sounds better when you put it like that Radders.. 🙂

  140. rico01 says:

    to be honest, i dont like spurs, but where they are in the league doesnt really interest me anymore – i am more concerned about us, the spuds really wont ever be to much of a threat to the EPL title, or to us 😛

  141. London says:

    Right back to ya, Ave.

  142. London says:


    How can you start a sentence like that and keep a straight face. It’s like the beginning of a joke. To be honest, I don’t like spurs… you had me howling at that.

  143. London says:

    Where’s Chaf

    I am sure he would see the funny side of this situation.

  144. rico01 says:

    London – 🙂 Just rying to say, I dont give a diddly doo for them, other than doing us a huge favour today 😛

  145. avenell says:

    I always tell my spud buddies there just irrelevant.. even if we beat them I never text them.. I just say there not important enough to be our rivals anymore.. lol

  146. London says:

    Rico, if I could hug you I would. I knew what you meant, It stuck me as funny. I’m in a mischevious mood.

    Damm that red wine.

  147. Big Raddy says:

    I agree London. I thought Rico was going to tell a joke.

    They haven’t been real rivals for 30 + years, but it doesn’t stop me laughing at them, and wishing them the worst.

    Having said that, I really missed them when they were in the 2nd Div 😀 😀

  148. avenell says:

    and I always admire ther support, because it must be hard to support and stay loyal to such an unsuccessful club.. 😉

  149. London says:


    That is a very interesting subject: how do you deal with your spud buddies. We all have them they are like… me, I can’t thing of anything.

  150. rico01 says:

    Well, I am glad I made you all chuckle 😉

    London – Red wine =Hangover, be afraid 😉

  151. avenell says:

    I just lure them into talking about football and they go into detail of how things are going then I just laugh at them.. 🙂

  152. London says:


    I practice.

  153. Big Raddy says:

    Me too London. Just getting to the bottom of a fine Barolo. What a shame….

  154. Big Raddy says:

    Ave. I do exactly the same 😉

  155. London says:

    Drinking, red wine that is, my second passion, only to you know what. I will tell you a secret sometimes they get very, very close.

  156. London says:

    Big Raddy

    Is wine noticably more expensive over there?

  157. rico01 says:

    ave – thats funny 😉

    London – good on you, keep on slurping, its good for you, especially the red stuff 😉

    Hey Raddy – remember we and DDM talked about cheese, I am just munching away at some M&S Cornish Crunch with S&P Kettle crisps – yummy yummy 😛

  158. rico01 says:


    Wine Vs Arsenal

    Can only be one winner – Arsenal 😉

    I just have this sneaky feeling though you may heve been talking about something else 😉

  159. London says:

    No Rico, there is no competition.

  160. peachesgooner says:

    Hey rico – did you have a nice day?

    I’m behind you on the wine chaps but the time has come………

  161. avenell says:

    Like to munch on some cornish crunch do ya.. lol..

    I’m on the tuborg raddy lol £2.50 for 4 bottles down the coop.. thought I would try one.. 🙂

  162. peachesgooner says:

    ……..cheers, to the potatoes and their well deserved win…….cough cough cough 🙂

  163. avenell says:

    Whoops.. lady in the house..

    Hello peaches.. 😳

  164. rico01 says:

    Hi peaches – a lovely day thanks, beautiful sunshine, and spring really is on its way – this must be a lovely time of the year for you workwise, we have been planting a few bulbs in the garden, tidying up and all between being pecked, its just so therapeutic..

    you had a good day too peaches ??

  165. peachesgooner says:

    Hi ave – we secured fourth place today, happy days 😆

  166. rico01 says:

    ave – ba****d, there are two ladies in the house !! 🙄

  167. Big Raddy says:

    No London. Thankfully the supermarkets use quality wines as the price points. So a good bottle of Italian Red costs about £7, which is great value. Especially considering a pint of beer costs the same !

    Tuborg, which is Danish costs more than dounble that in the Offies here Ave. A fine drink though…. best served very cold.

    Hi Peaches

  168. rico01 says:

    sorry ave, a bit naughty there 😦

  169. London says:

    We did, didn’t we Peaches? We secured forth place today. That was my reason for drinking that bottle of red. Lol

  170. peachesgooner says:

    I had a lovely day – when the sun shines I’m always happy. The singing daughter left for the states very early this morning so I cracked on and did loads in my garden.

  171. London says:

    Ave you are going to go ahead with that post aren’t you?
    It’s the right time and it’s the right idea.

  172. Big Raddy says:

    You need a reason London ? As long as a day has a ‘Y’ in it ……

  173. London says:

    I have to join my better half. A demain.

  174. peachesgooner says:

    London – a whole bottle! I can only do that if I’m really broken hearted………

  175. rico01 says:

    thats good peaches – hope all goeas really well for your daughter in the US, I am sure she will have a very very goood time, and become a super star 🙂

    Cornish crunch ave – its the mutts nutts 😉

  176. peachesgooner says:

    oops Hi Raddy

  177. rico01 says:

    Guess that was a no then Raddy

  178. Big Raddy says:

    Hi & bye Peaches. Sover godt

  179. avenell says:

    Sorry all jumped in the bath..

    I deserve it rico.. no probs.

    Yes london just a need a juggle about..

    Not sure about secured.. everton are still knocking peaches..

  180. Big Raddy says:

    Rico. A very good night to you and sover godt ogsa. (sleep well too)

  181. peachesgooner says:

    Thanks rico, she’ll have a good time thats for sure but as she insists that she doesn’t want them to be superstars they’ll carry on grafting away for grafting sake.

    Good thing she left before she saw the front cover on the Guardian Music Monthly because it featured Adele who supported Peggysue on a tour a couple of years ago.

  182. rico01 says:

    Nighty night to you too Raddy

  183. peachesgooner says:

    Are you all going to bed now?

  184. avenell says:

    That’s a nice offer.. 😉

    Rico what the **** is a cornish crunch?

  185. peachesgooner says:

    Night night Raddy

    I’m watching ch4 – deperate housewives – and that Honda advert is on, you know the one with the Andy Wlliams track and the guy doing all the speed stuff…….

  186. rico01 says:

    ave – its the best cheese ever, mature cheddar with a crunch in it 😛

    Off to watch Wild at Heart – catch you tomorrow guys and gals – sleep safe and well 🙂

  187. peachesgooner says:

    Night night rico – catch up tmoro. More footie on tuesday 😆

  188. rico01 says:

    Yes peaches – a whipping for the Hull boys –

    Night night peaches, sleep well

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