When Wenger Talks the World Listens!

If anyone had any doubt over the standing of Arsene Wenger in football just have a look in the newspapers and all over the internet. The only problem is the papers twist his quotes to make more headlines and controversy, for instance..

This is what Mr Wenger was quoted as saying   “Sometimes I feel Manchester United get too much protection”….

But he actually said   “Sometimes I feel Manchester United get too much protection and sometimes they don’t get enough” …

It’s like that party game Chinese Whispers.

On Talk Sport this morning Alan Brazil was having a Adrian Durham day, “ooh pelters”,  “why don’t Wenger shut up Henry was arrogant”, “I have nothing against Arsenal but calling Ronaldo arrogant”  “ooh the tube, send your tecks in” .   The only person who agrees with Arsene is “ol red nose”   Ferguson said: “What Arsene said is that it sometimes appears as though there is an arrogance (with Ronaldo) and I can understand what he is saying”.

The other thing Mr Wenger would like to see is a longer ban for some of these X rated tackles that have crept into the game recently, up to 10 games. Is that such a stupid idea when a players career could end and the perpetrator could get off with a 3 match ban or as little as a yellow card. I suppose it reflects the real world.

It’s just a short rant from me tonight as there will be a pre match post coming up in time for Sunday. I have heard that Kolo is out with a calf problem but Mr Gallas is back so we should be fine.

A big up for the youth team last night as a 3-1 win over the Spuds is great at any level, it should keep us in good stead for the future.


104 Responses to When Wenger Talks the World Listens!

  1. rico01 says:

    Ave – i am cross now, no-one will see that i am part of an old African Tribe, fondly know as

    Wherethefuckareweall Tribe 😉

  2. rico01 says:

    Wheeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Heeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy

    First and second 😛

  3. avenell says:

    King avenell the III..

  4. rico01 says:

    Ave – bloody good post – and I agree, and good for ‘ol red nose to ‘say whay you see’ its good, but its not right 😉

  5. London says:

    Good evening Rico, I hope you are well

    Nice one Ave, I like the title. I’ve got another one for you that I am just polishing off. It’s another that can go any time. Out for a meal with friends tonight so hasta mañana.

  6. JonJon says:

    hello all,

    wenger has got a point, whenyour a flair player u need that certain amount of arrogance, its part of your make up. when your a flair player your more prone to getting a good kicking because you piss off the oppenant by making them look amatuer all game .

    but the media and other teams fans always see wenger as a moaner,

    for example, a liverpool fan at work today was chatting to me what wenger said, he said that wenger needs to shut up and concentrate on his own team and not talk about other teams players getting sent off for bad tackles, like nolan, he then went on to say that wengers red card record with us was unreal, and that he had no room to talk, and this season he said that at least other teams get their players sent of for tackling, which is part of the game, and not for back chat and petulance like our players do, (eboue)

    i replied that weve had the same manager for 12 years so of corse the red cards where going to build up, and i also mentioned if gerrard was given a yellow card for every time he simulated a foul, or if carragher got booked for every penalty he gets away with they would have a worse count than us.

    he shut the fuck up,…… nobody slags off my team except me…. 😉

  7. avenell says:

    Have a nice night London!

    Hi jonjon. I had a mental block today, don’t forget the sat night/sun morning one is yours buddy. I just thought we should fill the gap..

    raifs got a new post up!! press the cellblog79 button in the widgets on the side for a link!!

  8. rico01 says:

    London – i am good thanks, you ?

    did you like my tribe 😳 I am fishing

  9. avenell says:

    I would have laughed rico, but someone posted it on a previous post.. 😉

  10. rico01 says:

    Hi JJ – hope you are good

    I love Arsene 😉

  11. JonJon says:

    i know buddy, i cant believe sometimes how fans always jump on us, i hope liverpool drop so far behind they cant see manu.

    benitez interview at xmas was worse, i hope they finish behind us. gits

  12. rico01 says:

    You are an old git ave 😛

    I got first on raif’s post…. Ages ago ave 😛

  13. avenell says:

    Got any more rico?.. 🙂

  14. JonJon says:

    im good rico, yourself,

    arsenes the man when it comes to football talk and innovation to the game, hes full of ideas, blatter and platini should listen to him, the game would be so much better if wenger was president, OMG, have i unearthed wengers next job ????

  15. rico01 says:

    I am telling the truth now – if we dont win trophies, i always want Manure to win them, unless its CL then any other Euro team gets my vote. Old Red nose is a great manager, they play footie that is good to watch and its so much better now that he and Aresene are having an affair 😉

    I hate Dippers, Chelski and… and …. and everyone else. the only other team to win the PL for me would be Reading 😉

  16. avenell says:

    Rico I only said that because I just posted over raifs link.. not for you!! old git.. bloody lovely that is.. 🙂

  17. rico01 says:

    Off for dindins 😉

  18. rico01 says:

    ave – I know, i love pulling your (answers on a postcard please) LEG 😉

  19. JonJon says:

    i have a soft spot for everton, my dad looks like neville southall so i used to keep an eye out for their results, plus my grandad hated liverpool, and always wanted everton to beat them when the derbys where on in the mid eighties, everton had a great team, they were the best on merseyside, pops loved it, hated pool with a passion, not as much as spurs but really wanted them beaten every game.

    if we werent to win the league my choice would be the toffees, plus i think moyes is the most underrated manager in the PL.

  20. avenell says:

    Nice offer! 😉 What’s for dinner Rico?

  21. avenell says:

    I liked Everton in the eighties, until they signed that tosser andy gray.. early shearer type.
    I always liked there ground because it was like a blue highbury..

  22. JonJon says:

    haha blue highbury, nice ave,

    ive got to go for a while, i havent been home long from work and i need a bath and some food,

    i just wanted to share my experince of listening to a liverpool fan chat utter tripe with you all. 😉

  23. rico01 says:

    JJ – I loved Z-Cars, so thats a good thing for the Toffees for me 😉

    ave – spag and a tomato/basil/chilli/garlic sauce, with peppers and onion 🙂 Very hot 🙂

    Catch you in a while Roadsters…………

  24. avenell says:

    I bet you had a Zepher 6 as your first car rico. lol

    Don’t put your head under your duvet in the morning.. 🙂

  25. London says:


    Just a thought before I leave, your last sentence in your 6:40 is the beginnings of a post.

  26. avenell says:

    There’s a rosicky one in drafts that can go with that London..

  27. Big Raddy says:

    I have (had) a soft spot for Man City. I guess it was because of the Colin Bell, Franny Lee era. But as Rico says, given the choice of the Chavs, ‘Dippers or ManU, I go for MU – they play great football, and have brilliant players.

    But my real second team is Barnet. I had a standing season ticket there for years. They were better before they turned pro.

  28. rico01 says:

    Evening Raddy, those players were so good, Franny Lee was such a tiddler I think, but a great player..

    I guess we never lose sight of the team we watched when we were young, and i think thats a good thing

    Guys and Gals – I have been summoned, no not that, but just to switch my laptop off… I always do as i am told so, Nighty Night, sleep tight

    thanks ave, JJ, London and all those who have started and brought on Avenell Road – its fab 😛

  29. rico01 says:

    avenell – you are so naughty 😉

  30. peachesgooner says:

    Thats it I’m gonna have to get a blackberry!

    I’ve been out and about all day with no time to catch up – not that its been tooooooo busy I see.

    Hope everyone is well and looking forward to sunday. Arsene says that Theo will be in the squad and possible Dudu. Def Gibbs will play on the left, so clichy gets a rest. Eboue on the right so sagna gets a rest??????? Oooooh we’ll have to see.

  31. avenell says:

    Hi peaches.. how did it go today?

  32. avenell says:

    Oh and rico.. you have helped as much as anyone on avenell road.. more than you know.. x 😉

  33. peachesgooner says:

    ave – my grandma, who is a bit of a dame had a wonderful time. She was posing for the photographers and it made me realise what a really amazing achievement it was. The Queen sent a very nice man, very well spoken, in uniform with white gloves to make a real fuss of her. She was so delighted. She got a card from the queen and a teleprinted message.

    On sunday there wil be a big tea party at the place where she lives. I am one of 5 grandchildren and she has 12 great grand-children plus all the other residents and some of their families will be there too. Not the Gooners of cos they’ll be able to watch the game – I’ll be the only Gooner 😦

    I’ve had to sell my tickets to someone else and not go to the game. I’m gutted. Never mind, its just one game and I’ve made sure that I have texts sent to me.

    I’m just gonna email you a question xx

  34. chaf says:

    Good evening
    I was surprised at the amount of managers agreeing with Mr Wenger today. Some tackles should be looked at, especially the one on Scott Parker, who writhed like a Uruguayan. That should be looked at again and again. Its karma coming round as he took out two of our players during the year, and it was possibly the worst play acting by an English player I’ve ever seen. Maybe except for that Derby player in the seventies. I watched Malcolm McDonald on Arse TV tonight and re evaluated him, very honest man. If bandy….

  35. avenell says:

    Evening chaf.

    I went to malcolm mcdonalds last game for arsenal, he came back from injury as a sub and scored but the ref disallowed the goal sadly.
    He always seems to get dragged up for the arsenal v newcastle games, but always sides with the geordies. do you remember him on superstars doing the 100m?

  36. avenell says:

    peaches .. this country does the odd thing right, not a lot of things, but that sounds nice.
    email me the pics !!

  37. chaf says:

    Re Malcom McDonad
    He said he got injured half way through the season and Terry Neil kept getting him to put off his operation until they went out of the cup, which happened at Wembley, as we know. That ruined his career. But yeah he does side with the geordies, but he works up there on the radio. I can’t remember much about Superstars except when someone fell over doing the 100 metres, and they were caning it..

  38. avenell says:

    You may be getting mixed up with kevin keegan on superstars in the bike race.. he fell off in his shorts.
    I’ll dig out the you tube clip!

    What sort of blog was you intending to do mate?

  39. chaf says:

    I’ve been an Arsenal fan since the mid 60’s. I’ve had a season ticket since 1988, when it started to become necessary. I’ve had my highs and lows, and I think that over the last few years I’ve been so high its become difficult to except what, or rather how, our situation has happened. Maybe its David Dein going, maybe its because we’re paying for the Emirates, but I feel we’ve only been playing for third or fourth place for the last four years, I just want to vent a bit of angst with like minded people who won’t answer me in ‘Caribney’ mock jamaican text talk, if you know what I mean. Just to be on a site with someone called Raddy is magnificent, as he was my first hero. Thats probably what I’d like to say!!

  40. chaf says:

    Keegan! A man that can’t manage a bike should never have managed anything else

  41. avenell says:

    As far as I am aware the bloggers on this site range from 27 upwards to nearly 60.
    one is a friend of george graham another walks in the park and chats to frank mclintock.
    My partners family is friends with bob wilson.
    We all share slightly different views. I don’t think much of DD for instance as he has caused a lot of the mess a boardroom level, but it’s only an opinion.
    I went to my first game in 71″ during the double year.
    If you keep reading and blogging with us, I am prepared to have the odd guest writer do a post if that interests you in the future.
    Or if you need any help with a blog i can always help. the problem is there are 1500 arsenal blogs out there and it takes a lot of time up.

  42. avenell says:

    I should have been a salesman lol..

  43. chaf says:

    Yeah to be honest I don’t know much about behind the scenes, and I can imagine DD could be a pest. I am more than happy to keep reading and commenting, as they say ‘Samaritans are engaged’. I do have a funny story about the 1989 year, as I got married the day after, into a Spurs family, and the reception was at Martin Chivers hotel, and he was the host that day! My bridesmaid was Billy McCullough’s daughter as well!! Happy days, thanks for this site, its great mate.

  44. avenell says:

    Your welcome .. we are going to expand it soon but still keep it friendly.

    That sounds like a good story to have when we don’t have a midweek game or in the close season.

    I am of to bed now as some idiot bought some work in for tomorrow, so laters buddy.

  45. rico01 says:

    Morning all, jsut popped in to say hello, as I have to go out for a couple of hours

    peaches – so glad the day went so well yesterday, you all must be so proud of your grandma 😛

    ketchup later

  46. avenell says:

    Morning roadsters.

    have a fun day! I will pop in and out if you are around.

  47. London says:

    Good morning roadsters and roadsterettes.

  48. peachesgooner says:

    Morning roadsters

    Hope we are all well.

    I know we all have differing views of the extent of Wengers current madness – playing Song and Eboue, playing players out of position, not playing players that seem to have more to offer but I was thrilled to read an article in The Times – another thing that we all have differing views about – about how the footballing world has so much to thank Arsene Wenger for.

    We basically just want our team to be successful, challenge for all the trophies out there and stop making us unhappy. You all know how optimistic I am, its not over till its over in my book. Reading how Wengerball has added so much to so many peoples appreciation of football has made my glass more than half full this morning.

    I want Arsene Wenger to be our manager forever 😆

  49. peachesgooner says:

    shhhhhh don’t tell anyone but its Raddys birthday 😆

  50. Big Raddy says:

    Thought I would find you here 🙂

  51. peachesgooner says:

    You sneaky thing, I thought you’d be discussing buses for a while longer – whats your birthday plans?

  52. avenell says:

    Happy birthday radders!!!

    wrighty said to say hello the other night too, and send his regards.

  53. peachesgooner says:

    …..and you got in the way of my hat-trick.

    Its a gorgeous day here and I have work to do in my garden – seems like it may be my garden for a while longer so I’d better keep it nice.

  54. peachesgooner says:

    Morning ave – do you want to come to the chelsea game?

  55. Big Raddy says:

    Already had part of my present 😉

    Then may go to Copenhagen Zoo for lunch – it is a Danish tradition. Then out for dinner with friends. Looking forward to it.

    It is amazing how our generation has witnessed such a diaspora. I have had calls/emails from all over the world this morning. Very humbling…

  56. Big Raddy says:

    And I agree about AW. I would like him to stay manager for as long as he wants the job. He is just the very best, and no-one IMO could repeat what he has done for the Arse. The kids calling for his head have no idea of how boring we were, even when we won trophies under GG.

    Song and EE would have been a real bonus to a team that boasted a midfield of Morrow, Selley, Jensen, Hillier, McGoldrick, etc etc

  57. peachesgooner says:

    ….thats nice for you ………….birthdays become so stress-free as you get older don’t they…..hope you have a lovely day 😆

  58. peachesgooner says:

    I can’t quite get my head around Song and EE being a bonus, I’ll have to bow to your greater knowledge.

    Funny, I wrote my comment after I read my newspaper and hadn’t checked any other blogs for their comment of the day. Rasp’ll give me a roasting no doubt, still the optimists keep the fun going I reckon 🙂

  59. peachesgooner says:

    I’m off to play in the sunshine, catch up later xx

  60. peachesgooner says:

    Ave – chelsea is saturday May 9th and I know I have access to an extra ticket cos my season ticket share in on holiday. I’ll be getting tickets for me and a friend anyway and can ask for that one too. Let me know.

    I’m really off now xx

    Maybe I got a hat-triiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick

  61. peachesgooner says:

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees 😆 😆 😆

  62. London says:

    Morning Peaches

    Do you have a link for that Song, Eboue, Times article?

  63. London says:

    Thanks Ave

  64. avenell says:

    London I have just emailed you but I forgot to say I haven’t read your draft but I flicked through. I will read it in more detail later. Good idea for an article lol..

  65. avenell says:

    Peaches.. thanks for such a kind offer, I am going to talk to nita about it.

  66. rico01 says:

    Afternoon all, Happy Birthday Raddy, hope you have a fab day and get spoilt rotten 🙂

  67. kelsey says:

    avenell garden suburb 🙂

  68. kelsey says:

    Football will never cease to amaze me.last week St.Mirren let in 7 against Celtic, and today they beat Celtic to get into the semi-final of the cup.their first victory over them in 47 years.

  69. kelsey says:

    give you a clue,I am over 27 😉

    do you remember when Bob Wilson used to host Grandstand.He interviewed my wife,as was the tradition in those days,though i never got the connection.

  70. kelsey says:


    I think a good name for ou would be “The Fugitive” and for me “stroller”

  71. rico01 says:

    Football never ceases to amaze me either kelsey, why would 22 grown men choose to run around for 90 minutes chasing a bag of air ?? 😉

  72. kelsey says:

    Well at least you are getting a few more hits,boys on a nothing saturday

  73. kelsey says:

    there you are.A statistic for you ” ball in play averages 46 minutes a game “

  74. rico01 says:

    except when Song plays kelsey – 😉

  75. avenell says:

    I remember Bob on grandstand, I don’t quite understand the tradition bit.. your wife or GG’s wife? ..

    I’m having a hard day go easy on me lol..

  76. avenell says:

    Kelsey via email if you want.. I just thought about it a bit more..

  77. rico01 says:

    I think I may as well get on with my chores, hope to catch you all tomorrow – be good

  78. avenell says:

    Tomorrow ??? I hope you mean later .. 😦

  79. rico01 says:

    ave – i am having a blog free saturday night, watchinh Judge John Deed 😉

    You all have a good eveing 😛

  80. rico01 says:

    ave – you recall i said i have loads of ‘stuff’ to get done ? Well I have finished 😛 And tonight a little drinkie may be consumed 😉

  81. avenell says:

    I’m here with judge jonjon 🙂

    So your fed up with avenell road, okay I can handle it.. 😉

    You have a nice night.. x

  82. avenell says:

    and well done! 🙂

  83. rico01 says:

    No i am not, honest, just a muddled head and need a beverage 😉 and i dont want to make an idiot out of myself when blogging under the influence 😉

    Judge Jonjon – thats funny 🙂

  84. rico01 says:

    thanks ave 🙂

  85. kelsey says:

    just e mailed you twice, avenell

  86. London says:

    Ahhh Kelsey, The Fugitive I get it. It took me ages to work that out. Lol

  87. avenell says:

    No worries London!

    Who’s playing today anyone of importance?

  88. London says:

    When it rains it pours. I watch football with three friends, have done for years. Occasionally one of them can’t go which gives me an opportunity to take one of my two sons. Tomorrow all three of my friends can’t make it, so I’m taking both sons and my wife. That’s this year’s holiday taken care of. Lol

  89. kelsey says:

    spurs still losing 1-0.ronaldo doesn’t start today for Man U

  90. kelsey says:

    fuck it 1-1

  91. avenell says:

    C’mon then Fulham..

  92. avenell says:

    Peaches are you about? .. let me know the history of propergander and I’ll stick it in raifs terms lol..

  93. peachesgooner says:

    It was last monday I think – d’you want me to see if I can find it, during late afternoon?

  94. avenell says:

    I’ll look was it raifs by any chance then? lol

  95. peachesgooner says:

    March 2nd 3.25pm raifs comment 😆

  96. avenell says:

    Okay.. I got it.. raifs the best.. have you read cellblog 79?

  97. kelsey says:

    100 comments has a nice ring to it.I am going for a 2 goal difference win today.3-1 or 2-0.My mind is half on Roma,so perhaps AW will have that in mind.

    Burnley will come at us and a bit like WBA they are vunerable in defence,and it would be nice to see nic bury one today.

  98. London says:

    I with you Kelsey, although I don’t think we will be quite as scrappy in the defence or the mid field as we were against West Brom, yes, 2-0. What is your guess at Wenger’s team selection?

  99. avenell says:

    Morning Roadsters..

    Where is everyone?

  100. Rasputin says:

    Morning ave, roadsters one and all……..

    I hope to see Theo make an appearance today and terrify their back four. Arshavin to get his first goal and boy wonder to continue his scoring spree!

  101. avenell says:

    Morning Rasputin..

    New Post press your home page!!!!

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