Come In Number 27 Your Time Is Up!!

February 9, 2009

Well what can be said of Eboue that hasn’t been said. He shouldn’t be seen in an Arsenal shirt again. I tried as did many others at the start of the season to try to like him, but he has gone too far this time. 

                                                                                                 emmanuel-eboue-120x120-en1                                                                                                                          Sorry Arsene this is one experiment that you need to give up on, EE must be sold, it has got to the stage where you are flogging a dead horse, if the referee had of given him that goal yesterday his Arsenal career could have had one last chance, I am now starting to feel sorry for the guy now because of the torture Mr Wenger is putting him through.. Cash in or just let him go!!

Onto yesterdays match.. We was all disappointed because we all wanted to beat them spuds so much, but judging by the lack of text messages from the spuds that I know, they were disappointed more than us, The “homecoming” of there Dipper reject Keane and against 10 men.

The game went as usual the Spuds getting out of the traps first with there wild football, then the class of Arsenal started to tell. We started to create chances. The best of which unbelievably Eboue scored. Then for some reason I have still to be convinced of why the goal was disallowed, Eboue got a pat on the back from the ref and this started the beginning of the end for Eboue.

He talked his way into his first booking, then a kick out on rat face and he was off,  this was just after Ade went off, we now had our no 4 striker on and the chance of seeing Arshavin later on in the game was gone..

We just battled our way through the second half but we needed that extra player.

Almunia…8…. Superb performance today, saved a few decent shots and punched some crosses well clear of his area. His kicking deserves some credit too, far better than the Mad German he replaced.

Sagna……7.5….. Good battling display from him considering it was the player in front of him that got dismissed, done well to get forward as much as he did.

Toure…..6.5… Played okay and with his usual heart but his clearances, and marking need to be tightened up.

Gallas…. 7….   Very solid, he cleared up behind, Clichy when Lennon was giving him a roasting, hardly noticed him really, that’s a compliment.

Clichy…. 6.5…. He is as mad as they come, all heart and running , but Lennon had the better of him on more occasions than normal, luckily Lennon cannot cross a ball.  Looked a bit rough when he walked off, hope he is okay!

Eboue… 1.5.. Sorry mate your Arsenal career is over…

Denilson..6.5… Had his usual battling game, need to put on some weight for a player who is 5′ 11″ get thrown about too easily. He will look better with more quality around him. All good experience though.

Song…. 7.5… Lost the ball on several occasions but heh he isn’t the first player ever to lose the odd ball. Some surprisingly good penetrating passes and shielded the defence very well in the second half.

Narsi….  7.5..   Our brightest attacking spark today, looks better in the middle and I like that little nasty streak he has in him.

RvP…. 6.5.. Not his best game, but he had to work far harder than he would like as he and Bendtner had to drop into midfield area’s when we went down to 10 men.

Adebayor…. 4.. He got a 2 for not getting sent off and the other 2 for going off injured, that was the best thing that he done all game.

Sub.. Bendtner.. 7.. Played pretty well, tries to be a bit of a Georgie Best but he is too tall for that, needs to win more headers and use his height and strength more. but not a bad performance..

Manager.. 5…Mr Wenger obe…  Nearly pulled off a masterstroke with Eboue but it backfired big time.. needs to trust the players like Vela and the like more..

As they say.. Things can only get better and I am sure they will. Bring on Cardiff!!

Some real sad news coming out of Australia this morning. My thoughts are with you guys over there!


Let’s Get Mad, Not Even!

February 7, 2009


Today is or used to be the best day of the year to be a Gooner. Back in the day of Thierry, Dennis and Bobby we knew we would beat the Spud’s. They used to try to win but deep down there was a mental block and they just could not.

But now we have gone back to the Georgie Graham days when  it was tit for tat, honours even.  Recently  the Spuds have been able to make DVD’s of there historic win against our reserves and there greatest triumph a draw. So it’s payback time send the marshlanders back down to where they went in the seventies.

Talking of which ..

Well we can dream, I have a sneaking feeling that we may nick this one 2-0 with a RvP goal and one coming from an unlikly source.  Song or Eboue cult hero’s in the making.

Liverpool and Villa both won so we need this to keep our season alive, it’s better to keep up now than do the chasing later on.

“C’mon you rip roaring reds!! “

Can the AA man recover Arsenals season?

February 3, 2009

Arsenal’s season has broken down, so who is going to rescue us? Mr Wenger obe has called in the AA, not the Automobile Association. The emergency service known as Andrei Arshavin, he cannot help us in the main drag that is the Champions League but the feel good factor that he will bring will boost our confidence and get us over that little problem. But we will be happy with the FA cup, a Champions League place and see how far we can go in the  CL.


What an agonizing couple of days this has been and I only hope that he is going to be worth the wait. We have just bought the 7th best player in the world for under £15 million pounds.

We can thank the spuds for contributing to half of that with the monies from the David Bentley deal.. Thanks ENIC International!!

Here is an excuse to tell you of our links with the AA and why our away kit is yellow. The link comes from The Fifth Earl of Lonsdale Hugh Lowther known as the Yellow Earl. An eccentric who drove around in a yellow Rolls Royce with an extending roof to allow for his top hat. It was in the 1930’s became chairman of Arsenal and the yellow kit was a tribute to him.

200px-5thearloflonsdale2                                paul_weller_wears_lonsdale_boxing2                                                        

He also founded that boxing company of the same name as his. the one whose logo we all had on our shirts in 1980 thanks to Mr Weller. Also the Lonsdale cigar size, was named after him.

So now we have Mr Tommy Gun starting to train and jog as well, this is a £20 million pound player that Mr Wenger got as a bargain too, if any other club apart from us lost such a good player the media would be making up excuse after excuse like when J “super  hero” T was out for a month or two.

We can then have RvP up front then the AA man in the Bergkamp roll, with Rosicky, Cesc and Nasri playing total Wengerball with er.. Song as the holding player or even better, get Appiah like the rumour going around this lunchtime.

Will the AA man play on Sunday? your thoughts..

We hate Alan Shearer

February 1, 2009

Last night, I couldn’t bring myself to watch the Arsenal game on Football First, I had already watched most of it on a stream and it felt like I had watched the same game for the last 5 months anyway.
But I couldn’t resist it, I thought just watch the highlights on MOTD.
As usual I had to sit and watch every other game before the Arsenal game was shown.
After about three minutes the Arsenal game was over no analysis which is not a major problem as Hanson and Shearer are serial Arsenal haters anyway.
One of the games I watched was the Fulham v Portsmouth game. Not a bad game to watch and both teams had there chances in the first twenty minutes of the game, it could have gone either way. But as you know it ended 3-1 to Fulham.      


After the game one of our heroes big Tone was interviewed and like the great man he is never shirked the questions but he was obviously under a lot of pressure.

Anyway back to the studio, I cannot remember the exact words but the way Alan ” I have never been a manager” Shearer talked about Tony Adams’s position as manager of Portsmouth was disgusting, he had a smirk on his face on every comment and his one liners were just putting the boot in.

I remember Shearer stamping on Tony Adams many years ago I don’t know what year, It was near the corner flag and the referee missed it and it so got put in front of the FA but they threw  it out because Shearer was England captain at the time.

Oh can I wait for that geordie tosser to become manager of Newcastle.

On to yesterdays game, what a bore feast that was.

I haven’t done any player ratings (if someone wants to, I can stick them in later), We may as well use the same ones as jonjon used on Fridays post, apart from the only real highlight from Wednesday RVP was left on the bench.

Oh Mr Arsene why, oh why?  One theory is he was on 4 yellows and if he got another he would miss the Spud game. Well that backfired as we lost 2 points yesterday by not playing him, it was like he was banned for one game anyway, sometimes Arsene, sometimes.

Nasri is starting to look like the only other  player coming out of the season with any real credit, it’s just a pity that he is the only one who is capable of breaking into the opponents penalty area in a forwards direction.

Mr wenger is also moaning that every team keeps coming to the Emirates and defending, perhaps he should look no further than our style of play. We just keep the ball passing sideways, what are the other teams supposed to do run down our end of the pitch and let us walk it in.

We are suffocating the play if we played deeper we would have space to run into but we don’t break with any pace anymore.

The only good piece of news is that the £47 tickets for the Spud game next week were sold to Arsenal fans for £37 because of a administrative cock up and the Spuds want there tenner back. ha ha don’t forget to wave your tenners at the spuds next Sunday.