Can the AA man recover Arsenals season?

Arsenal’s season has broken down, so who is going to rescue us? Mr Wenger obe has called in the AA, not the Automobile Association. The emergency service known as Andrei Arshavin, he cannot help us in the main drag that is the Champions League but the feel good factor that he will bring will boost our confidence and get us over that little problem. But we will be happy with the FA cup, a Champions League place and see how far we can go in the  CL.


What an agonizing couple of days this has been and I only hope that he is going to be worth the wait. We have just bought the 7th best player in the world for under £15 million pounds.

We can thank the spuds for contributing to half of that with the monies from the David Bentley deal.. Thanks ENIC International!!

Here is an excuse to tell you of our links with the AA and why our away kit is yellow. The link comes from The Fifth Earl of Lonsdale Hugh Lowther known as the Yellow Earl. An eccentric who drove around in a yellow Rolls Royce with an extending roof to allow for his top hat. It was in the 1930’s became chairman of Arsenal and the yellow kit was a tribute to him.

200px-5thearloflonsdale2                                paul_weller_wears_lonsdale_boxing2                                                        

He also founded that boxing company of the same name as his. the one whose logo we all had on our shirts in 1980 thanks to Mr Weller. Also the Lonsdale cigar size, was named after him.

So now we have Mr Tommy Gun starting to train and jog as well, this is a £20 million pound player that Mr Wenger got as a bargain too, if any other club apart from us lost such a good player the media would be making up excuse after excuse like when J “super  hero” T was out for a month or two.

We can then have RvP up front then the AA man in the Bergkamp roll, with Rosicky, Cesc and Nasri playing total Wengerball with er.. Song as the holding player or even better, get Appiah like the rumour going around this lunchtime.

Will the AA man play on Sunday? your thoughts..


373 Responses to Can the AA man recover Arsenals season?

  1. JonJon says:

    bonjour, nice one ave mate

    did you see the interview with AA on sky, his english is decent already, do you think hes been practicing a while, he said hes been a gooner for a while.

  2. raif says:

    his English isnt bad. he will pick it up fast

  3. avenell says:

    Добрый вечер jonjon. хорошая новость о Аршавин.
    Мы получили, что о праве.

  4. raif says:

    hahaha Russian

  5. JonJon says:

    haha ave, its like that fliptext thing???

    what did you say???

  6. avenell says:

    Just got your email raif.. thanks a lot mate I will have a go at that later or tomorrow.

    JJ are you there?

  7. raif says:

    Ave did you check my Blog? LOL..

  8. avenell says:

    Good evening jonjon. great news about arshavin.
    We got that about right.

  9. avenell says:

    I tried raif but you are linked to your you tube .. I’ll have a look now.

  10. JonJon says:

    yeah mate, i feeling good now,

    see what a new signing does to everyone, every gooner is happy, we are 5th and we are happy, all thanks to one man

    it must have the same effect on some of the players???

  11. avenell says:

    Where have you been? I sent an email 2 days ago and another yeterday.

  12. JonJon says:

    sorry mate, laptops been down, got a shiney new one. haha’

    ill check my emails mate.

  13. which new laptop you get jonjon?

    that dell XPS jobbie looks the bizzo, tempted myself.

  14. JonJon says:

    sony vaio stringfellow,

    cheap and cheerfull 😉

  15. raif says:

    dell XPS’s are a Animal of a Machine. the desktops are even better.

  16. JonJon says:

    im still getting a desktop raif, i just got this off a mate until i get it sorted, short term solution my friend.

  17. raif says:

    ahhhh i see.

    Good that ur getting somthing that can handle being on for long amounts of time.

  18. sony vaio’s are surely more expensive than a dell xps?

  19. raif, i’m liking that youtube channel of yours… belated congrats on the little un 😉

  20. JonJon says:

    its third hand SH

    it was 50 quid haha

    a desktop wont be though 😦

  21. raif says:

    Hawke 😉

    thanks alot mate.

    glad ur liking the Vids. i got a quite a few funny ones on there

    Check the “Comedy Value Videos” on my profile for all the ones ive done over the past 3 years LOL…

  22. JonJon says:

    raif, if said this before your a wasted talent mate.

    you really need to start pushing out porftolios to companys and quick, theres plenty of money in the world, go and get you a huge chunk of it.

  23. avenell says:

    You should write to arse.con raif they need a bit of a re vamp 🙂

  24. yup, raif you have a passion and talent that needs harnessing.

    jj is on the money, plenty of money within that field.

  25. raif says:

    Yeah JonJ mate i should seek ways on how to get noticed or somthing.

    i think Cheap Low Budget comedy or Piss takes off other things are the funniest ever

  26. have you ever seen those “negs urban sports” on youtube?

    the burger bowl off is just ridiculously hillarious.

  27. raif says:


  28. i thought you might :8

  29. avenell says:

    Where the fook is everyone? Out on the piss celebrating or just having an arsenal break.. lol 🙂

  30. avenell says:

    This new CEO seems to talk sense…

    Gazidis, meanwhile, has expressed his desire to see Wenger follow in Sir Alex Ferguson’s footsteps and remain at Arsenal into a third decade.

    Wenger’s current contract runs until 2011, taking him to 15 years in the job, but Gazidis said: ‘Arsene is someone who is intrinsically entwined in the club and feels a sense of responsibility for it and beyond that I think he loves it.

    ‘I don’t think there’s any situation that I can imagine that would lead to him wanting to leave. He believes in the group of players he’s developing and I think he is very hungry for success and has real ambitions. I hope he will be here for many years to come.’

  31. Rasputin says:

    Morning Roadsters – what’s happening?

    Are we/the FA going to get taken to court over the AA signing by chels/villa if we finish above them?

  32. rico01 says:

    Morning all – The AA, I thought Andrey had a drink problem for a minute 😉

  33. Rasputin says:

    That’s it…I’m off to set up my own russian speaking site….ignored on here and ignored on LG 😦

  34. avenell says:

    morning everyone. and a good special morning to RASPUTIN….. I’d never ignore you on pupose just updating my security thingy. 😉

  35. rico01 says:

    Dont go Rasp – i have the gas man here, otherwise i would have not ignored you 😉

    morning ave

  36. avenell says:

    Morning rico.. i hope you have your sense of humour head on today, but that just reminded me of this..

  37. Rasputin says:

    Hi Rico, hi avenell,

    Thanks for making me feel loved. AA looks like a happy boy in the pics outside the Emirates. I’m pleased he’s not mates with Pavlyuwatsisname, we can’t have him mixing with undesriables. Did you know a lot of our gas also comes from russia now rico? I’m off to the bank on slippery roads so I’ll catch up later.

  38. avenell says:

    Your going to ignore us now rasp.. 🙂

    In that interview it was a bit selective about his friendship with pav, he went on to say that he will phone him tomorrow (today).

  39. avenell says:

    The other thing I was going to say, was andrei trianed with arsenal yeaterday afternoon . where were all the so called people who’s mates worked there etc?
    with the inside info..

  40. rico01 says:

    ave – that sketch is so bad 😉 he has gone now, and thankfully all is ok with the boiler and no leaks…

    Rasp – i had heard that about the gas – but i think AA will be hotter 😉

    Few things to catch up on now, ave, you get some work done 😉

  41. avenell says:

    Morning mr stringfellow. I think they said mainly wales and across the pennines, so you may miss the worst of it mate.. jonjon will have to get his sledge out though. 🙂

  42. peachesgooner says:

    Hi all

    How are we feeling – still smiling I hope 😉

    More fun than us being sued at the end of the season for getting Arshavin after the dead-line is the thought that Liverpool can send the spuds down in the last game of the season.

    Any chance that we have anyone that can injure Keane on sunday?

  43. peachesgooner says:

    Sorry rasp – who would get sued, thats the question, us or the FA?

    If the FA accept that all the appropriate paperwork was in place at the deadline then we’re in the clear surely?

  44. avenell says:

    hi peaches, I don’t see how they can sue arsenal. It’s a bit like someone taking the british justice system to court.
    The FA/prem run the game and I don’t think that they would look too kindly being taken to an outside court by one or more of it’s members.
    It all went on behind FA doors, arsenal got all there paperwork in on time, so what have arsenal done wrong?

  45. peachesgooner says:

    hi ave, I feel the same as you but you know what the media are like, Adrian Durham was stirring up trouble on talksport yesterday and by all accounts – i didn’t hear it – that lowlife former highbury hero agreed with him!!!!

    Are you looking forward to sundays game?

  46. avenell says:

    I don’t know why wrighty says so many things bad about arsenal, according to wiki he is a shareholder.
    Even if you agree it was wrong you shut up and argue for your club.
    I watched the rerun of the 96′ season on arse tv last night and wrighty handed in a transfer request, his crown as an arsenal legend slps a bit every time he opens his gob.
    I am looking forward to sunday, but I wished we played them in a month when the Arsh has got fit and settled in a bit.
    The robbie comes home factor is going to give the spuds a bit of a boost. It would be good to destroy the feel good factor of his return and send them on the slippery slope though.

  47. kelsey says:

    i feel like rasputin,an outsider,sort of sent to coventry,going for a siesta now.

  48. avenell says:

    hi kelsey.. you have lost me on that one buddy!

  49. rico01 says:

    Hello everyone – who to play on Sunday then…. ???

  50. rico01 says:

    kelsey – come back, whats up buddy 😦

  51. rico01 says:

    peaches – whats his address, and i am on my way 😉

  52. rico01 says:

    here we go again, i arrive, you all go 😦

  53. rico01 says:

    Dum de Dum

  54. rico01 says:

    La Ded Da 🙂

  55. rico01 says:

    Doooo Beeeee Dooooo 🙄

  56. rico01 says:

    Shang-a-Lang 😳

  57. avenell says:

    I was just lighting the fire rico.. no gas here!

  58. rico01 says:

    Tra-La-La 🙂

  59. avenell says:

    shoo wop dee doo dee do hi..

  60. rico01 says:

    you truthing ave, or taking the micky….. 😉

    Couldnt light our fire in fear of the BOOM 😦

  61. rico01 says:

    Ra-ta-ta-ta 🙂

  62. peachesgooner says:

    Hi rico

    You had a good sing song how are you?

  63. avenell says:


    sagna gallas JD Clichy

    eboue denilson song nasri

    RVP ade.

    I’m afraid..

  64. peachesgooner says:

    ave – I’m afraid I think you’re right, nothing changes does it? No Song then???

  65. peachesgooner says:

    rico – i posted the same time as you so I know you’re there……..somewhere……

  66. avenell says:

    We have no mains gas rico, we just have a wood burner and a coal burner at the moment.

    Nita and me are arguing, the new kitchen or oil fired central heating.. I’m winning this week lol.. 😉

  67. peachesgooner says:

    My fingers are freezing – I’m home alone and didn’t put the heating back on and am now regretting it.

  68. rico01 says:

    I am here peaches – i am good thanks, now all the gas stuff is sorted out, and i have my laptop back working 😉

    Hows things with you?

  69. peachesgooner says:

    …….and your favoured expenditure is?

  70. peachesgooner says:

    I’ve been doing paperwork all morning – double yuk!!

    Theres more mess than when I started but at least I found somethings that got hidden 😳 before xmas!

  71. peachesgooner says:

    well done ave – that’ll keep you warm

  72. avenell says:

    Trouble is peaches the kitchen needs a window put in and a new ceiling oh and a rewire.
    Then if we decide on central heating after the kitchen we may have to rip some out for the pipework.
    nita is pretty practical but she is still dissapointed.

  73. peachesgooner says:

    If you knew a gooner who lived close to Darren Bent and the returning scumbag Robbie Keane would you feel inclined to make a cake for them – ex lax choc covering. . . . . . your thoughts please

  74. peachesgooner says:

    Thats Dazza and Keano not the gooner friend

  75. peachesgooner says:

    ave – looks like the central heating will win lol

  76. rico01 says:

    peaches – YES 😉

  77. rico01 says:

    ave, if you wait until the spring, you will lose your argument about the heating, trust me and you will have a new kitchen firmly in place…

    peaches – paperwork, you poot soul, i am cleaning! Dont know which is worse….

  78. rico01 says:

    ave, if you wait until the spring, you will lose your argument about the heating, trust me and you will have a new kitchen firmly in place…

    peaches – paperwork, you poor soul, i am cleaning! Dont know which is worse….

  79. peachesgooner says:

    out to lunch now – catch up in a while xx

  80. rico01 says:

    have a lovely time peaches

  81. avenell says:

    lucky girl peaches, have a nice one.
    I just have a cheese and onion sandwich.. 😦

  82. avenell says:

    This is funny!!!!

  83. rico01 says:

    ave – watched the clip, and then the diving back header to the keeper, he looks a cheerful chappie with a cheeky smile – i hear he is in training, fingers crossed he may play sunday. he should be fit as he has been training with zenit, i reckon he maybe sub and get 20-30 minutes

  84. rico01 says:

    oh and ave, i just had cheese in mine, couldnt be bothered to peel an onion, but i love c&o sandwiches 🙂

  85. avenell says:

    He is going to be a right laugh.. something we badly need.

    I think he will just bench warm sunday.. 😦

  86. rico01 says:

    50p says he comes on ave 😉

  87. rico01 says:

    got to pop for a quick shower, be back to take your bet in a mo ave 😉

  88. avenell says:

    I cannot lose.. if he comes on it’s worth 50p.. if he doesn’t I win 50p.. lol.. 🙂

  89. if he does not come on, it means we are thumping the morons.

  90. rico01 says:

    Hi SH – too lazy to type, sorry and no offence 😉

    ave – thats cheating, if he comes on i win 50p, if he doesnt, i lose 50p, you bloomin cheating men!!!

  91. avenell says:

    They have a sale on in the arsenal shop at finsbury park.. I can spend my 50p in there.. 🙂

  92. rico01 says:

    You wont have a spare 50p ave, I like Stringfellow’s theory, and we woop them 🙂

  93. avenell says:

    If mr stringfellows right I get the 50p.. 🙂

    don’t I? 😦 I’m so confused now. 😦

    I’m so bad at betting.. lol.

  94. rico01 says:

    oops, mr stringfellow, 😳

    he plays any part – i win
    he doesnt – you win

    come on ave, sort it out 😉

  95. rico01 says:

    Thats me off for a while, hope to get back later, have a good evening if i dont and catch you all soon 🙂

  96. avenell says:

    Exactly rico.. that what we said!! stop arguing mr stringfellow.. 😉

  97. kelsey says:

    I am back,had a siesta which turned into a 3 hour sleep,thought it was tomorrow morning when i woke up(if you know what I mean)

    Ave when i said I felt like Rasputin,it meant one makes a few posts and gets completely ignored,on the site which i won’t mention.I think the excitement has got to too many on there,and are oblivious to others.

    Just ordered 5 new revolutionary dog beds from germany on the net,I hope we get them as they cost an arm and a leg.

  98. kelsey says:


    just reading back about wrighty.He fell out big time with Wenger after his boy had two trials with us and we didn’t make an offer as Wenger thought that his ability didn’t warrant the price City were asking.In hindsight he was correct as he went back to City for half the price they sold him for.

    Dont tell anyone but I am not looking forward to the game on Sunday.

  99. kelsey says:

    Will he play on Sunday,you ask ?.

    I think he will be on the bench,with Wenger having no intention of him playing,just to give the spuds something to think about.

  100. peachesgooner says:

    hi kelsey – how are you, nice long siesta 😉

    Ssshhhh told tell anyone but I’m not looking forward to the game either

  101. peachesgooner says:

    kelsey did you notice how Andre Arshavin scans very neatly in to Haava Nagila – that well known traditional russian peasant song 🙂

  102. peachesgooner says:

    you see what happens, you say hello to people and they just ignore you 😦

  103. peachesgooner says:

    I hate the game against spurs, I worry that the team don’t understand the bragging rights at stake, I know too many spuds to be able to disappear if we don’t win – I hate it if they get the chance to say we’re lucky, mind you they almost always do even if we hammer them.

  104. peachesgooner says:

    In my road alone there are 8 spud season ticket holders, 2 have corporate boxes. I remember when we won the league there 2004 I was begging spuds to let me go and watch in their place, telling them that they didn’t really want to go. They were only going to watch the Arsenal 😉

  105. peachesgooner says:


    I’m going to have a cup of tea then

  106. kelsey says:


    are you at it again with the traditional well known russian peasant song.

    I did once see Fiddler on the Roof, I think Harry Redknapp took the lead role 🙂

  107. kelsey says:

    I like this site, one can talk to oneself all day long without any interruptions, a bit like what i do most days at home.

  108. avenell says:

    the peace and quiet is lovely after yesterday.. 😉

  109. peachesgooner says:

    hellooooo I’m back, I was advised to check on some informative wording of girls body parts that had appeared on another blog site yesterday afternoon – you all thought I was a prude not joining in didn’t you but I did actually miss it cos I was out.

    The Russian traditional peasant song was actually someone elses idea kelsey – around 7pm yesterday.

    Can’t blame me for this one 😉

  110. peachesgooner says:

    see you later, roadsters all

    gonna cook my girls some supper 🙂

  111. rico01 says:

    A-Hoy there – anyone around, Im busy cooking a Veggie Curry, laptop by the side of the cooker… 😉

  112. raif says:

    Hey Rico. im good thanks. ive just been making a Andrey Arshavin remix video for youtube.

    but i cant finish it as i need a Sound effect that i cant find. i heard it last week sometime but cant remember were i heard it… 😦

    once i find it i can finish the video.

  113. rico01 says:

    Hi raif – good to hear from you, if you know what i mean, get that thinking cap on.. either that or take a peek at ave’s earlier YT link of AA doing karaoke, maybe that tune will slot in nicely 😉

    hope all’s well 🙂

    Wher is that bloomin kelsey

  114. rico01 says:

    and peaches, i get on here and she goes, she did that earlier can you believe 😦

    😉 peaches – just kidding you

  115. kelsey says:

    I am here rico

  116. rico01 says:

    Hello kelsey – how are tricks? Have you come down yet after you heroes status at bowls? 😉

    The doggy beds you have ordered, they sound a bit plush, you spoil those boys, and thats so good to hear 🙂

  117. kelsey says:


    that was a secret 🙂

    50 quid each,i hope it’s worth it.

    minestrone tonight(home made)A bit chilly here today about 17 degrees.

  118. kelsey says:

    Henderson….who is he ?

    I have a conspiracy theory that Bischoff is actually Rosicky.Have you ever seen the two pictured together ?

  119. kelsey says:

    did you ever do the triple jump ? You appear to be hopping from one site to another. 🙂

  120. Fancy a night of penalites in the cup.

  121. avenell says:

    Be good to see a few injuries and everton beat the bindippers.. where is the handsome dude gone from the avatar? It’s been replaced by a bathroom tile.

  122. bizzare goings on with these avatars 😦

  123. rico01 says:

    i do kelsey, but i get ignored 😉

    I am so very sorry about the secret, i am off to stick my head under the gas boiler 😦

  124. avenell says:

    Nobody seems to be very happy tonight, we should all be happy bunnies we just bought the worlds 7th best player…. 🙂
    and he designs girlie clothes, what more could you ask for rico?

  125. rico01 says:

    ave – you want me to answer that 😉

    off to chomp – you all have a good evening, might be back, if not just you all stay safe 🙂

  126. rico01 says:

    Oh well, all quiet on here so I am off to chill, catch up on the soaps, and bed – take care you all, nighty night 😉

  127. avenell says:

    Hi rico, if you are still on, if not goodnite to you too.
    it is a bit quiet because jonjon has a few important things to sort out but things will be back to normal next week… I hope so anyway.

  128. raif says:

    hey people how we all doing?

  129. raif says:

    have a look people 😉

    Andrey Arshavin. Arsenal Interview (Gooner Mix)

  130. itv surely made the biggest howler in sporting history just then 😆

  131. raif says:

    what did ITV do

  132. avenell says:

    after three hours of football ITV sport showed everyone how to cut a floor tile… haha.
    and missed the only goal … 🙂

    hi raif me old muck spreader.

  133. raif says:

    cut a floor tile :£

    hey Ave. did you check out my Video lol

  134. avenell says:

    not yet mate just having a bite to eat give me 15 mins..

  135. avenell says:

    classic raif.. I have never heard a russian with a stutter before.. have you really made 92 vids or did I read that wrong?

  136. raif says:

    hahah nope you didnt see that wrong you saw it right indeed.

    i have actully made more. over 100.

    but over time i have deleted some Bcos the wasnt really relevent to have up any more

  137. avenell says:

    raif I just popped back to say goodnite . we will talk tomorrow. I may need some shaba advice lol..

  138. raif says:

    night mate., im off to bed aswell.

    speak to you tomorrow pal

  139. morning gooners

    it appears there could very well be a massive storm brewing around our late arshavin signing.

    villa are leading the charge to question the legitamcy of the deal.

    LOL – they are already admitting defeat in the race for champs league football.


  140. avenell says:

    Hi stringfellow.. I think most of it is the media trying to stir up trouble.
    If arsenal had all there paperwork in on time and all correct. why punish arsenal?
    If the russian paperwork was incomplete and the FA let them put it right the fault if there is any lies with one of those two.
    The FA extended the transfer deadline anyway, and I assume that there was a shortage of staff in. Perhaps if they had more staff the deal could have been done on time. Or any minor quuestions put right.
    It’s a pity we are not playing villa again, it would be magic to see the AA man get a hat trick against them. 🙂

  141. raif says:

    hello to anyone out there

  142. avenell says:

    hi raif.. I’m just about here .. a bit busy today popping in and out. 😉

  143. avenell says:

    I don’t suppose you know anything about mercedes A class engine management systems.. 😦

  144. raif says:

    i wouldnt mate, sorry 😦

  145. raif says:

    ave are you still doing the Custom t-shirts?

  146. raif says:

    also how much do they cost if i was to get one

  147. avenell says:

    I promised you a freebie for helping me out. the offer still stands.
    I was waiting for you to choose your colour. 🙂

  148. raif says:

    ohhh really. thats excellent thanks 😉

    could i pick any colour for the shirt its self?

    or was it only for the fonts?

  149. avenell says:

    raif I sent you a email with the t shirt place on, choose a colour out of it. I have black, white, red, khaki, Ash (light grey like rocky) navy and perhaps green..

    I have black, white and silver t shirt press stuff (font)in my stock…. plus I have loads of colours in the workshop, I should have the colour but I would need to make sure they print okay on a old shirt first.

    I can also print sweats or hoodies but you would have to contribute to the cost.

    Oh yes and I can do caps red, black, navy and green in stock.

    Sounds like an advert.. lol..

  150. rico01 says:

    Am I missing out on something 😉

    Afternoon All, hows things….

    Sunday feels so far away, and I cant wait to win my 50p 🙂

  151. avenell says:

    hi rico, how do you feel that the AA man wants to ban you from driving? lol.

    you will need the 50p for bus fare.. 🙂

  152. rico01 says:

    I saw that about women drivers ave, and some are dreadful, especially when on the school run’s in their 4×4’s – they have no idea how long or wide they are, and cannot judge where the side of the road is – and yes, i agree, ban them ;)But trust me, there are many many male drivers who should also be banned 🙂

  153. kelsey says:


    got involved in men’s talk on the other channel.

    Rico, I don’t know how to tell you but the puppy is having his brussels off tomorrow.

  154. avenell says:

    Oh I thought we was going to have a row up

    them truckers have been driving too fast in the snow, I hate truckers and farmers lol.

    You got a load more snow dumped on you last night according to the radio, we just got rain.. 😦

  155. rico01 says:

    Hi kelsey – how you doing, oh no, that poor puppy, but he will be fine.. 😉

    no chance ave, i dont do rows 😉 I have no oars 🙂

    Wonder how the dippers will fair without Stevie G ?

  156. avenell says:

    You don’t need oars on that big cruiser you have moored at the bottom of you garden, I suppose it’s henley regatta time for you soon 😉

    Liverpool are starting to implode nicely now 🙂

    hi kelsey, hows tricks? I wouldn’t want to swap positions with your pups… 😦

  157. kelsey says:

    I wish we hadn’t played Villa twice,as we haven’t got the chance to get some points off them.liverpool will go to pot,they are so reliant on SG.Do you remember their qualifier against Standard Liege,in the CL. They were so lucky not to get stuffed in both legs.

  158. rico01 says:

    I agree with you both, SG has got the pool out of trouble so many times, it will be interesting to see how they cope

    We are a long way from Henley ave, and its full of too much pomp for me, and the garden is still snow snow snow 😦 have been out and raked a lot of it away so the chickens could have an hour out, but its a bit too much like hard work and cruel on my bones 😦

    Just watched the Andrey i/v – he’s quite funny

    Also watched an i/v with Nik, i saw him a little while ago being interviewed and i thought he came across arrogant, but this one was very different, maybe he is a lot happier, he was laughing a lot whilst sat in his dressing gown 😉

    kelsey – have you forgiven me yet ? 😦

  159. kelsey says:


    I was only joking that it was a secret,gives my age away.Funny how you used to think of snooker players as old un’s but now they are all young pups.Same applies to a degree in bowls,since the game went professional.It’s the only competitive game I know where men and women are equal,there is no advantage to either sex.

  160. rico01 says:

    kelsey – phew 😉 Have you seen this, its staggering

    ARSENAL PLAYERS CURRENTLY ON LOAN Name Position Loan Club Details of loan spell
    Abu Ogogo Defender Barnet On loan from Nov 2008 until end of 08/09 season
    Nacer Barazite Forward Derby County On loan for the entire 2008/09 season
    Philippe Senderos Defender AC MIlan On loan for the entire 2008/09 season
    Armand Traore Defender Portsmouth On loan for the entire 2008/09 season
    Kerrea Gilbert Defender Leicester City On loan for the entire 2008/09 season
    Vincent Van Den Berg Forward FC Zwolle (Holland) On loan for the entire 2008/09 season
    Pedro Bothelo Defender Salamanca (Spain) On loan for the entire 2008/09 season
    Jay Simpson Forward W.B.A. On loan from Jan 2009 until end of 08/09 season
    Gavin Hoyte Defender Watford On loan from Jan 2009 until end of 08/09 season
    Paul Rodgers Defender Northampton Town On loan for one month until 2nd May 2009
    Rene Steer Defender Gillingham On loan for one month until 23rd Feb 2009
    Henri Lansbury Forward Scunthorpe United On loan for one month until end of Feb 2009
    Rui Fonte Forward Crystal Palace On loan for one month until end of Feb 2009

  161. rico01 says:


  162. rico01 says:

    Just checking, my last stuff didnt post,

    kelsey – phew 😉

  163. kelsey says:

    it’s very slow on the submit comment again,takes about 30 secs to a minute,just for your info, mate.

  164. raif says:

    Ave, Arsene Wenger says you smell.

    i mean to say Hello 😉

  165. avenell says:

    kelsey. I cannot get into my wordpress at all either, I have to keep pressing the backwards arrow thing at the top.
    and the hits number keeps going up then back down again.. It’s all out of my hands, I hate computers. 😦

  166. raif says:

    so who has seen my arshavin video? 😀

  167. peachesgooner says:

    Hey raif – I’ve seen your ashavin – ‘I’m a gooner’ video, very funny

    Can’t see who else is here, but I’m saying hello and scrolling up. How is everyone?

  168. avenell says:

    hi peaches.. did you get mum’s taxi out okay?

  169. peachesgooner says:

    D’you know what? My car wouldn’t start again!!!!! I’m in a fury about it cos they keep telling me its the battery and its not, it must be something electrical cos the clock resets and the central locking locks when I turn the ignition. Then the fool that owns the garage – a very nice man and usually my saviour – told me that I obviously did something wrong with the jump leads!!!!!!! I told him I’d been jump starting cars longer than him!!!!!!!

    OK rant over

  170. peachesgooner says:

    Luckily littlepeaches no1 leaves her car – HER CAR huh – at home so I’ve been using that.

    My road is full of slush and if that freezes tnite tmoro is not gonna be fun.

    Think I’ve finished now 😉

  171. avenell says:

    I don’t know if you know but i sort of repair cars and have worked in a few garages.

    if you turn your lights on then try to start the car, if the lights just dim your battery is flat.
    it could be a knackered battery or the car could have some sort of power drain like the boot light staying on for instance.
    You cannot put the jump leads on wrong or you would have got a massive spark come out of them.

  172. peachesgooner says:

    Makes a change – here I am ranting away to myself!!!

    Why does everyone go when I come on 😦

    I’ll talk about footie now, I promise.

    Another must win game this weekend – how many times have we said that!

  173. rico01 says:

    hellooooooooooooooooooooo – 😉

  174. rico01 says:

    Now you know how i have felt peaches – how you doing ?

    cant stay long as dinner cooking and soon ready for consumption 🙂

  175. avenell says:

    Can anyone see each others posts coz I feel like it too?

  176. rico01 says:

    who wrote that 😦

  177. peachesgooner says:

    Thanks ave – voice of reason – about the jump leads anyway 😉

    I’ve had a lot of trouble in the last couple of months, drove through deep water and something made the car cut out, a very nice AA man – topical 🙂 – came and started it for me and it was fine for a day then it cut out as I was driving, pulling out at a busy junction actually. It was a real pain cos it was the nite of the wigan CC game and I didn’t have time to get it towed and got a £50 fine for leaving it on the pavement.

    Sort of footie 😳

  178. rico01 says:

    peaches – are you ignoring me 😦
    In fact, is everyone ignoring me, well, i am going to go and eat me dinner through flowing tears 😦

  179. peachesgooner says:

    Hey rico – I’m good, hope you are too, we keep missing each other today.

    Enjoy your dins

  180. peachesgooner says:

    See rico, we’re so in tune we even post at the same time 😉

  181. peachesgooner says:

    Ave – the comments are taking an age to send, is that we’re all talking together and not able to respond to each other?

  182. peachesgooner says:

    Dum de dum, la la la, doo doo doo

    Dum de dum, la la la, doo doo doo

  183. avenell says:

    I had a merc A class today that broke down and it was in “limp” mode and would only drive at 5 mph I even held a tractor up lol..
    In the end we towed it in. The garage that done it before charged £500 and didn’t really know what it was they said it just fixed itself..
    I just took a battery terminal of for 20 seconds and it fixed itself again.. £460 pounds cheaper..

  184. avenell says:

    sorry it’s a wordpress problem, I don’t know if I can contact them.. I will have a look in a bit, I cannot go to admin either.

  185. avenell says:

    Rico I am sorry, you had 3 comments in the spam bit I don’t know why.
    i haven’t been able to get into admin to release them, I have released I now they are back earlier. I can paste them in again if you want.

  186. peachesgooner says:

    Have I missed all the chat about the game on sunday?

  187. avenell says:

    It’s is a must not lose game on sunday. we must not let that 9 year unbeaten run end.
    I would like to see us make up for the 4-4 and the 5-1 but I don’t know where the goals will come from unless we get of to a flyer..

  188. rico01 says:

    woo hoo 😉

    Up the Gooners – 4-3 win on sunday, 2 each for ade and robin 😆


  189. rico01 says:

    Huff Huff Huff – now i am alone again on the roadster blog – ok, then i am offski,

    best wishes to you all – take care and stay safe 🙂

  190. avenell says:

    cheers rico night night.. I’m on my other laptop that is going to find the patio a bit hard shortly.. 😦

  191. Afternoon Gooners……

  192. avenell says:

    Hi, stringfellow. everyone seems to be a bit frustrated with wordpress at the moment. The comments are not appearing straight away and I am having difficulty getting forward on to admin so I have to keep pressing the page back arrow.
    Is your site okay?

  193. avenell says:

    Anyone see the moyes interview with setanta? haha.

  194. mine seems to be ok, no doubt i have given it the dreaded jinx now 😦

    not heard the moyes interview… he is knocking us?

  195. avenell says:

    Moyes had a training bust up with anichebe and setanta asked him about it. he had a face like thunder and wouldn’t answer the next three questions then stormed out of the room with the hump.

  196. lol – look forward to seeing that.

    you an avid viewer of fans forum on arse tv?

    had a step 2 with old lofty twice in recent months… we do not see eye to eye on badeybayor.

    he is the ZZZZzzzzz “fully signed up memeber of the badey fan club” ZZZzzzz

  197. raif says:

    Drum roll………………

    Q music………………..

    RAIF, then enters with arms in the air welcoming everyone on Avenell Road 😀

  198. kelsey says:

    Evening chaps.

    I phoned the forum Stringfellow, a few weeks back and wanted to ask a question about the lack of quality in the squad.The researcher said it was a good point,and that they would phone me back,which of course they didn’t.

  199. kelsey says:

    I just read that someone is slowly buying up our shares today and more to come on Monday.That is interesting.

  200. I have been on twice, they never phone you back if they want you on air, they put you on hold listening to other callers before you are brought onto air.

    Therefore, calling you back = F OFF

  201. raif says:


    who do you think it is?

  202. kelsey says:

    It’s a propoganda programme, and quite honestly i find overall it’s poor.Everything is recorded except the fan’s forum,I believe.

    I must say,having met him,Bob Wilson is a true gent,and his cancer charity which he set up when his own daughter died,has mushroomed into a huge success.

  203. raif says:

    i have a question for you all.

    if we was to be taken over. and the people in question had the money to buy the club. or into it, who would rather have out of?

    an american


    Middle east, Dubai, united arab emirates.
    (i think they could be classed as comming from the same place)


  204. kelsey says:

    Hi raif,

    who knows but my gut feeling is that it is Kroenke.New C.O> is a good pal.I hope it’s not the russian.Mark my word,we will be taken over sooner rather than later.

  205. raif says:

    yeah ever since DD sold his lot and got the russian in. maybe even sooner then that when Kronke got some of the club its been a matter of time when we get taken over.

    i was talking about this a few years back with my mate and he was the one that told me its a matter of time,

    we also both agreed and im sure every arsenal fan woul aswell that we hope its not the uzbek russian, His a Manc fan aswell.

  206. kelsey says:


    did you or anyone see the programme last week “Piers Morgan in Dubai”. The fact is the arab oil fields will be exhausted in 10 years time(regardless of what Wikapedia says)and they want a bigger footing in the western world,and one way is to buy brand global football clubs in the P.L..They have untold wealth,but are very shrewd,look what they didd to horse racing in England in the last twenty years.

    So to answer your question,I would say the american,but never rule out the arabs.

  207. raif says:

    SILENT STAN is the who id like to see if it was going to happen.

    his a sports man end of the day,

  208. fans forum is defo live.

  209. raif says:

    this keyboard is pissing me off. i need to buy a New one to replace the new one im using now.

  210. kelsey says:

    back later,beef strogenoff needs attending to,and so do the dogs.

  211. nailed on the current board are grooming stan for a full takeover one day, if they decide to sell up.

    why else employ a yankie CEO who has known stan for years????

    for me it a good idea, i like the cut of stan’s jib.

    classy fella for a classy club.

  212. prefer beef bourgenon :p

  213. raif says:

    plus you dont really hear much about him. or hear him come out and talk to the press much

    thats why they call him Slient Stan in the states

  214. avenell says:

    I quite like it jointly owned as it stops any one of the shareholders taking the club into long term debt.
    Although short term it holds us up.

    A debt free club if it ever gets taken over, should get a better choice and quality of buyer.
    Take chelsea for example there must be a limited amount of people who would want a club in that much debt and an unsuccessful buisness model.

  215. raif says:

    jointly owned. isnt liverpool jointly owned?

    what happens if the owners stop getting on?

  216. peachesgooner says:

    Hi roadsters all

    How are we?

    What news of JonJon, has he checked in at all?

  217. peachesgooner says:

    Chelsea will be in huge trouble when Abramovitch pulls the plug – I can’t see how its good business to have one person pouring money in – spuds are the same arn’t they?

  218. avenell says:

    Liverpool owners went jointly into debt to buy the club, one of them owes 250 times what he has in assets I heard.
    Chelsea don’t even own there name or there pitch.

    Hi peaches, raif and kelsey by the way me rude..

    jonjon will be back soon he is okay, he is just sorting things out for someone else close to him.

  219. raif says:

    hope everything is ok with JonJ

  220. avenell says:

    jonjon is okay thanks.. I’ve had to give him a week off..he seems to think some things are more important than avenell road.. 😦

    raif what picture format do I need to put a picture in the widgets? and how? can I copy and paste them?

  221. raif says:

    you first need to upload the picture you wanna use to a image site. is what im on. you must sign up first

    after uploading the picture you will see some options under that very picture,

    the one you wanna use is the HTML one..

    just highlight the whole code using ur mouse and then right click on the mosue and click on COPY,

    now go to ur Text Widget on ur dashboard and then right click again but this time press on Paste.

    Job done.. with the picture,,

    then just type up what ever else you may want to add.

  222. avenell says:

    Okay raif, I didn’t know if that was just for vids. I have opened a photobucket account, I just need to get some things put on.

    can you download you tube stuff onto PB and then onto your widget?

  223. i have no idea where the spuds keep getting their cash from, but it seems almost as endless as manures or chelski’s cashpot.

    has not stopped them being involved in a relegation scrap, sileek hunts 😆

  224. raif says:

    naaa Ave. to have Videos on the blog you need to buy a add on from word press 😦

  225. raif says:

    haha they have spend just as much as the other 3 teams in the top 4 and yet they are still light years away from breaking into the top 4

  226. avenell says:

    the spuds are bankrolled from the bloke that owns enic, Joe Lewis.. I think he bought it for a quick profit now he has got in too deep and is getting his hands burned.. lol.. Darren Bent £17mill 🙂

  227. avenell says:

    What are those things in your widgets that move then raif? Like you outside the emirates..

  228. bentley for 15M is totally hillarious

  229. raif says:

    ahh they are pics i have personaly made my self. i had a Multi capture opton on my camera.

    when i got home i used a program to play it like that

  230. what do you think of that wenger tune by the away boyz youtube link on my blog, raif?

    i listen to it about 4 times a day on average at the moment, the cashley gay as jose bit is unreal 😆

  231. raif says:

    yeah i love that tune,

    i heard it a few years ago. i got it on my favs on my youtube page. love that song.

    also how did get the youtube videos on ur blog like that?

  232. raif says:

    Hawke have you seen my arshavin video?? 😉

  233. serious? i only heard it recently, just love it.

    there is a link on the edit post bar that looks like a telly, click that and add your youtube link and it embedds into the main body of the text.

  234. raif says:

    ahhhhhh ill try it..

    i got some songs for u if u havent seen it before ull love it

    Rocky Rocastle

  235. raif says:

    ill be honest i shed a tear when i hear that rocky song

  236. raif says:

    2) Tottenham Hater

  237. raif says:

    Kolo Toure Song

  238. raif says:

    Sha La La Thierry Henry

  239. raif says:

    Cesc Fabregas Song!!

  240. raif says:

    (Sweet) Adebayor

  241. raif says:

    and i think this guy is a Legend

  242. avenell says:

    Just got back in raif.. that avatar of yours is definataly growing on me

  243. perry giving it some on fans forum

  244. avenell says:

    I like tintin, he’s better than “you know” “you know” stuart “west ham” robson..
    I’m going to watch the repeat at 10..

  245. raif says:

    lol everyone loves my Avatars 😉

  246. come on raif, surely a nice avatar of the new born cutie would get you more brownie points with the females in cyberspaces 😉

  247. raif says:

    hahahaha Hawke, ill have to give that a try 😉

  248. avenell says:

    Can your camera get you a moving avatar raif that would be the dogs?.. 🙂

  249. raif says:

    i could actully. i can just use the pics i have already but i dont think it will work on Word press.

    as wordpress wont read the infomation as GIF image and only a Stand alone image so it wont move.

  250. raif says:

    GIF image are the images that can move and stuff.

  251. peachesgooner says:

    Where is everyone?

  252. raif says:

    i dont know im all alone here 😦

  253. kelsey says:


  254. kelsey says:

    yes I know peaches 😉

  255. raif says:

    Helooooooooooooooooooooooo lol 🙂

  256. kelsey says:


  257. raif says:

    hahaha that face… it reminds me of something you do in the lo while reading the sunday paper

  258. kelsey says:

    sorry raif,
    it was a coded message

  259. arse shaver in the squad 🙂

  260. raif says:

    kelsey was it Check your e-mail code message? lol

  261. peachesgooner says:

    kelsey – was that coded message for me?

  262. Rasputin says:

    Good late evening roadsters,

    The tension is definitely mounting for sunday! What’s the mood on here I wonder?

  263. peachesgooner says:

    Oh silly me, kelsey you must be asleep already – I think I dealt with it ok, I’m sure you’ll tell me if I didn’t 🙂

  264. Rasputin says:

    Is this a chatroom for insomniacs?

  265. raif says:

    yes it sure is

    i never sleep.

    well before the baby at least..

    now fridays and Saturdays are my all nighters online

  266. Rasputin says:

    Make the most of them whilst they’re babies raif – they grow up too quickly. You’ll be nostalgic about the sleepless nights one day 😉

  267. raif says:

    haha ive had that feeling aswell to be honest Rasp. and i thought to my self should i get all the sleep i need now.

    but i cant pull my self from the computer some times or what ever else im doing lol

  268. peachesgooner says:

    Rasp – its not the sleepless nights, its the pudgy fingers poking you in the eye or pulling on your nose

  269. Rasputin says:

    Footballs 90% anticipation don’t you think raif. We’re all going crazy wishing sunday was here and we are already three up! So instead we trawl the blog sites looking for comfort from other fans and often end up arguing with the doom-mongers…

  270. Rasputin says:

    You’ve got unusual sexual tastes peaches 😆

  271. Rasputin says:

    Oops -that joke could backfire…obviously I wasn’t referring to babies….

  272. just been watching the “bob wilson meets” Dennis programme on arse TV

    boy that was some player we had, add viera and thierry and bob to the mix and we have been totally spoilt over the last decade with supreme players, not even very good players.. but players from planet supreme.

  273. watching the full replay of the 3-1 roasting of the scum at shite hart lane from sep 2007.

    thats when badeybayor was adebayor.

    sadly never again 😦

  274. Rasputin says:

    How old is your little’un raif? I found the first 6 months quite difficult but once they start to recognise you and greet you with a smile when you come in, you’re completely smitten.

  275. peachesgooner says:

    Rasputin – what are you thinking of?

  276. raif says:


    hahaha that is so true.

    we are online Trolls

  277. Rasputin says:

    Hi S H, do you think Ade was ever that great. I know Peaches thinks he was lucky to score so many goals last season and I personally think that his ‘goal of the season’ against the spuds ws lucky. I think he miscontrolled the cross so that it balloned up to hip height and lashed at the volley and got lucky! I’m not a great fan I must say…….but I’ll happily eat my words if he gets a brace on sunday

  278. raif says:

    i think he was lucky aswell.

    we had loads of strikers out injurd

  279. rasp – i have never been a fan of his, nut he was a totally different player from summer 2007 to feb 2008 to what he has been since.

    he totally went downhill when he cut his hair about this time last year.

    he has NEVER been clinical enough to be an arsenal lead striker, no way is he fit to follow in the footsteps of mcdonald, smudger, wrighty, anelka, thierry.

    no way.

  280. Rasputin says:

    There’s been quite a bit of people ‘eating their words’ on blogs today raif – if you know what I mean 😉

  281. raif says:

    he changed when he shaved off his LOCKS

  282. i detest him actually.

    not hated a gunner as much since igor stepanovs… who was conference class at best.

    badey is a veyr average gangly strong striker, he would suit a club like everton or wigan.

  283. raif says:

    really. whos been eating there words lol..

    id love to know.

    id also eat mine if he gets us some goals on sunday, as Ade loves scoring against the scum

  284. his first touch is akin to jack the ripper.

  285. Rasputin says:

    I agree SH,

    I can’t think of a single top striker who can’t kick the ball cleanly. I’ve never seen him bend it into the top corner. He can’t take free kicks because he lacks technique, his first touch is often poor and he doesn’t make a beeline for the box when a wide player is looking to cross the ball in. I’m afraid his strength is also his weakness – he is a big clumsy handfull to defenders and a big clumsy lump of a striker…a million miles away from TH14 and DB10

  286. peachesgooner says:

    SH – it had nothing to do with his hair!!!!!! His luck ran out – he missed more than he scored whereas in the first half of the season everyone was scoring, confidence was high and he was lucky to convert enough chances to make look useful

  287. peachesgooner says:

    to make him look useful

  288. Rasputin says:

    I’m not allowed to say raif….I think you know…..

  289. peachesgooner says:

    Well said rasp – who’s gonna tell Arsene?

  290. totally agreed guys on all comments re:badey

    worst mistake in leboss’s esteemed career at the arsenal in not ripping of meelan for 20 large last summer.

  291. peachesgooner says:

    Well it wasn’t me………

  292. jay simpson, started in all the games badey has started this season, would have scored at least as many and contributed a helluva lot more to the overally style of the team.

    we need a rapier fast clinical machine upfront.

    his name is BENZEMA, totally made for this club.

  293. Rasputin says:

    I’m hoping that AA will prove to be a DB10 type (there are some excellent clips of him on youtube making and scoring great goals) and we can let Ade go in the summer. Apart from anything else it must make the other players feel undervalud if he’s on 80k a week.

  294. Rasputin says:

    How much do you think Benzema would cost SH? The trouble is that he will probably move in the summer and we would be behind several ‘big clubs’ in the pecking order.

  295. can AA & RvP be a proper pairing though?

    the dutchman needs an out and out rapid hotshot striker like a 17yrd old anelka or a 27yrd ian wright playing alongside him to make this team tick.

  296. plenty of rumours about a pre-deal already done with Real for Benzema.

    won’t go for less than 40m imo.

  297. peachesgooner says:

    If i was in that dressing room I’d be more pissed off about ades 80,000 than gallas’ words to the press

  298. raif says:

    he will go to italy or spain i think,,

    25+ mill maybe. the french clubs know how to get maximum fees for there players

  299. Rasputin says:

    That counts out Benzema then! I don’t think we necessarily need a striking partnership in the traditional sense. If you’ve got creative players who can also score (so not like Hleb) then the goals can come from all angles and you are not predictable. Any strike force / midfield that has RVP, AA, Nasri, Cesc and possibly ‘sicky will find a way through the most resolute defence. Then all we need is a resolute defence of our own….

  300. if kaka if was going for 100m at 27

    a 23 yrd old benzema is worth at least 50m

    he will be the best striker in the world within 2-3 season, quite easily.

    i am actually very glad manure signed berbatov, every top top club know all about KB, and if would bang in about 40 premiership goals a season in that utd team.

    they would pay the 40m fee aswell, he is well out of our league… give it 5 years and we will be able to pay those fees for the creme de la creme.. until then we will have to live with 16 yrd old prospects and the odd AA.

    suits me just fine.

  301. Rasputin says:

    Nice talking to you guys – I’m of to me bed. Nite nite raif, S H and anyone else whos in attendance….only 36 hours to kick off 🙂

  302. peachesgooner says:

    I think our defence is playing much better with Djourou in there. Now that Denilson is cleaning up better the defence doesn’t get itself into trouble.

    Our real problem at the moment is creating chances – they are few and far between and the team arn’t used to that.

  303. raif says:

    night Rasp. take it easy fella

  304. i think denilson and song have to be the CM pairing in fab’s absence.

    denilson is more of a creative player than a defensive player, he needs the freedom to help the offense create chances… song is not as bad as some make out, he does his job and protects the back 4.

    with a solid run he can only get better, we knwo he can do it in that position as he proved it as one of the players of the last African nations cup playing in that exact holding midfield role for cameroon, he was amazing back then… he can be that good for us.

  305. raif says:

    thats Bcos Song was playing with less better players in the AFCN.. playing in the prem is a diffrent ball game i feel

  306. it was top level international football and he was playing a very impressive dynamic holding midfielder role.

    he played consistently well in every game up to the final.

    he dislpayed a side to his game that was a cross between the dynamism of flamini and the quiet effective patrolling play of gilberto.

  307. raif says:

    only if he could do that for us…

  308. he can, if we give him a chance and get off his back.

    when was the last time song got 7 or 8 games on the trot playing in that holding role?

    answer : never has.

  309. flamini was hopeless when tried at CM for 2 seasons on and off, then he got a run at left back and only then suddenly became an impressive holding midfielder at 23/24 yrs old.

    song was 21 a few months back.

  310. raif says:

    shame we didnt have alonso when we had the chance,

  311. yup, but we got to let go of the past and get behind the talent we do have.

    we have the players, but they need to get our backing.

  312. EMMANUEL ADEBAYOR goes into battle against Spurs tomorrow with the same pair of shinpads he wore as a teenager in Africa.

    Incredibly, the Emirates star, 24, admits he is so superstitious that he digs out the battered pair ahead of every game, having been given them as a youngster when at home in Togo.

    Arsenal have not lost against Spurs in 18 league encounters, while Adebayor has eight goals in eight games against Tottenham.

    He revealed: “When I was young I played for Togo and a friend got me a pair of shinpads from adidas. I used them, I scored in Togo. I always used them.

    “I lost them years ago but then found them again and I use them every day — in training and in matches. I believe in these things as I am very superstitious.”

    Boss Arsene Wenger said: “Adebayor has a good record against Tottenham. He was disturbed at the start of the season but he is now back on track and I’m sure the goals will come.”

  313. raif says:

    we can only hope they will come

  314. raif says:

    i do.. the problem is he believes in playing the wrongplayers lol

  315. we all get it wrong sometimes… stick with him

    he is not deliberately trying to play wrong players.

  316. raif says:

    i bloody hope not. that would be shocking..lets hope this AA deal really kicks start our season

  317. raif says:

    night hawke im off to bed mate

  318. night mate, same here

    just sat through the enitire 90 mins of that spuds game , 2 great goals from fab and badey.

    roll on sunday.

  319. kelsey says:

    i posted this morning and it has disappeared

  320. avenell says:

    morning kelsey, I just done the same thing and had one dissapear. I have not deleated them and they are not in moderation.. sorry about that mate.

    morning roadsters.

  321. have you downloaded Gears for your web browser, ave?

    and do you use Firefox or Slowmo IE as a browser?

  322. avenell says:

    morning stringfellow. I haven’t downloaded gears mate tbh I don’t know what it is and I just use the BT browser, but my old orange one is still on here.

  323. BIG mistake!!

    Ave, i am about to change your entire internet experience.

    in 2 easy steps.

    step 1 in the next post…

  324. Step 1 : follow the link below and click to download Firefox 3.

  325. Firefox is a very very very slick easy to use, and RAPID FAST web browser.

    WordPress even reccomend it.

  326. avenell says:

    I am not too up on things stringfellow, will that help to make wordpress run a bit better for me and for others?
    If not I am going to have to contact them (wordpress)because it is pissing off a few of the posters, and I don’t blame them.

  327. sorry, got lost in setting up a new netwrok printer (PAIIIIIN 😦 )

    YES it will 100% make easier for this blog, trust me.

  328. raif says:

    Firefox is the best. ive been using it since the first firefox.

  329. avenell says:

    hi raif..

    what do I do with the other browsers?

    I did try firefox a few months ago but I never had it as my home page, it was at the same time I was having other problems so I went out and got new security system and deleted it in case it wasnt helping.

    I will give it another go a bit later, I have a bit of work to, we are signwriting a poxy hot rod that is racing tomorrow and they are picking up the vinyl shortly.

  330. kelsey says:

    firefox is the best and as stringfellow says,a lot quicker.i never you internet Explorer.

  331. avenell says:

    I was using the orange homepage at the moment I use the BT yahoo one.
    I have never used internet explorer.
    I need to get a usb port for my head so I can take info in. lol.

  332. raif says:

    you can still keep the other browsers Ave.

    i have 3 of them on my system. the main one i use is FIREFOX,

    then the other 2 are INTERNET EXPLORER and SAFARI, the browser by APPLE.

    you can Import ur INTERNET EXPLORER’s favorite web pages to FIREFOX’S Bookmarks.

  333. yup as raif says, ave

    you can have as many browsers as you want, they will all work, but you simply use the one that works best.

  334. using the bt one is easily the worst option, even IE is better than the browsers supplied by BT, AOL etc.

  335. raif says:

    BT, AOL, Oh my God delet them ones off ur system they are rubbish to hell. plus i dont think there very secure.

  336. raif says:

    ave. watch these 2 videos. these should help you aswell

  337. new avatar time, the old one was a little too gay.

  338. raif says:

    give it about 30 mins and we will be able to see the new one aswell lol

    WordPress takes ages to process new avatars

  339. avenell says:

    evening guys.. villa seems to have won again. the pressure on us is starting to build now, we must win tomorrow, we need to keep up if the gap gets too big mentally I think we will blow fourth spot… 😦

    I changed my avatar a few times, but after about 5 changes I had loads of agro getting my orig back..

  340. but chelski drew, we are not in a battle with villa alone anymore… and in about 90 mins the battle could be 4 way if pool dont win at pompey.

  341. chelski remind me so much of the great pool team of the eighties that came to a shuddering halt in 1990 onwards.

    they spent nothing improving the squad in january, when they clearyl needed to, this is indicative of roman saying “laters” ASAP.

    terry is not the player he was, lumpalard will always get the odd dozen deflected goals a season, drogba is totally finished and ballack was finished 18 months ago.

    they are over.

    my top 4 is manure, liverpool, arsenal, villa.

  342. avenell says:

    You are right that should force abramovich’s
    hand… 🙂
    Are you watching liverpool? . I bet they look crap without the one and only…

  343. LMAO , babel just missed an open goal from 1 yard out, totally the most unreal miss of the season 😆

  344. rafa won’t see the season out.

  345. avenell says:

    2-1 pompey.. get in…

  346. avenell says:

    you made me watch it.. lol..

  347. avenell says:

    😦 big tone..

  348. Rasputin says:

    Evening Roadsters – what’s happening…..pre-spuds nerves scared you all away?

    Don’t worry, cherlski are in free fall, we won’t even have to finish above villa. Wouldn’t it be sad if poor cashley didn’t get to play in the CL next season 😉

  349. peachesgooner says:

    Rasp – you are just too mean!!! I saw today that cashly is one of the players of the season.

    Did you see the interview in The Times with ‘arry – he had a right rant about his precious players. Hilarious. Try to find it.

  350. peachesgooner says:

    Here it is, put your glasses on and read it as no-one is on here, Harry Redknapp talking about his precious players 🙄

  351. Rasputin says:

    Hi Peaches

    ‘Arry’s a donut – I’d hate him if I was a Pompey fan, they’d probably have won today if he hadn’t robbed them of their best striker. It’s funny how a manager can look clever and authorative on the touchline when they are winning games and a complete muppet when they are losing. Harry always looks a bit confused to me. He’s the Arthur Dayley of managers – just a glorified barrow boy who ducks n dives but will never cut it at the top….

  352. peachesgooner says:


    Tmoro its gonna be hard to be heard on here – you’ll all be sorry cos you’d have missed ‘arry’s words of wisdom and I’ll know all about it.

    Rico – I don’t know if you’ve checked in, I hope you are ok and we get to chat tmoro 😉

  353. peachesgooner says:

    My gooner girl friend that I go to games with says that theres a lot more on ‘arry than we have been told nudge nudge wink wink.

    Did you read the article?

    Also on the same page Arsene says that ‘Spurs? They have a mental block against my Arsenal’

  354. Rasputin says:

    Come on Peaches – you can’t do that….tell us the hidden secrets about ‘arry. Is he actually Charlie Drake?

  355. peachesgooner says:

    Rasp – I’ll get the low down from barb, last week she was ranting about AW, the board and the money so it wasn’t easy to get more info about ‘arry. Hes pretty bent tho I reckon – no smoke without fire. She said he was involved in some shady transfer dealings – money in brown envelopes and the like.

    While its not busy you could try and get an avatar.

    You can get a wordpress name without getting a web page I had another look last week.

    Go on to

  356. raif says:

    who are we talking about Peach?

    about te shady deals and so on?

  357. avenell says:

    raif .. got my first widget in. needs a bit of work 🙂

  358. raif says:

    im here ave what u need mate

  359. raif says:

    little bit of advertisment hey Ave 😉

  360. avenell says:

    new post.. 🙂

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