Sheik, Rattle and Roll.

What an embarrassment Manchester City are turning out to be for there supporters.

Kaka turned down the filthy money that will be the ruin of football, Robiniho has thrown his toys out of his pram and gone home (with a £300,000k fine to look forward to) and the Gallaghers have turned on old red nose and Mr Wenger OBE criticising our transfer policy.

Here’s an  idea for the goverment to raise a bit of money in these cash strapped times.. Why not sell Eastlands to the Arabs fo £500,000,000.?

Then the goverment can give the money to the banks, who can then lend the money to the scousers so they can get into more debt buying the league.

Onto the Ass Shaver, still no deal but like I said the other day, it must have been agreed between Andrei and Arsenal otherwise we would have walked by now..

Other good news tonight is Eduardo is pulling an Arsenal shirt on again, away at Stoke City..(hat trick please Dudu).

The only thing is I have stopped my Setanta subscription because of th problem the other day and the bastards have cut me off already.. never mind eh..

At least “you know” “you know” Martin Hayes won’t get on my tits no more..


423 Responses to Sheik, Rattle and Roll.

  1. Big Raddy says:

    Get a feed for tonight Avenell. Kick off 7 p.m.

  2. avenell says:

    It’s a bit of a rare game raddy do they have feeds for the reserves?

    ATVO show it don’t they?

  3. avenell says:

    Did you get my email JJ ?.. lol..
    Raifs dying to know..

  4. kelsey says:


    I have been conscripted over here

  5. rico01 says:

    Evening fine chaps 🙂

  6. avenell says:

    Hello birthday girl.. 🙂

  7. kelsey says:

    there you are i have bee searching the web all day.

    Happy Birthday

  8. Big Raddy says:

    God Fodselsdag Rico.

    I have been off the sauce for a couple of days, but will put together a G & T and drink to your health

  9. JonJon says:

    hi kelsey, good to have you mate

    rico, happy birthday, another year younger,im sure you look the same as you did when you were 21

    ave, im just checking my e mails mate,

    i noticed raif got bergkamp on his site, did trouser snake work 10-4 over?????

  10. JonJon says:

    hey big raddy, pleasent suprise, fella.

  11. rico01 says:

    thank you kind sir’s – i have been out for lunch, and a few glasses of soda water 😉 how you all doing ?

  12. Big Raddy says:

    Thanks for letting me join you JJ.

  13. rico01 says:

    Yo JJ – Thank you and you are so right, I looked bloody old at 21 !!! 😉

  14. rico01 says:

    Hi Raddy – 🙂

  15. kelsey says:

    ” a few glasses of soda water”……… classic

  16. JonJon says:

    trouser snake complete

    fucking get in there

    totally spot on, total piss take i thought.


  17. avenell says:

    I baked you a cake rico 😳

  18. rico01 says:

    Hey Raddy, just read your birthday stuff, you make sure that G7T is a big one, with plenty of tonic of course – thank you for your kind wishes 🙂

  19. rico01 says:

    mme – ave, you tell such naughty stories :mrgreen:

  20. rico01 says:

    Woops – Raddy – I meant G&T 😦

  21. JonJon says:

    soda water, yeah right, and i swing to the right rico, 😉

    no probs raddy, good to have some sensible input 😉

  22. avenell says:

    I took a piccy rico it’s on the header to prove it!!

  23. avenell says:

    What do you mean I’m not sensible enough JJ ?

  24. rico01 says:

    Oh ave – that is so very sweet of you…………….

    Bloody Fibber 😉

  25. rico01 says:

    JJ – sensible stuff …… what about me 😦


  26. JonJon says:

    im confused?

  27. JonJon says:

    oh, right, haha i didnt mean it like that guys, i love you all equally 😉

  28. Big Raddy says:

    You are the Voice of Reason , Rico….

  29. Big Raddy says:

    I was there when Jay Bothroyd threw his Arsenal shirt on the ground when substituted in the Youth Cup Final. and was delighted when he left.

    Bet he scores on Saturday !!

  30. kelsey says:

    i am doing my head in already posting on 3 blogs at the same time.

    rico that greyhound i told you about would fetch 3000 euros, can you believe that,and we rescued it. unbelievable.

  31. rico01 says:

    And Raddy – I dont know you from Adam, but you strike me as the kind of uncle that every kid needs – one who speaks from the heart, with heart, and who would never let anyone down….. Yep all soppy, but blame the soda water – i hope that doesn’t offend you Raddy, trust me its said with honesty and good intent …………..

  32. kelsey says:

    looking forward to see eduardo tonight,i am sure the stoke reserves will be all over him.

  33. rico01 says:

    blimey kelsey – so why dont the bastards who dump it, sell it to a good home…. Arrrrrrggggggggggggggghhhhhh you know, it makes me so angry, and sorry for swearing

  34. rico01 says:

    i am going to record tonights game, and that is because no matter how good my specs are, i still may miss it 🙂

  35. Big Raddy says:

    That’s so sweet Rico. Thank you.

    I send you a ‘webhug’

  36. JonJon says:

    let it all out rico, its ok, its your birthday, swear away,

    i swear all the fucking time, i dont need a special occasion. 😉

  37. Big Raddy says:

    Wonder if Eduardo will get a full 90 minutes.

  38. rico01 says:

    I take that back – I have just tried to Sky + it and it seems I cant record as someone in this house has other ‘stuff; recording !!!!!!!!!! ffffffff

  39. rico01 says:

    Thank you Raddy – thats so kind 🙂

  40. Big Raddy says:

    Swine’s, Rico. And on your birthday too……..

  41. JonJon says:

    im hoping he gets the full whack raddy,

    id love to see him hit a few goals too, i know we have to be patient with the lad, but id love it if he could hit the ground running, his goals could be vital to us in the second half of the season

  42. Big Raddy says:

    Back later during the game.

  43. JonJon says:

    wheres ave gone

    oii you there????

  44. kelsey says:

    i wish i got a full ninety minutes 🙂

    that guy leon on l.g. makes me laugh,bless him. he always refers to theo as walcat.

  45. avenell says:

    Sorry boys and girls…. nita’s “litle un” has just got back from the doctors, she has got tonsilitis now so we are trying to force feed some or Sir alex flemmings finest down her,,

  46. rico01 says:

    kelsey – thats harsh on leon 🙄

    and yor 90 minutes comment – when do men last that long ?????? I think I was 19 yrs old 😉

    Raddy – they are, but i can cope 🙂

  47. JonJon says:

    kelsey, he makes me laugh too, he always calls me jonjen.

    i got time for him though, he obviously struggles, i like to get him involved, even if i dont agree with him.

  48. rico01 says:

    ave – sorry to hear that, hope all is ok….

  49. rico01 says:

    JJ – see – that is all it takes, just because he may get his spelling wrong, but does that make him a bad man – No – good on you 🙂

  50. avenell says:

    Yes not to bad.. she’s been going to school and everything.. but she is worse now she has been to the doctors.. now she knows she should be ill 🙂
    she’s been a little sweetheart really..

  51. JonJon says:

    rico, i can last 90mins easy, watching the telly.

    then i make back breaking, window steaming, cannons blarring, oceans roaring, mountains crumbling, sparks flying, love for about 3 minutes,

    and then go to sleep for 9 hours. 😉

  52. JonJon says:

    aww ave bless her

  53. kelsey says:

    rico, i did say bless him, he struggles with his english but he is kind.

    plenty of ice cream and jelly for the little one, avenell.

  54. avenell says:

    We thought we had dennis bergkamp.. we thought we had dennis berkamp.. lol walking in an avenell road wonderland..

    Where is the man? 🙂

  55. avenell says:

    She’s just having weetobix at the min Kelsey.. Tiger beer for me ! 🙂

  56. avenell says:

    Here’s the top 10 richest sports teams in the world..

    This years top ten is this

    1. Man utd (Prem) $1.8bn
    2. Dallas Cowboys (NFL) $1.6bn
    3. Washington Redskins (NFL) $1.5bn
    4. New England Patriots (NFL) $1.32bn
    5. New York Yankees (MLB) $1.3bn
    6. Real Madrid (La Liga) $1.29bn
    7. Arsenal (Prem)$1.2bn
    8. New York Giants (NFL) $1.18bn
    9. New York Jets (NFL) $1.17bn
    10. Houston Texans (NFL) $1.17bn

    Not sure if that includes song or not..

  57. JonJon says:

    what is that judged on ave???

    i thought we’d be close to a billion within the next few years, but with all the debt at the minute how are we over the billion???

  58. avenell says:

    It’s from forbes magazine and is based on turnover/what monies come into a club..

    If you sell a buisness it is worth something like 4 times it’s annual turnover I think.
    Then they take into account it’s debts and assets .

  59. JonJon says:

    ah i see now,

    yeah i could understand that.

    notice how chelsea arent in there???? them and citeh wont be turning over fuck all.

  60. avenell says:

    JJ what do you think of the new header?.. 🙂 or 😦 ..

    Makes it look a bit less like LG now..

  61. rico01 says:

    Hey kelsey – hope i havent offended, i knew you were not being cruel, honest

    JJ – 😉

  62. rico01 says:

    Great bricks ave 🙂

  63. rico01 says:

    Right I am off for a night of Waking the Dead – Love it 😉

    Be good and stay safe

    Thanks Guys 🙂

    Night Night

  64. avenell says:

    Did you notice your little GP on the right at the top rico now you are an author?

  65. avenell says:

    Goodnight rico!! have a nice one 😉

  66. rico01 says:

    no ave – re my gp 😦

    Def off now – will sort our tomorrow my friend 🙂

  67. avenell says:

    It’s on the home page .. nite

  68. JonJon says:

    ave thats a thumbs up mate

    did you see jackys goal? oh my god

  69. avenell says:

    Good, good.. What do you think of todays avenell road updates lol..

    I feel sorry for raif a bit we have stole his thunder of a new post..

    I hope he is cool..

  70. JonJon says:

    he will be its raif, hes a top geezer, ive been popping over and il keep doing it all night so he’ll feel special 😉

    i like the updates mate too, youve been busy, its beginning to take shape,

  71. avenell says:

    I was knackered last night and was shutting the shutters down and I saw 0079 fishing under enemy lines lol..

    So by the time I changed the header, emailed you and covered up any fingerprints it was another 2o clocker..

  72. avenell says:

    C’mon Burnley you got 1 .. 2 to go yeeeesssss.. 🙂

  73. JonJon says:

    1 to go fucking get em

  74. JonJon says:


    ave can u believe it

  75. avenell says:


    3-0 burnley lol..

  76. JonJon says:

    i hope they do it on penalties and smash the fuckers hearts in bits.

  77. JonJon says:

    oh no it wont go pens, burnly have away goal

  78. avenell says:

    They will have to settle for cc runners up and relegation then. 😉
    c’mon utd!!!

  79. JonJon says:

    oh bollox.

    nice try burnley, showed spurs up no matter the result, well done burnley

  80. avenell says:

    JJ why do the widget things on the home page disappear on the post page?
    Any idea!!

  81. JonJon says:

    because of our layout, weve got it on standard, but theres plenty to chose from, the widgets would appear if we had a layout like raifs or lg

    i think its a two column one

  82. avenell says:

    I thought this was a 2 column one.. there is a more complicated version of it though..

  83. JonJon says:

    sorry thats what i meant, this is the standard version, we need another with more columns

  84. avenell says:

    Hey there you go JJ try this!!!

  85. JonJon says:

    cool ave, wheres the bricks?

  86. avenell says:

    There’s bricks on mine .. I will shrink the sign tomorrow..
    Has it come up now??

  87. JonJon says:

    there she is, its taking off mate, this is what i meant about patience and time, once the basics are sorted, we will get this thing up and running in no time, it just getting the basics sorted,

    plus, once ive got my personel shit sorted, ill be firing them posts out no end

  88. avenell says:

    Good lad jonjon.. Have a look on wrighty’s site and f***rs, I have tried to get us in the top 100 blog site and others.. can you have a look and work on it please buddy?

  89. JonJon says:

    no probs mate

  90. raif says:

    Night Ave, & JonJ till next time.

    also Ave i left you a respose to ur Comment in case you havent seen it yet.

    Night Night Fellas

  91. avenell says:

    Yes thanks for all your help raif good nite buddy!!

  92. JonJon says:

    nite raif mate

  93. avenell says:

    JJ did you have a look? I’m off soon I’m a bit creamed lol..

    Don’t know what happened to bergy.. he wasn’t on LG but I have his proper email or so he says.. lol.. dodgy f**ker haha..

  94. JonJon says:

    like you say, bergy comes when he wants, lol

    yeah i had a look, its complicated, il keep dabling though

  95. avenell says:

    I’m off to old uncle ned JJ.. we can do no more .. we are getting there now lol..

    cheers buddy and g nite.. 🙂

  96. JonJon says:

    cheers ave, and take good care of the young un, nite mate speak to you tomorrow

  97. avenell says:

    Good afternoon roadie’s.. 🙂 I’m in the for the rest of the day.. with 1 eye on here..

  98. kelsey says:

    and Good Afternoon to you.

    The anticipation of the AA move has now been replaced with the story of eboue not leaving us.LG is rather racist this afternoon,and I for one certainly will not get involved.

  99. avenell says:

    Hi buddy. yes I know what you mean I still read everyday..

    You cannot win the racist arguement you only have to write something that gets read wrongly and people are on your back.
    Another site is saying about an hour and a half until AA day.. fingers crossed eh.

  100. kelsey says:

    now they are talking about porn,dating and whatever.Apparently the negotiations are underway at this moment without AA’s agent,who will most probably get his cut from the player,on a pre arranged deal.I think AA is desperate to get this concluded even if it partly comes out of his own pocket.

  101. avenell says:

    There’s a lot of new faces on LG already since I have stopped posting.. They probably waited for me to go. lol..

    I was going to ask if you or raddy fancy doing a post or one between you, or even one with one of us on here, you would be most welcome to.

    Perhaps about the old days, how your views on arsenal have changed over the years whatever you fancy..

  102. raif says:

    jimmy bullard to Hull for 5 million.

    just heard it on Sky sports news.

    Still nothing on AA tho..

    Hello By the way

  103. avenell says:

    Hello raify.. I was on your site looking for you.. and here you are..

    It will take a while for the ashavin news to filter out.. you know what the AA are like.

    I need AA recovery after this transfer saga.. 🙂

  104. raif says:

    hahaha i do indeed.

    Bloody AA..

  105. avenell says:

    Raif .. wheres my rss feed any ideas?

  106. kelsey says:

    Avenell, know my situation.first game feb 1958 against united.we lost 4-5 at home,i was a kid,but i think i mentioned before that was the last competitive game in england for united before the munich air crash.

    there are 3 generations blogging.the 20 and under,who only know the success,the 40 and under who highlight nearly always the win at anfield in 89 and us older ones who followed the club through years in the wilderness and were in the shadow of spurs in the early we all have different special arsenal days. 🙂

  107. kelsey says:

    i think there is a problem with wordpress.when the comment is submitted,the screen goes blank,and then you have to recall the page.

  108. raif says:

    hey Ave i was off eating some Din Dins..

    So you wanted to know how to do the RSS feed thingy

  109. avenell says:

    Yes mate, I sort of knew some of it, but when we get a few more viewers I’d like you to help me do a couple of posts (at the top) because your experiences would be a super article.

    I have had some posting problems too..

  110. raif says:

    was that to me?

  111. avenell says:

    Yes raif. I need to slag the blog around a bit.. lol.

  112. avenell says:

    raif 5.14 was to kelsey.. you are welcome to do a post or help too of course,

  113. raif says:

    lol.. ok no probs. wouldnt mind Taking a Stroll down the Road

  114. raif says:

    Ave ive been messing about with my blog and been Adding the Rss Feeds and few other things. how does it look to you

  115. avenell says:

    I will have a look in a bit mate it’s babysitting night and i’m on the reading and spelling lol..

    I have enough problems myself.. 🙂

  116. rico01 says:

    Evening All – how you doing 😉

  117. avenell says:

    I’m okay rico.. but I have a little girl(who’s a lot better today) who gets her b”s, d”s, p”s and q”s the wrong was arounb.. lol..

  118. rico01 says:

    I have just peeked at LG – the lunchtime stuff was really sad – why oh why not keep racism, politics and any other controversial stuff away from footie….

    I remember a morning which talked about Big Tony, and his jail sentence, drink driving and addiction – I so wanted to spout off, tried a little to explain about addiction but i was ousted…. Its all hard and unless you or a close friend have suffered, then you know diddlee squit – and even as a friend, you still dont truely understand – IMHO

  119. raif says:

    haha i know the feelings.

  120. rico01 says:

    ave – i didnt realise you had a ‘real young un’ how old is the little cutie, and who really cares if she never gets the letters right, you all love her and she loves you – that is ALL that matters 🙂

  121. avenell says:

    I think I remember that.. In fact I may of bought TA6 into the conversation. (it was about Joey Barton initially I think).

    It’s a fine line when you look at what that plymouth keeper done to those 2 lads on the M6, TA6 got away lightly..

    I know it’s like a diesese and big tone can do know more than he has to put right his wrongs..

  122. rico01 says:

    oops – austed 😉

  123. avenell says:

    Little millie is nita’s 5 year old, but she is so proud when she gets 10/10 in her friday spelling test at school.. I only want her to get on.. what a creep lol 😉

  124. kelsey says:

    well said rico, you know how i feel as well.

  125. Big Raddy says:

    Evening. I recall the Alcohol conversation Rico. I was deeply involved ! I ttried to explain the complications of addiction, and was told that alcoholics and drug addicts are “just weak willed”. G & P both held that view and I got veru upset by it. Thankfully they both accepted that I knew more than them and backed off, but some of the children kept on about it.

    I have deep scars from alcohol abuse, as has TA and to joke about the awful effects upon TA and his family/friends is disgraceful.

    I didn’t post for a number of days afterwards.

    But as in any situation where there are a number of people giving their opinions, there are sure to be a lot of idiots.

  126. Big Raddy says:

    Kelsey, did you try to contact me today ?

  127. Big Raddy says:

    Dinner ….. back soon.

  128. rico01 says:

    Raddy – I remember so very well, and I also felt for you tryimng to make your point heard – I remember you saying something like – ‘sorry its a topic near to my heart…. ‘ I thought to myself then – Raddy, dont appologise for your own feelings, they are yours, and only yours…. As for addiction, yep, I am another one who got bitten by the gene, its cruel, and its hard to overcome – and i for one dont think i will ever truely overcome mine, so its not alcohol, but any addiction is just the pitts 😦 Oh, and its not drugs either…. )

    Raddy – weak willed……. if only addiction was about being week willed eh 😉

    ave – you a creep ??? mmmeeeeeeeeeee 😉

  129. avenell says:

    rico.. did you see your name in lights at the top today?.. we changed the format last night.. 🙂

    same as LG 😦 and raifs now 🙂

  130. rico01 says:


    My name is up in lights qve – just seen it….

    Best i get my thinking cap on – and no time like the present… 😦

    kelsey – 😉

  131. kelsey says:


    will call you tomorrow

  132. JonJon says:

    hi guys,

    what a shit fucking new year im having,

    ive had a problem with my throat all week, so i been to the doctors today, i just thought i had a sore throat or something but shes refered me to specialist, i gotta go for my blood tests tomorrow, she doesnt know what it is until they get my results.

    first jen now this, what aload of bollox,

    anyway, il put it to one side, whats happening ppl, everyone else ok???

  133. raif says:

    Stop Copying me Ave 😦

  134. raif says:

    its Hurting my Feelings 😉

  135. avenell says:

    Your my hero raif … that’s why..

    I’m back now .. hi JJ things not good mate.. 😦

  136. avenell says:

    You must be addicted to love rico.. 😉

  137. raif says:

    Sorry to Hear that JonJ.

    i can honestly Relate to a Point. at the start of 2006 i was Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes

    but im sure the Year will get better mate. Its best for all the crap to happen first. and out the way before the good stuff happens,

    Just Think Positive

  138. avenell says:

    Whoops I must nip over and have a look at your site raif.. I’ll do that now..

  139. JonJon says:

    cheers guys

    im cool, im never one to be a worrier, i just think its a bit of a kick in the nuts thats all,

    no news on the arsh shaver yet

  140. raif says:

    Nope nothing yet Jon. i think we will hear tomorrow to be honest.

  141. avenell says:

    Jonjon I have put us in the top 100 blogs now see link on sidebar.. were in 40th.. press the link..

    I want to get us on newsnow, but you have to get all the answers right so nita and me will spend a bit of time on that at the weekend I hope.

    raif your site is looking pretty pro now mate..what are those things under the title called on yours and how did you change them?

    And why arn’t we on your links .. do you prefer LG to us lol.

  142. raif says:

    i havent got to the Links Yet. im Still yet to work on that. LG was a Test to see what i was doing was right.

    also i wanted to ask you first if i could put ur blog on my Blog Roll..

    i wanted to get mine on NewsNow aswell and Noticed by the Wen but im not sure how.

  143. JonJon says:

    how did you manage that mate??? i tried for 2 hours last nite and got nowhere.

  144. raif says:

    also was you talking about Cell’s ipod, Movies, & Games?

    Did you Check them Out? 😛

  145. rico01 says:

    JJ – thats pants. hope its nothing to worry about, i really do… please keep us updated

    ave – please check your email right now 😉

  146. rico01 says:

    Hi raif 🙂

  147. raif says:

    Hello Rico Love. did you have a Good Birthday?

  148. rico01 says:

    raif – Top day thanks, and today is my birthday boxing day…… actually, i am having a birthday week………….. only because it takes a week to get over the day at my age 😉

    How are you and all yours ?? 🙂

  149. kelsey says:


    just looked right through your new site.very impressive,congratulations. i wouldn’t know where to start.only comment on u tube i found the flashing lights effective but at the same time annoying.if you get my drift.

  150. JonJon says:

    il be fine rico, thanku for your kind thoughts

    what will be will be, but im sure its nothing seriuos, but if it is my thyroids, it will explain a lot, so its or the best

  151. raif says:

    hahahaha i like ur thinking..

    im doing good thanks. and the little one is doing well. his laying next to me listening to music lol…

  152. raif says:

    that was to Rico my last Comment.

    Kelsey.. thanks alot mate. 🙂

    means alot to me that people is liking the layout and stuff. i thought i could Blog when im not making YouTube Videos.

    tho i didnt get what u mean by the “flashing lights effective” bit

  153. avenell says:

    Raif .. have a peep at this for newsnow..

    Only joking about the links we will sort them soon.

    Yes where the cell reviews are .. I haven’t seen a film since dead poets society so I’m not the right “dude” for any opinion on things mate.

    Emailed you back rico.

    JJ I got on that one but I cannot get the proper icon on..
    some of the others need a rss feed and I don’t know where it is .. or even what it is lol..

  154. JonJon says:

    im going to get a few hours kip ppl, il be back soon.

  155. avenell says:

    Okay JJ I’m up till about midnight (hugh lol) .. if I don’t speak I will catch you tomorrow.. take care mate g nite.

  156. raif says:

    To get RSS feeds you need to first go on the Blogs Dashboard and Click on “Widgets” under “apparences”

    on that screen you will have the list of Widgets, if you Click on the ADD RSS feed icon you can add as much as you like,

    once you have added as many as you will lick you will now see them Listed on the Right hand side of the same screen.

    Now to get a Actull RSS feed. you will need to go to a Website. any at all somthing like BBC SPORT. so and so on.

    once there u will have to look on the page somone. eithere at the very bottom or the corners were it says RSS FEED. click on that and then just Copy and the Link in the Address bar above on ur Browser,

    once you have Copyed the Link go back to the Dashboard and click on any of the RSS feeds on the Right and paste the Link in the Address Box..

    i hope that helps

  157. rico01 says:

    ave – have re sent, you should be able to see it now, and be able to answer th ebig question!! ??

  158. avenell says:

    Yes rico.. I have it now thanks.

    Keep checking emails.. 🙂

    raif cheers for that.. was that newsnow thing helpful?

    the rss thing I need mine to send out.. I think if that makes sense.. lol..

  159. rico01 says:

    ave – i have tried again, and i promise i have not take things to seriously, honestly 😉

  160. raif says:

    Nice one Ave..

    im just going to check the link now..

    and im not sure on Sending Rss out as it goes. i may have to search and see how its done

  161. rico01 says:

    well ave – marks out of ten ??????????? 🙂

  162. avenell says:

    11 rico lol.. it’s harder than it looks when P&G do it, they make it look easy they have my total respect even more so now I am on the other end of it.

    Can you see the drafts page on here/your wordpress account?

  163. raif says:

    just Check the Link Ave. it seems like geting on there could be Bleak if macthing there standards are not met, i think maybe ill wait after a Few post and hopfullt my Content has Smartend up in some way to show i will be adding ” VALUE for CLICK’s ”

    Iknow you love that little saying 😉

  164. raif says:

    and if i dont get on News now i could always Leach off you if you get on there 😉

    i know you wont mind

  165. rico01 says:

    Got to dash all – stay safe, and be good,

    Nighty night 🙂

  166. avenell says:

    we are just boys in a mans world on here raif..

    and girlies in a womens (rico lol).

    Yes I am going to get sorted before the big jump to newsnow.

  167. raif says:

    my first Step is to start doing my Video Blogs again and Pick up on my Video Views as i want to try and Direct my youtube Subscribers to be reading my Blog,

  168. avenell says:

    no worries raif.. we will get there mate and if we do this as a team it must be easier. 🙂

  169. raif says:

    yeah thats True, it will make it alot easier…

    ill always be willing to help if i possibly can,

  170. avenell says:

    The only help you have been raif… as deserted me… lol

    where are you DB10 ? 😉

  171. raif says:

    im sure he will come about soon and prove the mission wasn’t a lost cause

  172. avenell says:

    Yes i’m sure he will raif.. He hasn’t even been on LG trying to get into irish’s nicky nacky noo nah’s .. lol..

  173. raif says:

    i just went on that Top of the Blogs site. ive got to few post so far to add my blog. ???

  174. avenell says:

    It told me that a day or two ago raif.. another one or two and they will accept you.. they are not too choosy otherwise we wouldn’t be on lol..

    No I think they are pretty new too.

    What catagory are you going under? your a blog of all trades.. 🙂

  175. raif says:

    catagory. is that onther WordPress dashboard or on Top of the Blogs?

    as i have done it on WP and not TotB.

    what i have is… FOOTBALL, DVD, MOVIE, GAME

    i was looking to add more. as u can have as many as you want.

  176. raif says:


    did you like my idea of using my Dummy Youtube account with a Video to get Bergy on here and then deleting that video to cover my tracks with a Dead Link to any that trys to follow after 😉

  177. raif says:

    I mean Making it to be a Dead Link after i had Delted it….

  178. avenell says:

    It’s on TOTB.

    we are on the football bit..

    not sure on more catagory’s but I doubt it..

  179. avenell says:

    You are one step beyond in this game raif.. I wouldn’t have even thought of it.. 😉

  180. raif says:

    i have many weapons in my Arsenal 😉

  181. avenell says:

    Sorry raif I had to have some dinner.. empty sacks don’t stand up..

    I cannot believe the time it takes to set these things up.. I am sure there is a job there for someone who is good at it..

  182. raif says:

    no worries Ave,,

    i believe they are Jobs for that sort of stuff..

  183. avenell says:

    I’ve just been over yours, who’s the new poster a cousin aswell?

    I’ll pop back.. 😉

  184. raif says:

    lol.. its one of my Mates that i got to know though one of my Cousins.

  185. raif says:

    Check out my ABOUT Cell Blog Section

    Ave – Jonj 😉

  186. avenell says:

    Good morrning ladies and gentlemen.. just reading the list of new signings..

  187. avenell says:

    I’m back now.. 🙂

  188. peachesgooner says:

    Morning – Defectors all!!!!!

    Can I play too?

    Raddy – why didn’t you tell me?

    Ave – there I was thinking you were sick or something, or not allowed on the pc 🙂

    Kelsey – morning, I’ll catch up with you later

  189. peachesgooner says:

    Sorry, havn’t read the blog yet, be back in a sec when I have

  190. peachesgooner says:

    come on get me out of moderation

  191. peachesgooner says:

    Rico – I missed your birthday, hope you had a lovely day

  192. avenell says:

    Hey peaches you are let loose now.. How are you?

  193. peachesgooner says:

    Hiya, how are you? I was really worried that Nita had thrown your pc out the window!!

    I’m good, been fairly depressed about the state of out teams football, back in a sec have to be a mummycab xxx

  194. kelsey says:

    morning avenell,

    peaches asked me, so there you have another lady gooner.hope you don’t mind.

    we have a cup semi final bowls match in about an hour and a half,it’s 21 degrees and it’s raining(as we always play outside) on an artificial grass surface)

    catch up with you all later.

  195. avenell says:

    Morning Kelsey.. thanks for that.. I hope you win and when you get back we have some news on the russian.

  196. peachesgooner says:

    Hello I’m back

    Forgot to say hello to JonJon

    Was reading back through your first days comments, whilst you were chatting with raif, would be really nice to have a c*** free zone.

    Let me know if you want me to help with writing.

    What do you need to be widely read?

  197. peachesgooner says:

    kelsey – good luck with your bowls – I’ll catch up with you later this afternoon.

    At least you have warm rain, its freezing and raining here, they’ve promised it’ll stop soon and I have to go and look at a planting job. Lucky me 🙂

  198. avenell says:

    Hey peaches.. the c word is on the banned list so on here we refer to that c*** wenger as mr wenger OBE or something with a little more respect lol.

    You are most welcome to write when you want. It may be wasted at the moment as we haven’t got the blog in a lot of search engines.. but it may be the best time to practice.

    One of the reasons for sharing the writing is I am a lazy git and I can get some time out if I want.

    Did Kelsey or Raddy contact you because I was going to ask if they would anyway?..
    You was one of the few i would like to keep contact with Ras and London would be nice too but that will come I’m sure..

  199. peachesgooner says:

    I’ll be telling rasputin some time today, he’s been asking about you.

    Kelsey passed on the information to me but I think there are some gaps. . . . ..

  200. avenell says:

    The biggeest one is between my ears.. setting this up is brain damage, it’s all a big computer blur!

    Ask away if you need filling in 😉

  201. peachesgooner says:

    Did something/someone upset you? You may prefer to email me

  202. rico01 says:

    Ah – here you old devils are, should have guessed

    How is everyone ?? 🙂

  203. peachesgooner says:

    Hi Rico – sent you belated birthday wishes in 2 places!!! Only me here at the mo, how are you?

    I’m looking forward to the game on sunday.

  204. rico01 says:

    I saw your birthday post, and i did reply, honest 😉 but i guess you have left LG for a while – AJ and Paulinho are insulting eachother so i thought i would take a little breather having asked them nicely to be nice to eachother…

    I am good thanks, you? Sunday will be a good teat for us i think, as Cardiff will be up for the game big time – for them though a draw would be good as a replay at the emirates will generate them a lot of money – selfish though i hope we get a convincing win…

  205. avenell says:

    Sorry ladies..

    Hi rico.. nice to see you

    peaches I was writing you an email.. if you want to have a peep.. lol.. 😉

  206. rico01 says:

    Hi ave – you well ??

  207. avenell says:

    Pretty good rico thanks..

    let me know if you have a bit of time for a chat, you seem to be always busy.

    New chicks coming as well I will never see you..

  208. rico01 says:

    Kind of in and out most of the day, and snatching time to post but next week should be better –

    i think peaches and i are going for the record of blogs both on here and LG, its quite funny

    Hope all is ok with you ave, did i read kelsey is bowling today?

  209. avenell says:

    Yes rico.. he’s in the semi-finals of some comp.. I wish the arsenal were.

  210. peachesgooner says:

    Rico, we’re gonna need a code cos all this dashing backwards and forwards is gonna do my head in.

    Nice to have somewhere peaceful to come though – ddm is naughty!! Someone asked earlier if there were any girls on the site.

    Anyway the sun is out and I’ve been waiting for it to stop raining to go and look at a planting job so I’m gonna dash off and do that. Catch you later.

    How about – Anyone want a cup of tea? when switching sites

  211. avenell says:

    Peaches did you recieve the email?.. I’m not very good at all that stuff (nita’s job lol).
    I will just have coffee then as I only stay here now 🙂

  212. rico01 says:

    peaches – here you are, by the time i manage to type all that, you would have already gone 😉
    enjoy the sunshine peaches, catch you later

    i must dash too, off into town for a few bits and bobs

    catch you all later, stay safe 🙂

  213. avenell says:

    no probs rico.. catchyol later.

  214. raif says:

    guess who!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  215. avenell says:

    Hey raif .. you finished work?

    More familiar faces on here today..

  216. raif says:

    yep all done mate

    i noticed peachesgooner has taken her first steps down the road 😀

  217. avenell says:

    We are waiting for another one too raif.

    I got one eye on SSN just hoping that we have some good news today.. not eboue staying lol.

  218. raif says:

    i was expecting to get home and have welcoming news. but nothing.

    so im already not expecting anything today now.

  219. raif says:

    whos the other person?

  220. avenell says:

    It’s one of the peaches, kelsey, and raddy gang.. don’t want to put them off before they post lol.

    Another load of bickering on LG again raif.. It’s upseting the old skool.

  221. raif says:

    Again.. what is it over this time??

  222. avenell says:

    Someone came on saying that there grandad was friends with Liam Brady..
    and said AA was at the training ground and has had a medical and a couple of the usual pessamists are calling him a liar etc..

  223. rico01 says:

    Who’s a liar…….. 😉

    Afternoon All – raif, nice to see you 🙂

  224. raif says:

    hi Rico.. godd to see you aswell 🙂

    end of the Birthday week now heay

  225. rico01 says:

    i still have a present to come today raif, it starts in A and ends in N…………..

    Yes its an AproN …………… 🙂

  226. rico01 says:

    Ah you all thought Andre ArshaviN – didnt you 😉

  227. avenell says:

    Could be about harry ramsdens nephew from thailand.. 😉

  228. Rasputin says:

    Hey Avenell you ol’ dog…….so this is where you’ve been hiding!

    Thought you’d set up a site for the creme-de-la-creme did you? – well tough luck, I’ve found you. Hope you don’t mind me lowering the tone once in a while 😉

  229. peachesgooner says:


    Just popped in to see how you’re all doing – blimey it was freezing measuring that site.

    Hi raif – I’m beginning to feel like a spy, how are you, hows the yummy small one?

  230. raif says:


    hey there.. lol a Spy hey.

    well every spy cant be a Spy untill they have a Code name.

    whats urs??

    Mines Double-0-79

  231. avenell says:

    Heeeey rasputin.. you are free to post.. welcome buddy…

    I have nearly everyone i want from LG on here now ..

    The blog story is a long private email (ask peaches)..

  232. raif says:

    and the little one is doing well thanks Peach. 😀

  233. Rasputin says:

    Thanks avenell, now you know my email address, don’t let it slip to the others that I’m really David Dein……..

  234. raif says:

    David Dein.. hahahahaha

  235. avenell says:

    Hi DD! I can get my dane end undercover team to check you out lol..

    What do you reckon.. good idea? 🙂 or not 😦

  236. avenell says:

    Avenell road I mean.. not checking you out .. 😳

  237. Rasputin says:

    Dane End United have had a couple of pretty good seasons – unlike Little Munden cricket club that have been relegated a division thanks to the efforts of yours truly (hope ‘arry can be as effective at the spuds).. Apologies to the rest of you its a private geographical reference between me and the aveman

  238. Rasputin says:

    Avenell, I don’t mix with the lowly souls in Dane End….. they’re all married to their second cousins and have 3 nipples………

  239. avenell says:

    I only know a few down the bottom of rasputin hill..

    Do you know the gravedigger? lol

    Hows my beloved braughing doing at the footie and the cricket?

  240. Rasputin says:

    Braughing stuffed us at the cricket, but its a brilliant place to play because there is a gate into the pub garden straight off the pitch and they have a satellite bar in the garden just for our convenience!

    I suppose you know that the Braughing butchers finally got taken over so the best sausage in hertfordshire are no more 😦

  241. avenell says:

    Ah the axe and compass, that’s where the team gets picked.

    I didn’t know about the butchers, they must still have the recipe,

    Who took it over? not Georgie Pickett.

  242. peachesgooner says:

    Ok, so now you’re all connected and cozy together, I’m off to have tea with a friend who’s had her bunnions done – ouch!

    Catch u later.

    By the way the word on the other side is that the Arsh deal is dead. Come on DD show your true cols.

    Raif – thought peaches was bizarre enough – another code name????

  243. Rasputin says:

    Not sure – some big company took them over and brought out its own version, but not as good as the original. They do a mean steak and onion rings in the Axe still, so its still worth a visit.

  244. avenell says:

    cheers 00peaches.. try and get on laters with a bit of luck JJ will be on.. 🙂

  245. Rasputin says:

    I don’t want to spoil things by talking about football, but it is a bit strange that no other club came in for AA when Zenit had made it clear they would be happy if we got gazumped

  246. peachesgooner says:

    also, you’re only 120 comments behind lg for the day.

    mind you rico and I have added at least 50 to each site lol

    really off now, got a delicious danish pastry in the car to have with tea

    laters xxxxxxxxxx

  247. peachesgooner says:

    oops, rico might think thats code 😉

  248. Rasputin says:

    Hi Peaches – how does your garden grow? – your hips will grow too if you eat that danish pastry – did Nik make it specially for you…..

  249. avenell says:

    I just looked up the sausage co.. some mob from suffolk has taken them over.. Shame end of an era really.. Are the two liitle old ladies still chugging in the garage at hormead (if you ever go that far into indian terrortory lol)?

    I don’t really understand when a lot of players come on the market that there isn’t ever really a queue for a signature.

    I think he looks a good player but there is some baggage..

  250. Rasputin says:

    I know what you mean about AA, but if we do finally sign him, it would send out a positive message to the team / fans / world in general, that we are ambitious and not quite the paupers everone would like to believe. I think it would lift the team. I don’t want to get contraversial too soon, but anyone in place of EE in midfield would be an improvement IMO.

  251. Rasputin says:

    avenell….the old ladies at Hormead send their love and say they’d take their teeth out any time for you 🙂

  252. raif says:



  253. avenell says:

    Usual service then at hormead… yummy.

    Ras we are a bit skint.. one of the reasons I set this up was I was pushing pedro a bit about money and I thought if I got banned I would be cut off from blogging.. at the end of the day most sites are crap compared to LG so I found myself writing coments then deleating them because it was winding them up (i thought)

    They seem to think we have £93 million in the bank but I have found a site with the accounts on that says we need to pay back £145mill by the end of May when the new financial year ends.. we only make a profit of £40 mill so if we buy anyone and pay up front it leaves us in a serious position.

  254. Rasputin says:

    I must admit I leave all the financial stuff to others because I constantly read convincing arguments on both sides of the debate. I accept we’ve got debts and they may be mounting for all I know, but if we need money, why turn down offfers for EE, Bendtner and others? Obviously some clubs are prepared to get into debt to acquire players whereas we may be the exception? – Gordon Brown used to call it prudence.

    Hi raif – what’s your thoughts on the matter?

  255. avenell says:

    I just don’t see how people can say we are the only club who’s rich, but we have just built a £400 mill stadium.. It doesn’t add up to me.

  256. raif says:

    hi there mate..

    sometimes i dont know what to think to be honest. we hear so many things about our Finances.

    Dept no Dept some Dept we are Skint blah blah blah.

    i just like to think we are some were in the middle maybe.. we must have money. after all we do get charged way way over the odds.

    but ofcourse the Stadium is burning a Hole in our Pockets, also maybe they didnt expect the Credit Crunch and all. God Knows.

  257. Rasputin says:

    One of the weird things about football blogging is that most of us constantly find ourselves predicting things for our club that we hope don’t come true = we want to be wrong! There are one or two on the ‘other site’ (you’ll all know who I am referring to) who just want to prove they know best and give the impression that they want us to fail just so they can be proved right.

  258. raif says:

    i mean the Fans get over charged.

  259. Rasputin says:

    Good point about the credit crunch raif. We’d be mad to think that the bankers (cockney rhyming slang?) were so clever they knew this would happen – after all they lost shit loads of our money in the process. Mind you, I bet there are some of them that are making fortunes in these hard times…..

  260. kelsey says:

    quick visit,

    we won and are now in the final of the malaga cup 4’s (sounds good)

    Hi, rasputin

    my new code name might be stroller, what you think 🙂

  261. Rasputin says:

    Hi Kelsey…what’s all this about code names? are we all changing names for this site. I must admit ‘Rasputin’ was just a play on words for me but it seeems to have given some folks the wrong impression. I was thinking of changing it to ‘Friar Tuck’ – that well known spoonerism….

  262. avenell says:

    I know what you mean I was fed up with the name calling of mr wenger OBE. it started to get me down..
    He is a legend if he fails or he pulls it around..

    What was annoying me too was when people actually take notice of the fact that the stadium has made us skint for a few years… they just move the goalposts and say “we should of stayed at highbury then”…

    raif you was the one who sided with pedro one night.. lol 😉

    The fans get better value for money than the swamp dwellers at the other end of the seven sisters.. that’s seriously bad VFM.. 🙂

  263. raif says:

    Code Name Stroller. lol i like it.


    actully i woulnt be Suprised if that was True at all.

  264. avenell says:

    Congrats on your win kelsey. 🙂

  265. avenell says:

    Why don’t you have that £93 million as your screen saver ped mate lllurgh.. 😉


  266. kelsey says:

    someone on LG has sort of leaked that the AA deal is dead because people are pulling out of the highbury flats deal even if they lose their deposit.That part wouldn’t surprise me,why did the club just not sell on the land instead of becoming Le Wimpey.

  267. kelsey says:

    thanks avenell

  268. raif says:

    yes i did Side with Pedro 🙂

    tho like i said maybe we are somwere in the middle in terms of our Finances.

    i do think we are on the better half of that “Middle” and not on the Shit kicker side.

    look at out our Clubs wage bill.. from what it has to what it is now. we must have saved shit loads of cash from all the starts that has left us over the years. and i wont believe that this squad now is getting the same in wages as the Invinceibles or the other world beaters we had in the past

    another is we dont spend spent so we must be saving money and let it sit there in a Bank.

    and so on

  269. avenell says:

    I would say they needed as much money as they could make kelsey.

    It was a ambitious plan to build a new stadium in the middle of london, I don’t think any other club would have made it as far as we have,

    I bet people are scared to break a bit of gossip on LG now you put yourself on a pedestal to be shot at.

  270. avenell says:

    Raif .. I’m in charge now.. 😉

  271. raif says:

    my views still stand pal 😉

  272. Rasputin says:

    avenell……do you believe that we never had any intention of signing AA and the much publicised meetings in Russia were just part of our PR or that we will only buy him at a bargain price?

  273. raif says:

    i said it back in my last blog post. on January 10,

  274. kelsey says:

    i still think the flats at about 650/700k each were mighty expensive for the area,even before the recession bit one could forsee that happening even 9 months our finances are perhaps tied more to the club than we think.

    something doesn’t add up, if we offered 12 million plus 3 million add ons the money is there, or maybe just a smoke screen, who knows.

  275. avenell says:

    raif no worry’s mate .. I have just sent an email with some numbers on to suggest things are tight..

    Ras.. I’m not sure Arsenal work that way. Mr wenger is always slating other clubs like real madrid that do that.

    He isn’t worth that much as a signing, but we will have to pay higher wages because of the length he has left on his contract..

    A transfer is a package now either high transfer fee/lower wager or the other way around.
    Zenit and shaver want there cake and eat it ..imo

  276. avenell says:

    The man on LG who has an “insider”, the one that has been saying no chance of AA, has just said zenit have caved in..

  277. raif says:

    Maybe arsenal is Trying to buy AA in instalments.

    and Zenit with their AK 47 armed guards are saying NO all upfront now…???

  278. rico01 says:

    I’m back guys, sorry i had a call to say our car had been fixed so had to race off and pick it up, then i have spent the last 45 minutes chasing to ‘pecking’ chicken around the garden in great attempt to get them to safety for the night – little buggers, one decided to jump on top of their run, the other make great attempts to jump on my shoulders and peck my head !!!!

    Anyway they are now locked up for the night phew 🙂

    So, whats been happening…. 😉

    peaches – like the pastry comment, it made me smile and i had been here, you are right i would have made great attempts to keep up with the exchange 😉

  279. Rasputin says:

    I’m off to a class folks – catch up later………….

  280. avenell says:

    laters mr rasputin..

  281. avenell says:

    Hi rico what’s up with the motor?

  282. Uncle says:


  283. Big Raddy says:

    I like the idea of an alias Avenell.

    I get bored with seeing BR’s ugly mug every time I post.

  284. rico01 says:

    ave – the petrol pump had decided to have a strop, so had to have it replaced today, good way to see the back of £400, how annoying !!

    Just posted this on LG

    I am watching the 02 FA Cup final against Chelsea – boy how we miss a ‘Ray Parlour’ and dont we miss the goals that Freddie scored – and didnt he score some crucial ones – I recall the game against Liverpool when poor old Gio slipped over in the penalty area, got a straight red for his ‘dive’ (must be the worse ref decision made) and Freddie acored a super goal and we won 2-1 with ten, oh how i miss those days


  285. Big Raddy says:

    Sammi is going to be our Freddie. And once Theo gets back, we will have a very strong attack.

    That is why I am confused by the AA deal.

  286. Big Raddy says:

    That was a great day in Cardiff. We stayed in a very fancy hotel in the centre of town, got totally wasted and spent the whole day singing “we love you Freddie”.

    Cardiff was full of kids in Freddie wigs, or with red paint in their hair. ANd the sun shone.

    In those days we used to book hotel rooms a year in advance in the expectation that we would reach the Final. Not any longer……..

  287. rico01 says:

    Are you sure Raddy – not our Bobby 😉 I really rate him though, it takes a season to settle in the EPL, next year Sammi will be on fire, and Theo, well I really rate him, although I know a lot think he is all pace and no end product. I have suggested before that Arsene is going down the Henry path with him and I think he will come into his own as a striker – but with Robin, Ade, Dudu and Nik, right now he wont get that chance – Same with Vela I think..

    I guess AA if we get him will need time in rehab 😉 No seriously, I am not sure where he will fit in, but if it means Eboue doesnt start so often then that has to be positive 🙂

  288. avenell says:

    I know nothing about all these secret codes, I think you and peaches started it..

    Post as who you want, no worries to me guys, you will lose your avatar and go into moderation I suppose, but we will soon sort that out..

    Do you run a roller or a bentley rico £400.. ouch?

  289. rico01 says:

    Was it Mary Hopkins Raddy??

    Those were the days my friend…………………

    And didnt Arsene even have a Magic Hat back then

  290. rico01 says:

    Landrover TD4 ave – and certainly wouldnt want a ‘Bentley’ 😳

  291. rico01 says:

    Ave – actually I lied, it was the fuel pump, as the car is diesel …………. 😉

  292. Big Raddy says:

    Proper car Rico

  293. rico01 says:

    Why thank you Raddy, or did you mean a Bentley 😉

  294. avenell says:

    Uncle .. you are free to blog.. lol.

  295. avenell says:

    Didn’t paul Macartney write that for mary hopkins if I am correct rico.. me a old git.. 😉

  296. rico01 says:

    No ave –

    “Those Were the Days” was released on 30 August 1968. It was Mary Hopkin’s debut single.[1] It is credited to Gene Raskin, who put English lyrics to the Russian song “Дорогой длинною” (“Dorogoi dlinnoyu”), written by Boris Fomin (1900-1948) with words by the poet Konstantin Podrevskii. It deals with reminiscence upon youth and romantic idealism.

    But Paul McCartney produced it 😉

  297. rico01 says:

    ave, no i have not got that good a memory – Wiki helped me out 😳

  298. avenell says:

    close.. but no cigar then..

  299. rico01 says:

    ha ha ave – off again to cook dinner, may be back later – have a good evening all

    ta ta 4 now, stay safe 🙂

  300. Big Raddy says:

    Paul suggested the song to MH.

    It is a brilliant song to singalong with.

  301. avenell says:

    Raddy your alias is okay now, I don’t know if you read it.. 🙂
    Your avatar is a give away though.. lol..

  302. raif says:

    whos using the alias UNCLE??

  303. avenell says:

    Beats me raif… where you been.. I thought I pissed you off for a minute.. lol..

    where’s 00DB10? all that work..

  304. raif says:

    dum dum dum de de dum dum

  305. raif says:

    naa ive been on the Xbox playing this new game i got.

    also i was wondering if the Alias was for using it on another BLOG. like LG??

    you do know the persons I.P Address comes up on the comments so they would know who it is.

  306. peachesgooner says:

    I’ve got so much to catch up on – you guys sure know how to gas.

    Anyone want to give me resume or shall i just read?

    Arshavin – yes or no?

  307. avenell says:

    raif .. I just sorted my setanta out they bottled it..

    got it reduced from £12.99 a month down to £5.99 a month for three months. then £9.99 a month for a year.. 🙂

    And I got the address to complain about that scottish tosser craig burley.. lol.. I told them that was why I refused to pay..

  308. raif says:

    hahahaha thats great.

    Excellent work Ave.. 😀

  309. avenell says:

    Hi peaches .. same as before you went as far as I know.. read LG they have been arguing about it all aftrernoon.. 🙂

  310. raif says:

    should i wind up everyone on LG telling them the AA deal has fallen thoug? lol

  311. peachesgooner says:

    why code names – are we gonna be here incognito – rasp said he asked earlier and no-one answered

  312. raif says:

    the code names thing from my part was just a Joke about. 😉

  313. avenell says:

    peaches I don’t really know .. I just thought it was you and your char drinking.. 😉

  314. avenell says:

    You could be PG tips.. lol.. Peaches Gooner tips.. oh well..

  315. peachesgooner says:

    also, avenell, I’m with you on the no money, I battled many a night with p about it.

    But I do think that Arsene is party to the deal between him and the board. I think its just a shame that some of the squad havn’t achieved the heights that arsene expected for them.

    I think he should have played djourou sooner this season and i reckon if denilson had had more time last season he would have been stronger for us this season.

    Its a bit unlucky on Arsenes part. We could be top of the league, still be nervous when we play but we’d all be much happier

  316. peachesgooner says:

    Fine – its enough to remember that I’m peaches without having to be someone else too 🙄

    I’m not adverse to being a spy you undertand.

  317. peachesgooner says:

    ok i’m going back to reading as no-ones here.

    kelsey – well done on your bowls success 🙂

  318. avenell says:

    zenit have bottled it too and lowered there asking price according to a grover .. it’s on SSN . I haven’t seen it yet.

  319. avenell says:

    Oh no GMR has got the hump again.. he only lasted a week.. 😦

  320. raif says:

    i just saw that on SSN aswell. lets hope its somthing closer to what arsenal are asking for.

  321. kelsey says:

    peaches thanks,
    it’s a team game of 4 people all with their designation to do a specific job. a bit like snooker on grass. game takes about 3 hours. are you bored yet 🙂

  322. kelsey says:

    i meant designated

  323. peachesgooner says:

    if you want boring – i can always slip into garden design mode, know lots and lots of latin names.

    i was gonna call you this evening but now have friends comin to eat so how are you fixed in the morning?

  324. avenell says:

    He’s on the dark side now peaches.. lol.. tea’s up.

  325. peachesgooner says:

    avenell – is it only me or are the comments taking longer to be submitted and when I F5 it doesn’t come back to the same place – does that make sense.

    Is that something you – as the master of the site – have any control over. Sorry to burden you with more rubbish to worry about, but its worth knowing before you hit the big-time 🙂

  326. kelsey says:

    peaches are you talking to me.

  327. peachesgooner says:

    sorry kelsey, yes I was talking to you

  328. avenell says:

    That is not under my control peaches I don’t think.. It seems better now we have changed format..
    Would you like a peek into this world? I’ll stick you down in admin for half an hour if you want..

    I thought you said you was busy at the min .. let me know..

  329. kelsey says:

    morning it is peaches,look forward to it.

  330. peachesgooner says:

    I’m waiting for some friends to arrive but they won’t be here for 20 minutes – yes I’d love to see whats going on

  331. kelsey says:

    i have just bigged raddy up on LG

  332. peachesgooner says:

    avenell – silly you, I wentt back to reading earlier comments on here

  333. avenell says:

    peaches you are admin for a bit.. try not to knock me off if you can help it.. 😉

  334. peachesgooner says:

    what do i have to do now

  335. avenell says:

    log in wordpress and have a look I think.. never really had to do it .. I think that’s all jonjon done.

  336. avenell says:

    Where for art thou JONJON by the way????

  337. avenell says:

    Oh no ….. I’ve got setanta back and “you know” “you know” martin hayes is on fans forum……. help!!!!

  338. rico01 says:

    Evening – just popped on to LG, popped off again as a little unrest going on – hey ho, no doubt it will be sorted – football eh !!!!

  339. avenell says:

    We need to talk about football more on here soon too rico..

  340. rico01 says:

    Too true ave – that is what we are all about at the end of the day, Arsenal…. But its good to talk about other stuff too, but sometimes respect goes out the window with some – we will have to do all we can not to let that happen 🙂

  341. peachesgooner says:

    I was talking about football and you carried on talking about other stuff.

    rico – that cheeky rasputin made reference to my hips!!!!

    I’m intrugued, going over to the other side for a quick look.

    Does anyone definitively know whether the Arshavin deal is dead?

  342. peachesgooner says:


  343. avenell says:

    It’s a fine line of where to abuse starts and free speach imo..

    I am going to struggle a bit on here, I may just zap people who don’t agree with me .. lol 🙂

    No I might set up a board and if any member wants someone zapped we can vote them out big bro style..

  344. rico01 says:

    hi peaches – how rude is rasp, he deserves the dennis treatment – yellow or red card ?

    i am not re aa – some reports say zenit have lowered the price, some say they have rejected our lastest offer – i think i give up hope with that

  345. avenell says:

    The other side peaches?… LG or behind the scenes..

    I think we will get AA.. too much work has gone into this to walk.. It may take a bit longer than 2 days though..

  346. rico01 says:

    ave – you will get it right, as time goes by it will become second nature to you, dont worry 🙂

  347. avenell says:

    Rico… I think LG has gone a bit lapse though .. would you agree?

  348. rico01 says:

    ave – Lg is a good site and the posts that Geoff and Pedro do for each morning are very good when they are footie related – i am not one for mixing world affairs, politics, religion etc with football – but each to their own….

    Sadly, people will always disagree, and many cant find a way to respect others opinions, opinions are owned by one individual, and any other should respect another, just like that person expects theirs to be….. (confused ?)

    Opinions are open for discussion, nothing more, nothing less……

  349. avenell says:

    rico….I/ we know how hard it is to write and I have so much respect for ped and geoff there discipline and ideas’s for new posts everyday is outstanding.

    I hope I haven’t pissed them off really.. I feel I should have e mailed them before this point in time .. but it has gone a bit far on here now.. like the first time.. 😉

  350. rico01 says:

    ave – if you feel you should, then its never too late, i expect they will post a few comments here too, dont worry, they will probably understand, oh well, time to go for the night,

    take care and catch you all tomorrow 😉

  351. rico01 says:

    oh and kelsey – congrats are in order i hear, well done


  352. avenell says:

    Good niite rico x

  353. raif says:

    everyone doing ok? 🙂

  354. avenell says:

    not bad raif.. bit worried about jonjon.. he normally pops in everyday..

  355. JonJon says:

    hi everyone,

    ive got to the bottom of my throat problem, i was admitted to hospital at 6 am this morning not being able to breathe,

    ive spent the day under observation and having tests and it turns out something is wrong with my stomach, im building up too much acid and its forcing its way up and burning all my pipes, that doctor had a camera down and said the amount of burns and scar tissue in my food pipe is astounding, no wonder i cant fucking breathe,

    i hate hospitals, they are the most boring places on earth, the time drags so much and it makes it ten times worse when they put a clock right in front of your bed, lol

    i gotta go back for more tests and scans next week but at least we are geting to the bottom of it,

    whats happening football wise?? im surprised hull got bullard, really suprised,

  356. avenell says:

    mystic avenell strikes again lol..

    well played jj.. hope things are not too bad.. a couple of magic pills..

  357. JonJon says:

    mate i hate needles, they took about eight blood samples, my arms dead

    i also hate cameras that they force up your nose just to look at your throat, why not just put it in your throat????

    things arent too bad now mate, now i knowa little about whats going on, i gotta go back next week for more tests on my thyroids too, and more cameras in my gut, and something to examine my gut called a barian meal, they fill me with dye and spin me around on a table, oh the joy, i cant

    its been busy today ave, how has everyone found the site???

    was it 0079 at work again??? lol

  358. avenell says:

    0079 cannot take the credit i am afraid it was the the little furry ones work..

    kelsey, raddy, peaches and ras all keep in contact with each other a sort of behind the LG scenes secret society..

    Are you okay with how it’s going?

  359. avenell says:

    Don’t go to the isle of wight then jj .. 🙂

  360. JonJon says:

    im shocked ave, its great isnt it?

    the little band of locals are coming together, we just need to get some outsiders on and hope they become locals,

    any sign of the bergster????

  361. avenell says:

    no 00DB10 not even on LG..

    It is nice that we have gained enough respect on LG where such pillars of there community come over and talk to us..
    That is really good.. but like you say we need outsiders.. not just leach off LG..

    but we need to get on newsnow then it will come…. with a load of agro no doubt..

    When can you spare some time? I feel I am like the link between posters sometimes and i need to earn some dosh now and again.. lol..

  362. JonJon says:

    haha, il have plenty of time this weekend, what yo got planned???

  363. raif says:

    ahhhh JonJ mate.. are you ok. i was worried man, was wondering were and how u was. tho i hope that Spining table helps you 😀

  364. raif says:

    also you have come on to see new Feet has taken a walk down “THE ROAD”.. 😉

  365. JonJon says:


  366. avenell says:

    Nothing planned JJ .. i don’t know if you have read the posts but setanta won me back.. at nearly half price.. so I will watch the arsenal game now.

    I just need you to stop the silent breaks that happen on here as we don’t have enough posters..
    People come on and have a peep if they are on there own they nip off again.. like we all would..

  367. avenell says:

    good news JJ! 🙂

  368. JonJon says:

    yeah i read that mate well done, ill be around alot more anyway to hold the fort, lol

  369. raif says:

    ahh thats good man.. good to hear indeed. hopfully every thing works out fine on both fronts.

    Remember what i said. the year can only get better after the Crummy start you have had.
    and i can relate ive been there aswell.

  370. JonJon says:

    i know ave, we still have alot to sort out but at least we talking on civil terms again.

  371. JonJon says:

    il be honest raif, it felt abit shitty at the start, but once you start to realise whats wrong you feel like a whole weights been lifted,

    i know im still ill, but i dont worry anymore cos i know it aint something thats irepairable, if you know what i mean, i ain’t scared anymore.

    soon it will be fixed and i’ll be fighting fit again 😉

  372. avenell says:

    cool JJ.. your comments are in the spam section by the way if you want to let them out..

  373. raif says:

    yeah JonJ i know what u mean now u can focus on recovery. do you think ull be 100% before Rosicky?

  374. JonJon says:

    i deleted them ave,

    raif, haha, il be back before rosicky i think elvis will be back before rosicky

  375. raif says:

    hahahaha him and his Spaceship i would imagine. lol

  376. JonJon says:


    hows you anyway raif?? hows the lil un???

    same q to you too ave mate, hows nitas lil un???

  377. avenell says:

    Thanks for asking JJ .. she is good she went to school today… 10/10 in the spelling test..

    A good kicking from the ave on a thurs night works wonders for her education.. lol

  378. JonJon says:

    hahaha ave

    thats right mate, you run a tight ship. the demon headmaster. 😉

  379. raif says:

    Jonj the little one is alright mate. his doing very well. were getting loads of little emotions and stuff which is such a great feeling when he reacts to us.

    me im doing ok aswell. nothing major to report, its just the little Shit Picks of every day in and day out stuff thats been pissing me off..

  380. JonJon says:

    raif dont let it get to you buddy, haha i love those feelings. 😉

  381. raif says:

    and ohh yeh ofcourse as they aint really worth it.

  382. avenell says:

    your a wind up raif.. lol (LG)

  383. raif says:


    i love winding people. 😉

  384. avenell says:

    mr gazzap is normaly serious .. interesting.. lol..

  385. raif says:

    mr gazzap. whos that? lol

    or did you mean me,??

  386. avenell says:

    mr gazzap was on before you.. he takes the arsenal quite serious.. he posts on east lower and LG..

  387. JonJon says:

    raif you havent been winding ppl up today have you, i havent really had chance to keep up with lg with all thats been happening, but from what ive been reading on here and cellblog it hasnt been the peacefulest

  388. raif says:

    it should have been a Arsenal v Man Utd Carling cup in my View. but it wasnt to be. lets hope we can win the Fa Cup. as it could be our Only realstic Cup we could actully Win

  389. JonJon says:


    right im with you now, ?????????

  390. JonJon says:

    i like the AA one though.

  391. avenell says:

    raif.. to me winning the carling would leave me a bit numb, it wouldn’t mean a lot just a bit of bread and butter that stops other lesser teams bragging about it…

  392. JonJon says:

    sure dude,

    i need some kip, but im up early tomorrow so il get started on it first thing.

  393. JonJon says:

    damn my laptops slow tonight, il have to give it a clean up i think.

  394. raif says:

    Night JonJ. tak it easy mate.

  395. raif says:

    night im off aswell.

  396. avenell says:

    my thoughts as well raif.. g night buddy..

  397. kelsey says:

    Good Morning all,

    avenell, glad to here the little one is better.

    Who is 0079, there seems to be a lot of coded messages going on.

    “Secret Society” not quite, it’s just that through LG peaches,Raddy and myself all realised we lived in the same area and all knew other guys when we were younger.

    JonJon, they seem to know what they are doing in the hospital and I am sure it will sort it self out, with the appropriate treatment, sound to me like arsenalitis,a stress related illness 🙂

  398. kelsey says:


    it’s your site and the last thing you want is a replica of LG.We all know that G and P put in a lot of work and it is not easy to comply a new post daily.I feel that is not necessary unless of course we are posting after a match or perhaps something eventful at the club happens,which in either case warrants a new post.

    I agree with rico that politics and racism should be left well alone, though often things are translated in the wrong way on the internet as oppose to really having a spoken conversation.Some of us are better than others with the written word and conversly others are better on a one to one spoken word,both are debates but in a way quite different.

    Also, you have to remember that Arsenal have by far the biggest ethnic support in London, so some people will stand up for players for no other reason than that they are the same colour, and though one can understand that, it has nothing to do with a player’s ability.which is the real point of issue.
    We have enough problems as fans, that Arsenal are always referred to by others as a french or foreign team,and I know for a fact that this is an issue with a very small minority of fans, who would prefer us to have a higher proportion of English players.As far as I am concerned I support the club first and foremost but the increasing money that players earn,together with the fact that the word loyalty has been kicked into touch, saddens me.this of course is true of all the clubs.This is just my opinion.

  399. Rasputin says:

    Morning all, where’s that lazy B avenell…..sat up all night blogging on his own site I guess.

    kelsey…I’m with you and rico re the politics and racism thing but, as you know, there are some folks who will introduce them as a ‘trump card’ when they are not winning their argument and if you’re not careful you get sidetracked into a debate you didn’t want to have. I think its all part of the learning process of blogging. I’ve been drawn into arguments I’m not comfortable with on LG and there are a couple of posters who regularly bait me in the hope of winding me up and getting an OTT reaction that they can then pounce upon……I have filed them all under the category of ‘wankers’, but it can put you off a site and I quite understand why avenell has chosen to go it alone.

  400. Big Raddy says:


    As I come froma minority racial group I laugh at the way some people play the race card. It is the last stance of a failing argument. That said, Le Grove is a football forum, and talk of racism, Gaza, addiction etc etc should be left to blogs that are established to discuss these very issues.

    Hopefully Ave and Raif can recapture some of the lost souls who got fed up with Le Grove. There have been many regulars who just disappeared, and I am sure it is because they got bored with someone’s compatative stance.

  401. avenell says:

    Morning boys and girls.. thanks for your views.. I have already learnt that a new post everyday is a difficult job..
    I will however keep them regular to keep the blog fresh.
    I was thinking about, if we ever get to talk about football featuring the best comments in the next day/night posts..

  402. Big Raddy says:


    Onto football.

    I hope we play Song. He will flourish against a Championship side !


    Sagna JD Kolo Gibbs

    Song, Ramsey, Denilson Diaby.

    Nik Vela

    Bench: Ade, Mannone, Nasri, EE, Merida

  403. avenell says:

    The team is a bit of a lottery tomorrow, i don’t even know the squad we are taking..

    I would however like to see Wilshere start after that performance and goal in the week. Have you seen it wow?

    Also a place on the bench and twenty minutes for Dudu.

  404. Big Raddy says:

    Oh Morning Avenell.

    I thought I was here on my own !

    I hope we don’t draw. The squad isn’t big enough to cope with any extra games. Especially with the return of CL

  405. avenell says:

    You are right on that raddy, but if the squad isn’t big enough to play these games, i wonder why we have the second or third highest wage bill in the premiership.

    I have said it before but we need to get rid of the deadwood and give the money to players who can play or definataly have potential.

  406. kelsey says:

    mornig avenell,

    It’s a common mistake people make about our wage bill.Ours is for all employess including players, whilst Chelsea and United segregate the players wages as a seperate item.

  407. avenell says:

    Morning kelsey.. I have heard the argument on the wage bill both ways.. I tried to say our stadium is in london so wages for staff will be higher and operates 7 days a week etc.. since then there have been many a discussion on LG but I cannot remember the final outcome..

    I just don’t see the point of having players on the bench who mr wenger just will not trust to either start or play.

    There isn’t a secret society on here really mate.. it is raif ..0079 (deadcell 79) with the james bond 00 prefix mixed in… lol.. he done a little blog kidnapping job for me.. It was a one off and a bit of fun.

  408. kelsey says:


    got it mate.I am pretty sure i am correct on the wages thing.

    london is a nice reasonable poster,any ideas on him or not.I think he lives in Maida Vale and was connected to the music business.

  409. avenell says:

    You are correct on that kelsey.. I said one to him one evening, that I delivered some stainless garden art to a road called blomsfield and said whereabouts.. he then posted at the same time that he lives in that road.. but we stopped it was getting a bit close.. 😉

    He did say he had a bit of luck in the music game I think.. mind you that is some house..

    He is one of the few others that I would like to “steal” from LG but I guess that I just want people that share my views.. lol..

    But if we all agree there would be no debate..

    He got a bit tangled up with GMR yesterday which is not like him..

    Have you chatted to GMR? he is one of the LG old skool I thought, he seems a bit abrasive sometimes and like a few of the others one of G or P’s favourites.

  410. kelsey says:

    No, I haven’t chatted to GMR.Remember i have only been posting on LG for a few months.I see a lot of regulard like El Tel, Bud etc have disappeared.

    Yet again religion is brought up today on the post, on LG.

    I have always found that if one makes a sensible point, one gets no or little reaction, which is actually quite good.Naturally if you are debating with someone you feel comfortable with,that is an entirely different matter.

  411. avenell says:

    It is a shame about El Tel.. he never recovered from the slating he got about the Nasri transfer deal. (I did defend him) it’s a shame because he was a genuine guy and an insider and LG is poorer without him.
    Bud goes to the games with G&P still I think, he seems a bit of a joker and just wants to support arsenal for fun.. which is how it should be.. really..
    There is too much information on the net and on the news now and it just winds people up..
    I remember going to the games and the first I knew about the team would be on the back of the programe.

  412. kelsey says:

    It’s funny you should mention that, as I was talking to Raddy last night before the days of interner and Sky when the only debate one had,was literally face to face with people, usually in a social enviroment and one could have a difference of opinion,but without any abuse.

    So many are brave and hide behind the PC and I am sure many are just lonely or attention seekers.

    have you read tim lovejoy’s book about forums on the internet(football related) i hear it is mind blowing but i don’t know the name.

    out this afternoon, catch up later.

  413. avenell says:

    No I haven’t read that mate.. take care catch up later.

  414. avenell says:

    Oh I have wrote a new post by the way.. thanks for looking all.. 🙂

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